Black Forest and Monument residents are likely breathing a little easier after the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that seven people have been arrested in connection to 110 burglaries in the two neighborhoods.

Tom Haddan, a neighborhood watch coordinator in Monument’s King’s Deer neighborhood, said he’s relieved because at least three houses in the neighborhood have been burglarized in the last three months, and many more in the neighboring Bent Tree neighborhood. It’s unknown whether any of those are among the 110, but it’s been enough to keep the neighborhood watch on its toes.

“We check out every vehicle that’s not familiar to our neighborhood,” he said. “We’re going to remain vigilant, and suspicious of people out here that we don’t recognize. That’s our role, to kind of be the intervening action that might keep a person from losing a whole house full of things,” he said.

The Sheriff’s Office  said it recovered more than $100,000 in stolen property, including guns, cars, jewelry, money and appliances. So much was stolen from one property that it had to be hauled to the Sheriff’s Office 26-foot-long U-Haul truck.

While guns and cars had been returned to owners, several other items have not been claimed yet, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Several victims reported seeing a suspicious person wearing an emergency worker’s safety vest in the area when the crimes were committed.

That information led to a tip from a resident and eventually the search warrants, the Sheriff’s Office said. Those arrested were:

Ernesto Quintana, 24

Jake Cox, 27

Robert Bowick, 25

Richard Flewwellin, 41

Ekaterina Dettling, 28

Jose Hernandez, 36

Winter Womack, 22