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DENVER - Down a ramp and onto the asphalt roadway, Jamal Murray rolled a shopping cart, filled over the brim with sneakers, socks, muscle rollers and other baby-blue gear.

"So much stuff, man," the Nuggets prized rookie said.

Murray has all the stuff to be That Guy for the Nuggets - That Guy who can go for 35 points, more than half coming in the fourth quarter; That Guy the franchise has been missing since Carmelo Anthony decided New York is cooler than Colorado; That Guy who nudges them from playoff contender (which they should be in 2016-17) to Western Conference contender (which they will be quicker than anyone expects).

How am I so certain about a 19-year-old whose first NBA game is Wednesday?

Jamal Murray is

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: What happened to kicking and screaming, Denver Broncos?]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-what-happened-to-kicking-and-screaming-denver-broncos/article/1588023?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-what-happened-to-kicking-and-screaming-denver-broncos/article/1588023?custom_click=rss

ENGLEWOOD - With friends like the Broncos, who needs enemies?

The Broncos dedicated their Thursday night game at San Diego to coach Gary Kubiak, who was back in Denver after the prior game, also a loss, led to yet another trip to the hospital.

(That's two hospital trips in his previous three seasons as a head coach, by the way.)

Hey, fellas: Enough with kicking a man when he's down. If falling behind 19-3 to a Chargers team that had lost 10 straight in the AFC West is their idea of looking out for one of their own, let's hope nobody else around Dove Valley could use help fixing a flat tire, a bowl of Mom's chicken noodle soup or another pick-me-up any time soon.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Time to panic? Broncos inching that direction]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-time-to-panic-broncos-inching-that-direction/article/1587795?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-time-to-panic-broncos-inching-that-direction/article/1587795?custom_click=rss

SAN DIEGO - Look on the bright side. The weather here was really nice.

Gary Kubiak wasn't the only one at home with a migraine. All of Broncos Country joined the coach with a splitting headache Thursday night. Forget the Tylenol. Got anything stronger?

The Broncos had 99 problems, and San Diego rising star Joey Bosa was only one. Aside from their head coach recovering from a "complex migraine" and not making the trip to southern California, the Broncos team that was embarrassed 21-13 by the Chargers was as healthy as you will find in the NFL's Week 6. This is it, folks.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Broncos over Chargers? They don't know]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-broncos-over-chargers-they-dont-know/article/1587685?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-broncos-over-chargers-they-dont-know/article/1587685?custom_click=rss

SAN DIEGO - By now, and after last season, a quagmire of quarterback questions, a nation of doubting Thomases, a moody offense, a (worst of all?) loss to the Raiders, the Broncos are confirmed as one thing, at the least.

They are never nervous nellies. They come back before they crack.

Thursday night at San Diego is different. It's a danger zone, an unusual kind of game that offers more reasons they should lose than reasons they should win. Never in Gary Kubiak's term as coach have these Broncos faced this many They-Don't-Knows.

- They don't know how Kubiak's absence impacts their sideline, huddle and locker room - the strongest aspects of their team. On one hand, they adore Ol' Kubes.

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<![CDATA[Broncos vs. Chargers report card and Paul Klee prediction]]> http://gazette.com/broncos-vs.-chargers-report-card-and-paul-klee-prediction/article/1587641?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/broncos-vs.-chargers-report-card-and-paul-klee-prediction/article/1587641?custom_click=rss

Broncos Report Card


Check it out: the Trevor Siemian train sure filled up fast. Welcome aboard, everyone else. A few ground rules for membership: We speak only in clichés, wear socks with sandals and say things like, “That’s neat.”

Advantage: Chargers



This week’s chapter of The NFL Is Entirely Unpredictable: Denver led the NFL in sacks but had only two against Atlanta. The Falcons ranked almost dead last in sacks and had six. Go figure.

Advantage: Broncos


Special teams

Is this the game the Broncos score a blocked punt for the first time since 2013? The stars are aligned.

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<![CDATA[Three with Klee: Broncos and Patriots? Great minds think alike]]> http://gazette.com/three-with-klee-broncos-and-patriots-great-minds-think-alike/article/1587636?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/three-with-klee-broncos-and-patriots-great-minds-think-alike/article/1587636?custom_click=rss

Three with Klee: Denver sports columnist Paul Klee with three thoughts on the Broncos game at San Diego on Thursday

Punting on third down

File this one under the “X Files”: It looked to me like the Broncos punted on the Falcons game — similar to the Patriots, without Handsome Tom, losing 16-0 to the Bills. With a short week coming up and a rookie quarterback forced into action, the Broncos chose not to activate starting quarterback Trevor Siemian and tight end Virgil Green, both of whom said afterward they could have played Sunday? That smells suspiciously like “we have a one-stroke going into the 18th hole, let’s hit wedge and see if the other guy puts it in the drink” from where

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Aqib Talib tells real truth on Donald Trump's 'locker room' comments]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-aqib-talib-tells-real-truth-on-donald-trumps-locker-room-comments/article/1587601?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-aqib-talib-tells-real-truth-on-donald-trumps-locker-room-comments/article/1587601?custom_click=rss

Leave it to Aqib Talib to tell the truth.

What, you expected someone else?

"There's a lot of locker room comments, man. We talk about everything in here," Denver's star cornerback told reporters Tuesday when asked how he would describe locker-room talk in the NFL. "(Donald) Trump may fit in if he came in here, who knows?"

