The excitement of live sporting events 

By: Gina Cronin,
March 3, 2017 Updated: March 6, 2017 at 3:59 pm
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There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite sports team live at the Pepsi Center or Coors Field or Mile High Stadium. Those surges of excitement and even of disappointment are made all the more electrifying when surrounded by tens of thousands of fellow Nuggets, Broncos, Avalanche or Rockies fans. The moments of cheering, screaming and high-fiving everyone you can reach when your team scores a goal or home run or touchdown can allow for a much-needed and exhilarating release of emotion. While there are studies of increased blood pressure during a game, scientists have indicated that being a sports fan, overall, is associated with a greater sense of well-being and happiness. In fact, studies have found that being a sports fan often inspires an active lifestyle, improves relationships, and can even enhance your brain’s capacity to comprehend information. 

Buying your NHL or NBA Tickets and going to a live game provides a strong social network and a meaningful sense of community. Everything from the tailgate party in the parking lot with the grill out and a beer in-hand to finding your seats among the swarm of people dressed up in your team’s colors to that sweet moment of victory when your team wins and time stops for just a moment before the crowd roars makes the event – from beginning to end – an unforgettable experience. Especially in an era where more and more people spend extended periods of time watching television and surfing the web, it’s a healthy change-of-pace and refreshing shift-in-atmosphere to head out to a sporting event. Even if it costs more than simply turning on the TV, it’s made up for by the time spent out of the house and in an energizing setting. Plus, attending a sporting event is good exercise! Studies have found that even just sitting at a live sporting event can burn 100 calories per hour, and that doesn’t include the jumping up and down after a score, or the walk to and from the car. 

“For me, the best reason to attend a game, rather than watching it on TV, is it creates an atmosphere where I am much more ‘in the moment,’ and I can really feed off the emotions of everyone in the crowd,” says a Colorado Springs-based Avalanche fan. “I remember being at an Avalanche Stanley Cup game in 2001. The excitement of the crowd felt and sounded like the hum you get when you walk near a big electric power station. The energy just reverberated throughout McNichols in a way I can’t get in my living room.” Everyone has an opportunity to experience a feeling like this by purchasing NHL Tickets today and attending one of the many upcoming Avalanche games at the Pepsi Center!

The community-like environment has naturally created traditions over the years that link different fan groups even closer. From singing Tessie by Dropkick Murphy’s at Fenway Park, to screaming “J-E-T-S” at MetLife Stadium, to wearing cheese hats at Lambeau field to yelling “IN-COM-PLETE” at Mile High Stadium, fans get caught up in the collective energy and can let go of all of their worries and concerns and simply enjoy the good camaraderie. And let’s not forget the prized stadium food. Nachos, fried chicken cones, hot dogs, bratwursts, helmet sundaes, Frito pie, and more keep people fed in the midst of all the fun. 

Whether your team wins or loses, seeing a live sporting event is an experience worth having. The emotions involved are amplified when surrounded by other fans and the players themselves. Be part of the experience by buying your tickets today at

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