Police are investigating a “stranger danger” incident in which they believe two men may have tried to kidnap a 2-year-old girl near Bott Avenue and 21st Street on the city’s west side about 10 a.m. Monday. 
 The girl’s mother was retrieving items from her car when a silver pickup stopped near where her daughter was playing in the backyard, police said.

The woman told police there were two men inside the truck, and that the passenger opened his door to get out. Police said the mother believed the man intended to grab her daughter, so she ran toward where she playing, and yelled at the man, who quickly shut the truck door. The woman told police that the vehicle sped away.

Police describe the truck as a newer-model silver pickup with an extended cab and tinted windows. Police said it was last seen traveling east on Bott Avenue.

A nearby day care facility and elementary school were notified of the incident, police said.