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The Gazette - Published: November 25, 2013
The Gazette - Published: November 25, 2013

All-conference lists from the 2013 softball season.

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All-conference lists


First team

Pitcher: Haylee McKeehan, Pine Creek, sr.

Co-Catchers: Emma Chesire, Doherty, sr.; Kara Jones, Rampart, jr.

First base: Summer White, Liberty, sr.

Second base: Alexis Martinez, Pine Creek, so.

Third base: Genevieve Ujlaky, Pine Creek, jr.

Shortstop: Kelli Warmouth, Rampart, jr.

Outfield: Amanda Londo, Rampart, jr.

Outfield: Stephanie Warhoe, Pine Creek, sr.

Outfield: Madeline McWhorter, sr.

Utility: Hayleigh Alamo, Liberty, jr.

Freshman of the Year: Peyton Nussbaum, Palmer, fr.

Second team

Pitcher: Alyssa McDowell, Rampart, so.

Catcher: NA

First base: Kaesha Harper, Rampart, jr.

Second base: Josie Wood, Liberty, sr.

Third base: Crissey Clowser, Palmer, jr.

Shortstop: Michaela Wren, Pine Creek, so.

Outfield: Jenna Malone, Rampart, sr.

Outfield: Kirsten Mann, Liberty, sr.

Outfield: Samantha Archuleta, Palmer, sr.

Utility: Breanna Brettschneider, Doherty, sr.

Honorable mention

Liberty: Mariah Grijalva, jr.; Kennedi Heisterkamp, sr.; Kaitlyn Barlow, so.


First team

Pitcher: Mallorie Trichell, Woodland Park

Catcher: Alyson McAdoo, Widefield

First base: Mariah Tipton, Mitchell

Second base: Lexie Comer, Woodland Park

Third base: Megan Shanks, Widefield

Shortstop: Kelee Suggs, Woodland Park

Outfield: Samantha Lacy, Widefield

Outfield: Ashley Menini, Widefield

Outfield: Brianna Beatie, Coronado

Utility: Clorinda Roberts, Mesa Ridge

Second team

Pitcher: Riley Afshari, Coronado

Catcher: Natalie Diviney, Woodland Park

First base: Brenna Peters, Woodland Park

Second base: Karissa Desbouillons, Mesa Ridge

Third base: Madison Silvey, Coronado

Shortstop: Torrie Spearman, Coronado

Outfield: Megan Morgan, Mesa Ridge

Outfield: Christina Cunningham, Woodland Park

Outfield: Jillian Ruby, Widefield

Utility: Josefine Rodriguez, Mitchell

Honorable mention

Coronado: Kaitlyn Soulier, Jill Dragosh, Patricia Bartley; Mesa Ridge: Lauren Anding, Haley Fox, Anna Stachitus; Mitchell: Mayra Rodriguez, Trista Kochis, Jessica Perea; Sierra: Asia Mason, Brandi Russell, Lucinda Wilson; Widefield: Makenna Johnson, Kelsey Scurek, Zoey Stealey; Woodland Park: Morgan Suggs, Rebecca Roulette, Cheyenne Wilcox

Player of the Year: Mallorie Trichell (Woodland Park)

Pitcher of the Year: Mallorie Trichell (Woodland Park)

Co-Freshmen of the Year: Haley Fox (Mesa Ridge), Mayra Rodriguez (Mitchell)

Co-Defensive Players of the Year: Alyson McAdoo (Widefield), Brianna Beatie (Coronado)

Offensive Player of the Year: Kelee Suggs (Woodland Park)


First team

McKenzie Surface, Discovery Canyon, jr.

Kellie Mrofcza, Vista Ridge, jr.

Madysen Kearns, Palmer Ridge, jr.

Payton Romines, Air Academy, fr.

Laci Lashley, Falcon, so.

Kailee Clark, Discovery Canyon, so.

Libby Acker, Palmer Ridge, sr.

Aspen Atkins, Cheyenne Mountain, sr.

Barb Nigon, Lewis-Palmer, sr.

Megan Horn, Air Academy, so.

Julia Elbert, Air Academy, fr.

Ciara Richardson, Palmer Ridge, jr.

Second team

Cheyenne Herrera, Vista Ridge, so.

Ariel Cowan, Sand Creek, fr.

Madison Whorton, Falcon, so.

Hannah Wirtjes, Discovery Canyon, so.

Taylor Klee, Palmer Ridge, sr.

Destiny Lackey, Discovery Canyon, jr.

Gabby Diaz, Falcon, sr.

Sammie Cook, Lewis-Palmer, sr.

Jen Slaughter, Palmer Ridge, jr.

Aryanna Elwyn, Vista Ridge, so.

Briana Daniels, Sand Creek, sr.

Molly Turner, Discovery Canyon, jr.

Honorable mention

Matison Slider, Falcon, so.; Marlissa Wingett, Air Academy, sr.; Emily Selby, Discovery Canyon, jr.; Melanie Farmer, Lewis-Palmer, sr.; Lexi Manyik, Falcon, so.; Kaley Holmes, Air Academy, sr.; Sierra Leon, Falcon, so.; McKenzie Brummond, Palmer Ridge, sr.; Mattie Paschall, Lewis-Palmer, so.

Pitcher of the Year: McKenzie Surface, Discovery Canyon

Offensive Player of the Year: Madysen Kearns, Palmer Ridge

Defensive Player of the Year: Kellie Mrofcza, Vista Ridge

3A Tri-Peaks Leauge

First team

Hayley Benker, Florence, sr.

Carly Chaney, Florence, sr.

Annie Davis, La Junta, so.

Anabel Henriquez, Dolores Huerta, jr.

Hannah Lindlom, TCA, sr.

Abbie McDowell, Lamar, sr.

Briana Medina-Martinez, St. Mary's, sr.

Mikayla Noack, St. Mary's, jr.

Malea Orozco, Lamar, jr

Demi Ownbey, Lamar, jr.

Abbie Reed, Lamar, sr.

Baylee Reeves, Florence, sr.

Shelby Shieke, Florence, so.

Skyeler Sreveland, TCA, sr.

Desiree Trujillo, Dolores Huerta, fr.

Chelsea Vallejos, Lamar, sr.

Brooklyn Waddles, La Junta, jr.

Sarah Zamora, La Junta, so.

Honorable mention

Dolores Huerta: Sierra Chavez, Jade Mestes; Florence: Cassidy Hines, so., Taron Razanshi, so.; La Junta: Kurstain Whatley, jr., Whitni Oquist, jr.; Lamar: Geni Vargas, jr., Lexi Coen, so.; Rocky Ford: Lennon Miell, jr.; St. Mary's: McKenzie Hernez, so., Natalie Godec, fr.; The Classical Academy: Melissa Doole, jr., Madison Cooper, so.

Colorado coaches of girls sports area participants

3A: Briana Medina-Martinez, St. Mary's, C

4A: Elizabeth Acker, Palmer Ridge, outfield; Mallorie Trichell, Woodland Park, first base

5A: Emma Chesire, Doherty, catcher; Haylee McKehan, Pine Creek, pitcher; Stephanie Warhoe, Pine Creek, outfield. Coach: Dave Warhoe, Pine Creek

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