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Vance Joseph needs a nickname and nine victories.

Practically all of the Broncos’ head coaches have sported nicknames.

The five with the highest overall winning percentages were: John “Foxy’’ Fox (.690), Gary “Koobs’’ Kubiak (.686) Robert “Red’’ Miller (.627), Mike “Mastermind’’ Shanahan and Dan “The Unwanted Cowboy’’ Reeves (.596).

The seven lowest, not including “interim’’ coaches, were: Mac Speedie — his real full name, although both sound like nicknames — (.250), “Flingin’ Frank’’ Filchock (.268), Jack “No Nickname’’ Faulkner (.297), Lou

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<![CDATA[Woody Paige: Denver Nuggets need to set sights lower than LeBron James]]> http://gazette.com/woody-paige-denver-nuggets-need-to-set-sights-lower-than-lebron-james/article/1627847?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/woody-paige-denver-nuggets-need-to-set-sights-lower-than-lebron-james/article/1627847?custom_click=rss

Despite what the Earl of Douglas County claims, Queen Latifah, Prince Harry and Jack Sprat have a better chance of playing for the Nuggets than King James.

Sorry, Earl Boykins and Nuggets zealots, LeBron James is not coming to Denver - except, rarely, for an opposing team.

The diminutive Boykins, who played four seasons for the Nuggets, declared on sports talk radio that the NBA's premier player will consider taking his talent a Mile High. "He's gonna look at Denver,'' asserted Boykins, who then put the odds of James joining the Broncos at "35-40 percent.''

Of course, local lackeys leaped on the optimistic "scoop'' and devised means and ways for the Nuggets to attract James. One clown noted that Denver is a good city in

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<![CDATA[Woody Paige: Any place better than home for Colorado Rockies]]> http://gazette.com/woody-paige-any-place-better-than-home-for-colorado-rockies/article/1627602?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/woody-paige-any-place-better-than-home-for-colorado-rockies/article/1627602?custom_click=rss

On the whole, the Rockies, as W. C. Fields advocated, would rather be in Philadelphia than Coors Field.

The Rockies woke up Tuesday morning in Philadelphia closer to last place than first place. They went to bed in worse shape. June is swooning out all over.

The road has been kinder than Home Suet Home.

But the Phillies weren't so benevolent Tuesday night, beating the Rockies, 5-4.

In the seven-game losing streak in LoDo, the Rox were outscored 69-37 by three National League West teams. They own an 11-19 record overall at The Keg and are down among baseball's bottom-feeders in home victories. At May's end, the Rockies were atop the division by 1½ games over the Diamondbacks, four over the Giants and the Dodgers

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<![CDATA[Woody Paige: Denver Broncos will ride the shotgun, 'Pegasus' offense, under Bill Musgrave]]> http://gazette.com/woody-paige-denver-broncos-will-ride-the-shotgun-pegasus-offense-under-bill-musgrave/article/1627454?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/woody-paige-denver-broncos-will-ride-the-shotgun-pegasus-offense-under-bill-musgrave/article/1627454?custom_click=rss

Bill Musgrave has revived, revised and revitalized the Broncos' offense for this season.

The Broncos will be riding the shotgun.

While players and the media at Dove Valley have been hyping the offensive coordinator's "simplified playbook and terminology,'' everybody has, in newspaper parlance, buried the lede.

The shotgun formation - as directed by Peyton Manning before Gary Kubiak, then Vance Joseph emphasized the quarterback-under-center system - has returned to where it belongs and will be predominant in the Musgrave-Case Keenum offense.

What went around has come back around.

Credit and cheers to the old Grand Junction Tigers quarterback.

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<![CDATA[Woody Paige: Another lost season for Broncos' Shane Ray?]]> http://gazette.com/woody-paige-another-lost-season-for-broncos-shane-ray/article/1627171?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/woody-paige-another-lost-season-for-broncos-shane-ray/article/1627171?custom_click=rss

"Shane! Come back!" - Little Joey

Shane's comeback has been disrupted.

Instead, Shane Ray is anguishing through another setback.

And the Broncos' sturdiest and deepest position has gotten weaker and thinner by two the past week. It's not a splendid sign.

After Ray couldn't participate in the Broncos' OTA practice Monday with what coach Vance Joseph described as left wrist "irritation,'' the perceived starting outside linebacker could be out again for months.

There are more complications to the same injury - a torn ligament and separated bones in the wrist - he suffered in a routine linebackers-offensive linemen drill on the first day of 2017's training camp.

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<![CDATA[Woody Paige: Battle lines drawn as Bowlens argue over Broncos leadership]]> http://gazette.com/woody-paige-battle-lines-drawn-as-bowlens-argue-over-broncos-leadership/article/1627026?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/woody-paige-battle-lines-drawn-as-bowlens-argue-over-broncos-leadership/article/1627026?custom_click=rss

The contentious franchise-family affair Pat Bowlen never wanted and attempted to prevent has reared its ugly head.

The matter matters, and will become more provocative. But how will it affect the team?

Control of the future ownership and leadership of the Broncos, an NFL team valued at more than $2.5 billion and an incalculable Colorado asset, is at stake.

The harsh reality is that Bowlen, who was one of the most successful and powerful owners in sports, now is powerless to do anything about the sordid situation.

The former marathon and triathlon athlete is suffering from Alzheimer’s and rapidly deteriorating physical health, and others mostly talk about “”Mr.

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