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DENVER — Thursday morning, just as March Madness began to go mad, I asked Nuggets veteran Richard Jefferson how he remembers the NCAA Tournament. “Heartbreak” was the first word out of his mouth.

And Jefferson is a good guy to talk to about the Big Dance, you know? Over three seasons at the University of Arizona, Jefferson played (usually well) in every type of Tournament game there is — from a one-point loss in the first round (in '99, to Oklahoma), to a narrow defeat in the national championship game (in '01, to Duke). Jefferson played in nine Tournament games in all. And the first emotion that came to mind? Heartbreak.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Case Keenum a smart move for Denver Broncos — now don't stop there]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-case-keenum-a-smart-move-for-denver-broncos-now-dont-stop-there/article/1622621?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-case-keenum-a-smart-move-for-denver-broncos-now-dont-stop-there/article/1622621?custom_click=rss

DENVER — Hey, check out the Broncos, acting all smart at the — altogether now, sports fans — quarterback position.

If reports are right, Case Keenum is two years and $36-40 million well spent. Short and sweet. The Broncos left themselves an out. Case can make his case.

Keenum turned 30 on Feb. 17 and is not a better quarterback than Kirk Cousins, 31. He is, however, a better quarterback fit for the Broncos. Follow the (less) money. Cousins reportedly will assume Keenum's starting spot in Minnesota for $84 million — all of it guaranteed. Can you even imagine?

The Broncos have more potholes than East Iliff that must be filled. Now they can.

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<![CDATA[Klee blog: Broncos Country will be Case Keenum Country, according to report]]> http://gazette.com/klee-blog-broncos-country-will-be-case-keenum-country-according-to-report/article/1622562?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/klee-blog-broncos-country-will-be-case-keenum-country-according-to-report/article/1622562?custom_click=rss

There's always a history with these Broncos. They trust what and who they know. There's the Elway-Kubiak thing, and Kubiak's back, and when Vance Joseph was hired as coach, he listed Kubiak as his top influence in coaching.

It goes on, and that's probably a big reason why Case Keenum is going to be the next starting quarterback of the Broncos. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Monday night that Keenum, a 30-year-old who helped the Vikings to the NFC championship game, plans to sign with the Broncos when free agency opens.

Unless it's some kind of crazy contract, this is a better idea for the Broncos than Kirk Cousins. Too much money with too many other holes.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: NCAA Tournament bracket (it's wide open!) shows that Colorado's college programs need to pick it up]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-ncaa-tournament-bracket-its-wide-open-shows-that-colorados-college-programs-need-to-pick-it-up/article/1622501?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-ncaa-tournament-bracket-its-wide-open-shows-that-colorados-college-programs-need-to-pick-it-up/article/1622501?custom_click=rss

DENVER — The Buffs were the Baby Buffs, five freshmen in sizable roles.

They get a pass. This time.

Air Force is Air Force, a brilliant story on the rare occasion it wins big, covered by an honest alibi of entry requirements when it doesn’t. CSU stunk up the joint — 11-21 — and can we all agree that’s why Larry Eustachy is out the door? If Eustachy is 21-11, there’s probably not a second investigation into his program that leads to a coaching search. Don't forget my neighbor, DU, .500 in Rodney Billups’ second season, but let's see what happens from here. 

The point is that college hoops in Colorado should be better than it is.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: He's a dad, a bus driver, a singer — and "Coach Mike" is now a Class 3A state champ with the St. Mary's girls]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-hes-a-dad-a-bus-driver-a-singer-and-coach-mike-is-now-a-class-3a-state-champ-with-the-st.-marys-girls/article/1622457?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-hes-a-dad-a-bus-driver-a-singer-and-coach-mike-is-now-a-class-3a-state-champ-with-the-st.-marys-girls/article/1622457?custom_click=rss

DENVER — It was just the other day when Mike Burkett, the girls basketball coach who led Saint Mary’s to its first state title Saturday, also led a chorus of teenage girls in rapping to Drake — while driving the team bus.

Seniors like Mary Cummings thought it was pretty funny, as you can imagine. She still laughs about it, how a coach in his 19th year at the same school would give a bus full of teenagers a gift they’ll never forget.


The feeling’s mutual. See, how it works at St. Mary’s — the Class 3A champs after a wild-and-crazy 44-38 triumph over Colorado Springs Christian — is as simple as a give-and-go.

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<![CDATA[Klee blog: Colorado Rockies love affair with Carlos Gonzalez good for one more fling]]> http://gazette.com/klee-blog-colorado-rockies-love-affair-with-carlos-gonzalez-good-for-one-more-fling/article/1622375?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/klee-blog-colorado-rockies-love-affair-with-carlos-gonzalez-good-for-one-more-fling/article/1622375?custom_click=rss

You know you're beloved when they don't boo. They — you — never booed Carlos Gonzalez as he sputtered in '17. They didn't boo when his OPS slipped to its lowest mark since his rookie season in 2008, or when it looked like Raimel Tapia was a better option than Gonzalez, a former MVP candidate.

"Right now I feel like the worst player in the game," CarGo said last July.

As much as Rockies fans love them some CarGo, the ballclub loves him even more. The Rockies already have paid him $78 million to play in their outfield.

Now Gonzalez reportedly will return to the Rox on a one-year deal.

