A team of 25 juniors and seniors from Sand Creek High School has been awarded a $9,900 grant from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to invent a technological solution to a real-world problem.

The Falcon School District 49 school is the first in Colorado to receive a Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam grant and one of 15 high schools selected this year from across the nation for the award.

Students are creating a bio-sand mechanical water filtration system that uses natural resources found in developing countries, according to teacher Todd Matia, who started the grant application process last spring. In June, he visited MIT in Cambridge, Mass., for the training that helps educators guide students through a proposal's final steps.

A panel of judges that included industry representatives, researchers, former award winners and others selected the winners.

Sand Creek High students will showcase a prototype of their invention, filters made of sand and gravel layers with different coarsenesses that allow water to pass through while capturing bacteria and parasites, in June at MIT during the college's EurekaFest.