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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Ian Desmond, with his right hand, is able to drive slowly around the Colorado Rockies spring training complex in a golf cart and watch teammates practice. That's what he did Friday afternoon before the Rockies left camp to play the San Francisco Giants.

The left hand, however, is wrapped like a club. Desmond, who was set to be the Rockies' opening day first baseman, broke a bone in the hand when he was hit by a pitch in a spring training game last Sunday. He's since had surgery.

Desmond spoke to reporters about the injury for the first time Friday. He seemed upbeat despite the prognosis of at least four to six weeks until he returns.

"It's not frustrating at all," Desmond said.

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<![CDATA[Rockies' injury woes mount with Tom Murphy's broken forearm]]> http://gazette.com/rockies-injury-woes-mount-with-tom-murphys-broken-forearm/article/1598907?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/rockies-injury-woes-mount-with-tom-murphys-broken-forearm/article/1598907?custom_click=rss

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Colorado Rockies catcher Tom Murphy will miss four to six weeks with a hairline fracture in his right forearm.

Manager Bud Black said Murphy broke his arm Saturday in a game against the Cubs when he was hit by Anthony Rizzo's bat while throwing to second base on a steal attempt. The ball sailed into center field and Rizzo was called for interference. Murphy stayed in the game until the seventh, as planned. His injury wasn't discovered until later.

Murphy is in a splint but won't need surgery, Black said.

Murphy joins a long list of Rockies sidelined during spring training. First baseman Ian Desmond is set for surgery on his broken left hand this week and will miss several weeks.

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Tue, 14 Mar 2017 14:38:35 -0600
<![CDATA[Klee blog: As injuries mount, are the Colorado Rockies cursed?]]> http://gazette.com/klee-blog-as-injuries-mount-are-the-colorado-rockies-cursed/article/1598895?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/klee-blog-as-injuries-mount-are-the-colorado-rockies-cursed/article/1598895?custom_click=rss

No, really.

What did the Rockies do in their previous life?

At this point the Rockies should hunker down and await the locusts. Stock the ark; the flood can't be far behind. Hey, Jon Gray: Find the bubble wrap ASAP.

Friday, Chad Bettis, an anchor in the rotation, announced he has cancer again. There is no timetable for his return. He's going to beat it, but yeah.

Sunday, Ian Desmond, the $70-million first baseman, sustained a broken left hand. There is no timetable for his return. He's going to have surgery.

Monday, Tom Murphy, the catcher, learned he has a broken right forearm. He's out 4-6 weeks, according to the team. 

Did we miss anyone?

Oh, that's right: David Dahl, the

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<![CDATA[Ian Desmond will undergo surgery on broken left hand ]]> http://gazette.com/ian-desmond-will-undergo-surgery-on-broken-left-hand/article/1598846?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ian-desmond-will-undergo-surgery-on-broken-left-hand/article/1598846?custom_click=rss

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Colorado Rockies first baseman Ian Desmond will undergo surgery Wednesday.

Dr. Donald Sheridan is to operate in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Rockies have not announced a timetable for Desmond's return.

Desmond broke the second metacarpal bone when he was hit by a fastball from Cincinnati right-hander Rookie Davis in Sunday's spring training game.

The Rockies signed Desmond to a $70 million, five-year contract to add another potent bat. He is making the transition to first base after entering the major leagues as a shortstop and playing in the outfield last year with Texas.

Jordan Patterson, Gerardo Parra, Stephen Cardullo and Mark Reynolds figure to get more work at first base.

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<![CDATA[Colorado Rockies' Ian Desmond breaks hand, opening day unlikely]]> http://gazette.com/colorado-rockies-ian-desmond-breaks-hand-opening-day-unlikely/article/1598779?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/colorado-rockies-ian-desmond-breaks-hand-opening-day-unlikely/article/1598779?custom_click=rss

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - The Colorado Rockies lost one of their biggest offseason acquisitions when Ian Desmond was hit by a pitch Sunday, breaking his left hand.

