Support will be for other candidates

It is striking that a relatively new City Council already thinks their opinion is more important than the voice (and vote) of the citizens. I believe that was the cause of so many council members being voted out at the last municipal election. It will be time to go to the polls again, soon, and I will remember the members of the council (Val Snider, Joel Miller, Merv Bennett, Andy Pico and Don Knight) who voted in direct opposition to the vote of the people. Mayor Steve Bach led the charge. My support will be for other candidates. No matter your position on the issue, all voters should consider opposing council members or a mayor who fail to represent those who elected them. They should be voted out.

Randall Kouba, Colorado Springs


The best decision at the time

After reading the comments about the City Council and the retail sale of marijuana, I just wanted to add my support for their decision, with a special thanks to Councilman Val Snider for doing what elected officials are supposed to do.

We vote for them to make what they consider to be the best decision at the time, not necessarily to vote by public opinion.

John Koch, Colorado Springs


A change at election time

Really, Mr. Mayor and City Council, are you smoking pot?

The recent decisions made by this mayor and this council should be very concerning to the taxpayers and voters not only within the city but of the state of Colorado. I am a retired fire chief and I have never in my lifetime heard of a city park (not including federal or state parks) to ever burn down because of discarded cigarette butts; yes, it happens, but never have I heard of a city park, and I Googled the last 150 years and found no statistics; what a lame excuse for this mayor and those who voted for this to impose such a restriction. This is not New York City, folks! Mayor BloomBach resides here obviously.

Secondly, by not increasing the water restrictions to three days a week, this city looks like a desert. Who would want to relocate here and buy a home when your neighbors grow weeds, the price of water is ridiculous as well, and so is your rationing plan. And lastly, you seem not to hear the city's voting majority nor the state's, when it comes to legalizing the sale of marijuana - a herb that has been in this country for decades. How dare you snub the voters and decide their votes do not count and cast a vote of fear from the reports that the underage will use it more. Hah! Now they will get it freely.

Turning down a potential $5 million a year in tax revenue is ludicrous. Remember that, when you expect us, the voter, the taxpayer, to support further tax increases, we won't. Let Denver and possibly Pueblo collect that tax base that you seem to be ignorant of, and I do guarantee, there will be a change in your decision, Mr. Mayor BloomBach. See you at election time!

Randall Stagner, Colorado Springs


Vote was the right decision

The vote to opt out of retail marijuana sales was easily the right decision by the City Council. The sub-headline indicating it was a "tough (5-4) decision" says a lot about how this state, and this city, have gone into a defensive crouch in pandering to loud-mouthed recreational marijuana advocates who are wantonly deceptive in pitching this drug as one that can be safely consumed. Inability to agree on rules for enforcement aside, tracing heroin and other tragic addictions to their root cause in that first "responsibly" inhaled joint is by no means a medical stretch. But like big politics in the current climate, lies repeated without challenge seep in as fact without basis. The opt-out vote should have been 9-0.

Steve Sisa, Colorado Springs


The difference is availability

Amy Sylvain (letter in Your Viewpoint, July 25) advocates for recreational pot sales so it can be regulated and thus kept out of the hands of kids. She states, "You cannot realistically argue that you are interested in protecting children when you refuse to regulate distribution." Oh yes I can.

Any thinking informed adult has got to know that since the legalization of medical pot kids have been getting the stuff at a greater rate than before. It's simple - a stupid adult buys this stuff legally, turns around and sells it to kids illegally. The difference is availability. More kids' brains are being damaged now than before medical pot was legalized.

It is a matter of degree.

Steve Sinn, Manitou Springs


For his young granddaughter

In appreciation for my young granddaughter, thanks for your vote, council member Val Snider.

Donald W. Kusulas, Colorado Springs


Their votes count more than ours

The next time a group of citizens wishes to place an issue on the ballot, there is no need to conduct an expensive election. All that is necessary is to submit it to the appropriate governing body for their aye or nay. Apparently, their votes count far more than ours do.

Shirley Peterson, Colorado Springs