There's more self-righteous garbage in sports media than just about anywhere else. But this week's barrage of "locker room talk" takes the disingenuous cake. As soon as presidential candidate Donald Trump tried to explain away his caught-on-tape remarks by labeling them some sort of man code, all corners of the sports world spewed out a collective rebuttal that sounded like sheep yawning: That kind

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<![CDATA[Klee blog: After hospitalization, Gary Kubiak's health a major concern for Broncos]]> http://gazette.com/klee-blog-after-hospitalization-gary-kubiaks-health-a-major-concern-for-broncos/article/1587483?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/klee-blog-after-hospitalization-gary-kubiaks-health-a-major-concern-for-broncos/article/1587483?custom_click=rss

The day after Super Bowl 50, at a ceremony honoring game MVP Von Miller in a conference center ballroom, Rhonda Kubiak stood on the sideline as her husband accepted handshakes and man-hugs as head coach of the world champs.

The wife of a coach is the toughest job in sports. It is doubly so when the profession's stresses contribute to potentially dangerous health conditions. 

"It was a stressful decision, just because of how it ended (in Houston). We weren't sure," Rhonda Kubiak told me of their decision to return to Denver to coach the Broncos. "But it's like our son said: 'Dad, we've been doing this for a while. This is what we do.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Denver Broncos need Trevor Siemian ASAP]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-denver-broncos-need-trevor-siemian-asap/article/1587447?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-denver-broncos-need-trevor-siemian-asap/article/1587447?custom_click=rss

DENVER - Stop me if you've heard this one before.

The Broncos are in deep doo-doo without Trevor Siemian.

OK, good. You're all still reading.

"Taking it one day at a time," said the gentleman named starting quarterback of the Broncos for a reason in the losing locker room. It should be noted Siemian was made available to media after the Falcons turned the Broncos into a late Sunday brunch, 23-16. That's something, because injured players who are two or three weeks away from returning to game action don't usually take questions after games in which they didn't play.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Falcons 'O' vs. Broncos 'D'? Something must give]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-falcons-o-vs.-broncos-d-something-must-give/article/1587305?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-falcons-o-vs.-broncos-d-something-must-give/article/1587305?custom_click=rss

DENVER - The Broncos can't be budged. The Falcons can't be grounded.

Something ... wait for it ... must give.

Sunday at Sports Authority Field is the next test for a familiar question around these hills: Does a great offense beat a great defense, or is it the other way around?

The man on the Falcons sideline knows better than me, and most. Dan Quinn is the Falcons' coach. He was Seattle's defensive coordinator. You know, that Seattle.

Coach Quinn, inquiring minds want to know: Big offense or big defense?

"Growing up as a defensive coach, I certainly have great regard for the defense," Quinn said. He said other stuff, too, but we'll start there, since Denver starts there.

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<![CDATA[Three with Klee: One reason the Broncos could kiss Super Bowl dreams goodbye]]> http://gazette.com/three-with-klee-one-reason-the-broncos-could-kiss-super-bowl-dreams-goodbye/article/1587213?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/three-with-klee-one-reason-the-broncos-could-kiss-super-bowl-dreams-goodbye/article/1587213?custom_click=rss

Aqib Talib: Good with the Bad

If the NFL dished out major awards after the first quarter of the season, voters could make a reasonable argument for Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib as defensive player of the year. He has three interceptions for the league’s premier defense, on a team that’s 4-0, the best record in the AFC. Talib deserves to be a candidate. Here’s the catch: If you had to name one reason the Broncos (beginital)won’t(endital) win Super Bowl LI, I could also make a reasonable argument for Talib. Stay with me now.

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<![CDATA[Broncos vs. Falcons report card and Paul Klee prediction]]> http://gazette.com/broncos-vs.-falcons-report-card-and-paul-klee-prediction/article/1587209?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/broncos-vs.-falcons-report-card-and-paul-klee-prediction/article/1587209?custom_click=rss

Paul Klee's report card and prediction for Sunday's matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos.

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<![CDATA[Paul Klee: Rockies manager Walt Weiss is out, and GM Jeff Bridich is up]]> http://gazette.com/paul-klee-rockies-manager-walt-weiss-is-out-and-gm-jeff-bridich-is-up/article/1586972?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paul-klee-rockies-manager-walt-weiss-is-out-and-gm-jeff-bridich-is-up/article/1586972?custom_click=rss

DENVER - Jeff Bridich will take a Big Mac. Make sure it comes with cheese and a side of fries. ("Large," he said. Go big or go home.) And throw in a Coke, will ya?

"I've got to have a diet," the Rockies general manager said Monday when a member of the media failed to mute his phone and ordered McDonald's during a conference call.

Rockies fans are starved for the team's first winning season since 2010. The Blake Street faithful, and it's a bigger party than you might think, will get hangry if the local ballclub is not in playoff contention in 2017.

Walt Weiss is out at home.

Bridich is up to bat.

The official word from Coors Field is that Weiss stepped down after four seasons and a 283-365 record as

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<![CDATA[Klee: Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch? Broncos quarterback dilemma isn't one]]> http://gazette.com/klee-trevor-siemian-or-paxton-lynch-broncos-quarterback-dilemma-isnt-one/article/1586909?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/klee-trevor-siemian-or-paxton-lynch-broncos-quarterback-dilemma-isnt-one/article/1586909?custom_click=rss

TAMPA, Fla. - Before the heavens opened and Florida's weather unloaded a storm that spit and spun like something from Revelations, the Broncos confirmed what should be gospel by now: the Denver quarterback's final act will be a kneel-down.

No matter which direction Gary Kubiak chooses to go - toward Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch - the Broncos hardly are living on a prayer. The Broncos are so good and so deep everywhere else, they needn't fret about a jumbled quarterback spot like every other team in the NFL would. Take Sunday at Raymond James Stadium, for example.

The Broncos built a 14-7 lead against a desperate Bucs team with Siemian at quarterback.

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