Desmond was plunked by Cincinnati right-hander Rookie Davis with a 93 mph fastball in the fourth inning of the Rockies' 9-8 loss in spring training. The team says the preliminary diagnosis on Desmond is a left hand fracture, and he will see a specialist Monday.

The Rockies signed Desmond to a $70 million, five-year contract over the winter to help balance out their lineup. Desmond broke into the majors as a shortstop and played in the outfield last year with Texas, but was transitioning to first base with Colorado.

The 31-year-old Desmond hit .

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<![CDATA[Klee blog: Chad Bettis needs chemotherapy after cancer spreads]]> http://gazette.com/klee-blog-chad-bettis-needs-chemotherapy-after-cancer-spreads/article/1598620?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/klee-blog-chad-bettis-needs-chemotherapy-after-cancer-spreads/article/1598620?custom_click=rss

In a couple years, when Chad Bettis is an established, veteran anchor on the Rockies pitching staff, we will look back and marvel at how he got there.

The news that his testicular cancer has spread is another detour to that destination.

"During my routine health checkup last week, my oncologist believed that he had seen inflamed lymph nodes and ordered an immediate biopsy," Bettis said Friday. "I learned this week that my testicular cancer has unexpectedly spread, and I will begin a regimen of chemotherapy in the very near future."

Bettis, who will continue cancer treatments in Arizona, is going to beat this.

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<![CDATA[Greg Holland throws 91-92 mph in 2nd Rockies simulated game]]> http://gazette.com/greg-holland-throws-91-92-mph-in-2nd-rockies-simulated-game/article/1598344?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/greg-holland-throws-91-92-mph-in-2nd-rockies-simulated-game/article/1598344?custom_click=rss

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Greg Holland threw at between 91 mph and 92 mph in his second simulated of game of spring training, down from 96 mph during his best years with the Kansas City Royals.

"I felt good and the ball was coming out of my hands," Holland said after Tuesday's session. "This time of the year you are getting consistent mechanically and still building arm strength. I am not worried about my velocity as far as that goes. I am more worried about how I feel when I release the ball and if everything is working together. Each time has felt better. I was real pleased with it."

A two-time All-Star, Holland had a 1.21 ERA and 47 saves in 2013 and a 1.44 ERA and 46 saves the following year. He dropped to a 3.83 ERA

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<![CDATA[Rockies’ David Dahl injured, will miss significant playing time]]> http://gazette.com/rockies-david-dahl-injured-will-miss-significant-playing-time/article/1598308?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/rockies-david-dahl-injured-will-miss-significant-playing-time/article/1598308?custom_click=rss

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Rockies outfielder David Dahl, who arrived at spring training as the favorite to win the starting job in left field and build off his excellent rookie season, has been diagnosed with a stress reaction of his sixth rib, the club announced Monday.

The injury, which is in his mid-back, will be re-evaluated in two weeks, calling into question whether the 23-year-old Dahl will get any more playing time in spring training.

The stress reaction causes significant pain when Dahl does any baseball activities, especially when he attempts to swing a bat. He went through multiple tests and scans before the Rockies determined what was causing his pain.

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<![CDATA[Fact: Rockies 3B Nolan Arenado stacks up with best in majors]]> http://gazette.com/fact-rockies-3b-nolan-arenado-stacks-up-with-best-in-majors/article/1598069?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/fact-rockies-3b-nolan-arenado-stacks-up-with-best-in-majors/article/1598069?custom_click=rss

Every once in a while, Nolan Arenado runs across a story that mentions his name and makes him shake his head.

"I don't know where some of it comes from," the Colorado Rockies All-Star third baseman laughed.

Being the face of a franchise and doing so many cool things, facts sometimes get intermingled with good fiction.

Fact: He did go to Cuba this offseason to visit his roots.

Fiction: The four-time Gold Glover didn't demand the Rockies switch to a lighter shade of purple on their uniforms this season.

Fact: He contemplated playing for Puerto Rico in the upcoming World Baseball Classic before joining Team USA.

Undisputed fact: He stacks up with baseball's best.

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