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Venice Beach, Calif. - The On The Waterfront Cafe will be without its rowdy orange-and-blue-clad folks Sunday afternoon.

"They'll be gone down the road,'' the bartender said while lamenting his potential tip losses. "The Broncos are in town.''

About 25 miles away, the Broncos and the Chargers are playing Sunday in the Los Angeles expanse for the first time in 57 years.

And the local chapter of the Broncos official fan club - 917 strong, supportive and sad after last Sunday night - will move from Venice Beach to Carson to witness the vital division game between the teams that have played each other the most since the AFL origination.

This will be their 117th confrontation.

The Broncos have won 65, including a

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<![CDATA[Woody Paige: Colorado goes 3-0 in weird weekend of college football]]> http://gazette.com/woody-paige-colorado-goes-3-0-in-weird-weekend-of-college-football/article/1613300?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/woody-paige-colorado-goes-3-0-in-weird-weekend-of-college-football/article/1613300?custom_click=rss

Heavens to Knute Rockne, that was a wild, weird, wacky, winning weekend for the Falcons, the Buffaloes and the Rams.
Good for them.
All three teams came from behind for victories on Saturday/Sunday. All three really needed those victories. All three hadn’t produced victories on the same day/night since Nov. 19 of last season.
All three still have hopes and bowls.
And all three had players with games dreams are made of.
The Air Force game kicked off at High Noon, and the Colorado State game concluded after midnight – with 12 hours of football, fun and fabulous feats in between.

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<![CDATA[Woody Paige: Brock Osweiler could find himself in spotlight vs. Giants]]> http://gazette.com/woody-paige-brock-osweiler-could-find-himself-in-spotlight-vs.-giants/article/1613257?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/woody-paige-brock-osweiler-could-find-himself-in-spotlight-vs.-giants/article/1613257?custom_click=rss

Only three current NFL quarterbacks reached the postseason every year from 2012-16 as their teams won division titles and playoff games, played in the Super Bowl twice and earned one or two World Championship rings.

Name them.

I’ll give you time to think.
Tom Brady. Of course.
Aaron Rodgers. Wrong.
Russell Wilson. Correct.
And the third is… wait for it.
Brock Osweiler. Gotcha!

Will Osweiler play Sunday night against the Giants because of a Broncos’ blowout or flame out?

Is it Brocktober?

Back with the Broncos, Brock has become H. G. Wells’ “Invisible Man’’.

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Nobody seems to realize

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<![CDATA[Woody Paige: Ownership uncertainty swirls for Broncos after Pat Bowlen]]> http://gazette.com/woody-paige-ownership-uncertainty-swirls-for-broncos-after-pat-bowlen/article/1612793?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/woody-paige-ownership-uncertainty-swirls-for-broncos-after-pat-bowlen/article/1612793?custom_click=rss

The Denver Broncos are more synonymous with Colorado than Buffalo Bill, Molly Brown and Zebulon Pike.

Bill, Brown and Pike found riches and fame, but not quite on a proportional scale with the Broncos.

Since an initial investment of $25,000 in late 1959, the Broncos' monetary worth has increased by approximately 2 billion, 599 million, and 975 thousand dollars (10,399,900 percent).

And except for three-year spans two decades apart, the football franchise has been family-owned and -operated for a half century.

It's all relative.


But fissures have shaken the Broncos' ownership.

One member of Pat Bowlen's family, John, acknowledged he is selling his minority ownership.

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<![CDATA[Coming Sunday: Will the Bowlens keep the Broncos?]]> http://gazette.com/coming-sunday-will-the-bowlens-keep-the-broncos/article/1612677?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/coming-sunday-will-the-bowlens-keep-the-broncos/article/1612677?custom_click=rss

The Bowlen family has owned the Broncos for 33 years, turning the franchise into a $2.6 billion juggernaut with the highest winning percentage of any team in the NFL. But now some members of the family are talking about selling, and the jockeying for control has begun. Will the Broncos stay in the family? Is Pat Bowlen’s daughter Brittany the heir apparent? President Joe Ellis? John Elway? Outside buyers?

Who is Pat Bowlen’s ultimate successor?

Colorado’s leading Sports columnist Woody Paige has an exclusive report in Sunday’s Gazette.

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