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The quarterback struggle  is grabbing most of the attention, but let me nominate another story as the most important of the Bronco camp:

Is C.J. Anderson an elite NFL running back? Was he worthy of the bidding war that broke out between the Broncos,  Bears and Dolphins? Can he remain healthy for an entire season?

Coach Gary Kubiak is a stubborn and total believer in the run game. The Broncos will require a dominating rushing attack is they want to repeat as AFC Champs. (Let's wait until later - much later - before talking about  repeating as Super Bowl Champs.)

There are reasons, plenty of them, to doubt Anderson. He's busted past the 100-yard barrier only four times in his three-season career.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey blog: Michael Jordan joins Carmelo and LeBron in struggle for social justice]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-michael-jordan-joins-carmelo-and-lebron-in-struggle-for-social-justice/article/1581228?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-michael-jordan-joins-carmelo-and-lebron-in-struggle-for-social-justice/article/1581228?custom_click=rss Michael Jordan is joining the new wave. He’s making his voice heard on social issues.

That’s a change, a big one. Jordan is the best basketball player ever to play the game, but he declined to speak out on political issues. He was too busy dunking and winning and selling us shoes and underwear.

Jordan obviously saw Carmelo Anthony’s appeal at the ESPYs. Anthony announced a new social movement – a new wave – that would ask athletes to do more than just play games and chase endorsements and count money. Jordan had long been criticized by Jim Brown and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, among others, for his silence on social issues.

When Anthony spoke, he was joined by Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Good news: Peyton Manning remains full football hero after being cleared by NFL]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-good-news-peyton-manning-remains-full-football-hero-after-being-cleared-by-nfl/article/1581142?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-good-news-peyton-manning-remains-full-football-hero-after-being-cleared-by-nfl/article/1581142?custom_click=rss

Good news: Peyton Manning remains a full hero. We don't have to suffer through the fall of yet another sports icon. You can still wear your No. 18 with pride.

The NFL cleared Manning of charges that he used human growth hormone to fuel his recovery from the severe neck injuries that forced his exit from the Indianapolis Colts. His spectacular (well, most of the time) four seasons with the Broncos had everything to do with diligent labor and nothing to do with polluting his body with HGH.

I am, like most Colorado residents, surrounded by family and friends who wear orange No. 18 jerseys. They believe in Peyton. They adore Peyton. They would be crushed if Peyton had been transformed into another Lance Armstrong.

I was

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<![CDATA[Russians in Colorado Springs hoping innocent athletes don't get punished]]> http://gazette.com/russians-in-colorado-springs-hoping-innocent-athletes-dont-get-punished/article/1580931?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/russians-in-colorado-springs-hoping-innocent-athletes-dont-get-punished/article/1580931?custom_click=rss

Gary Mirzkhanov was born in the Soviet Union. He's an Armenian-Russian who is now an American citizen.

Mirzkhanov, who lives in Colorado Springs, believes the International Olympic Committee's possible ban on all Russian athletes is politically motivated.

"Do not mix political things with sports," Mirzkhanov said Thursday. He said much of the world does not "like" Russia.

"If we can find a way to punish them, we will, in sports, in culture."

Mirzkhanov, 65, also is bothered by what he sees as the injustice of punishing Russian athletes who have not failed doping tests.

"If this guy and this guy and this guy did something wrong, then all Russians should be punished?" he asked. "No.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Ban the guilty, but innocent Russian athletes deserve to compete at Rio Games]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-ban-the-guilty-but-innocent-russian-athletes-deserve-to-compete-at-rio-games/article/1580925?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-ban-the-guilty-but-innocent-russian-athletes-deserve-to-compete-at-rio-games/article/1580925?custom_click=rss

The struggle against doping always has been a noble struggle for justice.

And justice is at the heart of the dilemma presented by a blanket ban of Russian athletes from the Rio Olympics.

An athlete represents herself or himself more than a country. An Olympic competitor has traded a normal life for an obsessive, costly pursuit of a medal.

Innocent Russian athletes should not suffer for their homeland's cheating, no matter how great the scale. If the International Olympic Committee can't prove the guilt of a Russian athlete, that athlete should be allowed to compete in Rio. That's justice.

The IOC has stumbled into a state of crisis that can only end in slightly reduced state of crisis.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Carmelo, LeBron and others will risk their cash while they boldly attack social injustice]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-carmelo-lebron-and-others-will-risk-their-cash-while-they-boldly-attack-social-injustice/article/1580836?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-carmelo-lebron-and-others-will-risk-their-cash-while-they-boldly-attack-social-injustice/article/1580836?custom_click=rss

It's easy, really, to understand why high-profile professional athletes turned on the mute button when it came time to talk about injustice and violence and racism and a long list of other complex, controversial subjects.

High-profile athletes were pocketing too much money to talk boldly and freely. They didn't want to risk millions - and we're talking literally here - by making a stand that might inspire millions of fans/consumers to close their wallets.

The silent years are ending. Get ready for the era of the courageous, outspoken, socially aware athlete who is both wealthy and unafraid.

I know many of you will not welcome this change.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Broncos Von Miller will prove himself worthy of $70 million guaranteed]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-broncos-von-miller-will-prove-himself-worthy-of-70-million-guaranteed/article/1580474?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-broncos-von-miller-will-prove-himself-worthy-of-70-million-guaranteed/article/1580474?custom_click=rss

He's worth it.

Von Miller dominated the Super Bowl, leading the Broncos and their sputtering offense to NFL supremacy, but he's only offered hints of his staggering potential. He can grow into an even more dominating, intimidating defender.

John Elway was right to guarantee $70 million of Miller's six-year, $114.5 million contract. In the final hours of needlessly dramatic negotiations, Elway knew he had to take a risk on Miller's tomorrows.

The future of a franchise was shaking until Emperor Elway surrendered and handed over a mountain of cash to an astoundingly talented 27-year-old linebacker.

Miller must prove he was worth all the money, which places a severe squeeze on the Broncos salary cap. I'm betting,

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