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The area of ignition for last summer's Black Forest fire has been identified, but the El Paso County Sheriff's Office may never have the source of ignition, Sheriff Terry Maketa said at a news conference Tuesday morning.

Maketa would not identify the exact location when talking about the "after-action" fire report, but did rule out lightning, smoking, campfires and railroad activity as causes of the June 11, 2013 fire. Nearby children at play were also ruled out as a cause.

"I don't know if we'll ever have a concrete source," Maketa said.

Maketa - embroiled in allegations of repeated sexual impropriety, discrimination, creating a hostile work environment, violating the civil rights of those who work in the Sheriff's Office, using intimidation to keep people quiet about his misdeeds and removing almost all oversight of the $60 million Sheriff's Office annual budget - would not answer most questions regarding the recent accusations.

Maketa did reiterate that he plans on staying in office to complete his current term.

When asked if the press conference was held to steer attention from the scandal, Maketa said: "People can say what they want. ... It would be a disservice" to not provide information from the "after-action" report.

"There's a lot of facts" that are going to come out of the independent investigation, Maketa said of the allegations against him.

Maketa then nearly shut down the news conference.

The Black Forest fire was the worst fire in Colorado history. It destroyed 488 homes and killed two residents.

Maketa said lessons were learned because of the Black Forest fire, and that local agencies are better prepared to respond to another potential fire.

In December, while disputing a timeline released by the Black Forest Fire and Rescue District, the office reported that they had expected to have the report ready in the first quarter of 2014.