While Wednesday's frigid temperatures made for a fun day off for all Colorado Springs School District 11 students, some may need to make up classroom time later in the spring.

Some schools in Colorado Springs School District 11 are nearing the minutes allotted for snow days and other time off for the 2013-2014 academic year, according to spokeswoman Devra Ashby.

A combination of canceled classes and delayed starts due to bad weather and events such as a water main break on Jan. 28, which forced the closure of West Elementary and West Middle schools for a day and a half, are to blame.

"It's based on minutes spent in the classroom, and it varies from school to school, depending on their daily schedules," Ashby said.

Colorado state law requires a minimum of 1,056 hours of in-class instruction for secondary schools, 968 hours for elementary schools, 900 hours for full-day kindergarten and 450 hours for half-day kindergarten.

D-11's elementary schools should be on schedule, Ashby said, but Palmer and Doherty High schools are getting close to needing more instruction time. Some middle school students, such as those at West, also may be impacted, Ashby said.

Coronado and Mitchell High schools, on the other hand, are still on track to not need extra classroom time, she said.

At the beginning of this semester, Lewis-Palmer School District 38 added five minutes to each day for its five elementary schools in anticipation of needing more snow days.