That's love.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Good call? Bad call? Lewis-Palmer advances to Class 4A state title game on controversial whistle — with 0.1 on the clock]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-good-call-bad-call-lewis-palmer-advances-to-class-4a-state-title-game-on-controversial-whistle-with-0.1-on-the-clock/article/1622402?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-good-call-bad-call-lewis-palmer-advances-to-class-4a-state-title-game-on-controversial-whistle-with-0.1-on-the-clock/article/1622402?custom_click=rss

DENVER — At some point the breaks will turn in favor of Nieyeme Smyer-Williams.

They must. Because there’s no way the world can be this hard on a young man with this much promise. One parent's in jail, the other's in a gang, according to the Pueblo West View. Nothing's come easy for the 5-foot-10 point guard. Oh, we can tell Nieyeme it’s all going to be cool if he stays the course — like I told him after the most heart-breaking way a high school career can end — but at some point his luck must change to good from downright dreadful.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: St. Mary's girls emerge as team to beat in Class 3A girls basketball state tournament]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-st.-marys-girls-emerge-as-team-to-beat-in-class-3a-girls-basketball-state-tournament/article/1622321?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-st.-marys-girls-emerge-as-team-to-beat-in-class-3a-girls-basketball-state-tournament/article/1622321?custom_click=rss

DENVER — There was this one possession on Thursday morning — early, too, with an 8:45 a.m. tipoff that made it impossible for St. Mary’s to be fully warmed up — that showed why the Pirates are the team to beat in the Class 3A girls basketball state tournament.

Yes, the team to beat — from the No. 3 seed.

Anyway, about that possession: Brooklyn Valdez (she’s a sophomore, ahem) whipped a 30-foot pass to Seneca Hackley (also a sophomore, and a future college star), who snapped a one-timer to Makenna Bodette (a senior who led everyone with 22 points) on a textbook fast break. Ball never touched the floor, the gang of green fans behind the bench roared, and St. Mary’s

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: John Elway and Von Miller share a window. Can they share in a Broncos revival?]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-john-elway-and-von-miller-share-a-window.-can-they-share-in-a-broncos-revival/article/1622038?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-john-elway-and-von-miller-share-a-window.-can-they-share-in-a-broncos-revival/article/1622038?custom_click=rss

DENVER — The NFL operates in windows. Or we view it through windows, one of the two. 

The ballyhooed Peyton Manning window closed in Indianapolis, then it was thrown (all over the yard) wide open in Denver, then it slid downward on greased rails before he propped it open one final time for Super Bowl 50.

What window remains of the bombastic “No Fly Zone” grows shorter by the day, if Aqib Talib’s social media activity is any indication: “Who coming to get me???” His tweet was in response to a report the Broncos are looking to trade the 32-year-old cornerback.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Avs coach Jared Bednar would make a terrible emoji, but he's good for team that controls playoff destiny]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-avs-coach-jared-bednar-would-make-a-terrible-emoji-but-hes-good-for-team-that-controls-playoff-destiny/article/1622085?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-avs-coach-jared-bednar-would-make-a-terrible-emoji-but-hes-good-for-team-that-controls-playoff-destiny/article/1622085?custom_click=rss

DENVER — There’s going to be luck involved, if this plays out like the Avalanche believes it will play out — in the NHL playoffs. Horseshoes, wishbones, own goals, all that. The Avs need every clover they can find.

The one place you can’t look to measure the Avs’ luck — well, you can look, but it won’t help — is the facial expression worn by Jared Bednar. The 46-year-old coach is Mr. Stoic. He carries the same look if the Avs are 22-56-4, like last season, or 35-24-6, like they are after Sunday’s good-luck, bad-luck show against the relentless Predators. The Avs lost in overtime, 4-3.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Expanding with Gonzaga would lift Mountain West to new (and necessary) heights]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-expanding-with-gonzaga-would-lift-mountain-west-to-new-and-necessary-heights/article/1621938?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-expanding-with-gonzaga-would-lift-mountain-west-to-new-and-necessary-heights/article/1621938?custom_click=rss

DENVER — Think Air Force would see an attendance boost if the mighty Gonzaga Bulldogs — the NCAA men's basketball runner-up and No. 7-ranked team in the country — were scheduled to visit Clune Arena on Saturday?

“I think it would be a packed house, a great crowd,” Air Force coach Dave Pilipovich said Thursday. “You’re talking about a national brand, a national name. They’d come in on their private jet with their private chef and we’d have a ballgame I think people would want to come see.”

That makes two of us, Coach P. Now the 11-team Mountain West should make it the 12 of us.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Vance Joseph treats us — you, me and Broncos fans — like we’re a bunch of dummies]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-vance-joseph-treats-us-you-me-and-broncos-fans-like-were-a-bunch-of-dummies/article/1621864?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-vance-joseph-treats-us-you-me-and-broncos-fans-like-were-a-bunch-of-dummies/article/1621864?custom_click=rss

DENVER — Hope I’m wrong. Hope you’re wrong, too. Hope everybody — well, everybody might be pushing it, so we’ll just say most folks I hear from — is wrong about Vance Joseph, football coach.

Hope he wins big with the Broncos.

But he continues to give fewer reasons to believe he will.

Joseph did it again Wednesday, at the scouting combine, and I just can't let these sound bytes slide anymore.

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