Pikes Peak received almost 3 feet of snow and parts of the Waldo Canyon burn area got more than 8 inches during a storm system that soaked the region Wednesday and Thursday.

According to National Weather Service forecaster Patrick Cioffi, spotters said an area of the burn scar about three miles northeast of Cascade had 8+ inches of snow.

'Luckily it fell as snow up there, ' Cioffi said, noting that flash floods are far less likely to come from melting snow than rainwater pouring down ash-laden slopes.

The storm system also dumped tallies of around 8 inches of snow in Florrisant and Woodland Park.

Colorado Springs received 0.87 inches of rainfall while snow capped the mountains. The city has received 1.08 inches so far in May, more than half of the normal May average of 2.03 inches.

Gray clouds loomed over the southern part of Colorado Springs just after noon Friday, indicating the possibility of afternoon storms. The weather service is calling for a 30 percent chance of rain for much of the weekend, including Friday evening.

'We're still expecting some scattered showers and thunderstorms up until sundown, ' Cioffi said. 'The weekend actually looks a lot drier. '

The meteorologist said some 'very spotty ' showers could hit the area Saturday afternoon, but likely will stay away for Sunday, which is expected to be mostly sunny in Colorado Springs with a high of about 71 degrees.