For slopestyle skier Bobby Brown, winning isn't the only thing. It's not even the most important thing.

Fun is what he's chasing. He insists he will be pursuing fun first, with victory a distant second, at the Olympics.

"When you're having fun, you're going to be the best," Brown said. "Every time I stress about winning, I don't do my best, but every time I'm at Breckenridge with my buddies just having an epic time - that's when you're going to do something you've never done in your whole life."

Brown is a Colorado native and a graduate of Cherry Creek High School in suburban Denver. He understands the sincerity of his thoughts on winning might be doubted. Winning produces medals and medals produce sponsorships and riches and fame.

He is steadfast in his view that his sport is more about adventure than winning.

"We're not going to sell our souls," Brown said. "You've got this one opportunity in your life to enjoy yourself, and you've just got to do it."

If you spend time around Brown, you soon will notice the sheer joy he finds in his sport. He's an unabashed fan of the Colorado mountains.

And he's obsessed by his sport.

"It's consumed my whole entire life," Brown said. "It's been all skiing all the time. It's life consuming, and it's been my life for 12 years. It's basically all I think about."

Brown's skiing life has not been all fun, though. He's suffered fractures in his back and two broken ankles. Despite all his past pain, Brown promises to arrive in Sochi with a fearless attitude.

"The whole point is being confident and being sure you can do these things," Brown said.

"It's one of the things you have to put out of your head. The sport is pretty dangerous, but you have to be confident."


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