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Survey says: Watch out for Sanders

By Paul Klee

Peyton Manning? Nah. Every Coloradan and their chocolate Lab talks about the quarterback: Too old/motivated by records/still Peyton, depending on whether your pint of 90 Shilling is half full or half empty.

Von Miller? The conversation should be about Vonnie Football. This is when the fifth-year star must become the face of the franchise, preparing for when Manning hangs up his cleats.

But it’s not Miller. C.J. Anderson? Enough folks talk about the running back as the ideal fit in Gary Kubiak’s offense that he’s disqualified from this discussion.

In the case of the forgotten Bronco, I hold the trump card: Rod Smith.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Three reasons to believe in Air Force's football team]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-three-reasons-to-believe-in-air-forces-football-team/article/1556553?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-three-reasons-to-believe-in-air-forces-football-team/article/1556553?custom_click=rss

Steve Russ runs the defense for Air Force football. He understands the required mindset for a successful academy team.

"They love being the underdog," he said near the end of the 2014 season. "They love being told that they're not very good. They love to hear that the time to win here is past. They love hearing they aren't good enough."

The 2014 Falcons walked into their season armed with an immense blessing:

They constantly heard the voice of doubters. Virtually everyone believed the Falcons would once again be lousy.

The luxury of being surrounded by doubters is gone as the Falcons begin preparation Friday for the 2015 season.

The Falcons should be good.

The Falcons could even become powerful.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Dimming stars would give Rapids light]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-dimming-stars-would-give-rapids-light/article/1556503?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-dimming-stars-would-give-rapids-light/article/1556503?custom_click=rss

COMMERCE CITY - The Kroenkes must open their family vault and pay an aging international soccer star a few million to spend cool summer nights in Colorado.

Enos Stanley Kroenke owns the Colorado Rapids and that fact means I don't even need to tell you how his team is playing. The Rapids are - surprise! - last in the MLS' Western Conference.

This completes a 2015 hat trick for the Kroenkes. The Nuggets, Avs and Rapids are all sorry.

The MLS is thriving.

This truth was evident Wednesday night when the MLS All-Stars defeated Tottenham, 2-1, in a physical, entertaining battle in front of a full house.

For the MLS, this was a show of celebrities. Kaka, once the best player in the world, scored a goal and

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Boston taxpayers revolt against Olympic tyranny]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-boston-taxpayers-revolt-against-olympic-tyranny/article/1556357?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-boston-taxpayers-revolt-against-olympic-tyranny/article/1556357?custom_click=rss

Blame Vladimir Putin.

The citizens of greater Boston revolted against the 2024 Olympic Summer Games. They revolted because of costly Olympic disasters of the 21st century.

The 2004 Athens Games helped launch Greece toward national insolvency. The 2008 Beijing Games cost $44 billion. Putin spent $51 billion - give or take a billion - on the 2014 Sochi Games.

But staging an Olympics doesn't have to be the equivalent of setting a mountain of cash on fire. Just look at the London Games. Following the 2012 Olympics, 74 percent of English residents said they wanted the Games to return.


Because London leaders did the Games right. They placed an emphasis on reviving a tattered section of the city, and the

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<![CDATA[Ramsey blog: Former Air Force star Antoine Hood chases highly unlikely NBA dream]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-former-air-force-star-antoine-hood-chases-highly-unlikely-nba-dream/article/1556361?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-former-air-force-star-antoine-hood-chases-highly-unlikely-nba-dream/article/1556361?custom_click=rss Former Air Force star Antoine Hood is clinging to his highly unlikely - highly, highly unlikely - quest to play in the NBA.

Here's the story from The New York Post:


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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Wes Welker should retire to protect his damaged brain]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-wes-welker-should-retire-to-protect-his-damaged-brain/article/1556310?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-wes-welker-should-retire-to-protect-his-damaged-brain/article/1556310?custom_click=rss

In America, we're free to do what we want, as long as it's legal. Doesn't matter if we're foolish. Doesn't matter if we're self-destructive. › This freedom means the Kroenkes can pay Danilo Gallinari, aka Mr. Mediocre, $17 million a season to play for their Denver Nuggets. That's foolish. › And this freedom means Wes Welker can choose to take his damaged brain into the ultra-violent realm that is the National Football League. That's self-destructive. › It's time for Welker to retire. Time for him to look into the future and consider what will be ahead if he risks yet another concussion. It's his choice, but there's only one correct choice. › It's impossible not to root for Welker, one of the most inspiring overachievers in

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Air Force's Pilipovich must read teen minds, and that's not easy]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-air-forces-pilipovich-must-read-teen-minds-and-thats-not-easy/article/1556180?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-air-forces-pilipovich-must-read-teen-minds-and-thats-not-easy/article/1556180?custom_click=rss

Kamryn Williams nearly abandoned the Air Force Academy. He's glad he remained.

He arrived at the academy in 2011 as a basketball-first teen. He helped lead Sierra to consecutive state 4A titles, largely because of his laser-like focus on the game.

He was forced to widen his view when he moved from family home to military academy. He had to march. He had to study diligently. He had to defer to upperclassmen.

After enduring the first brutal days of basic training, he wanted to depart. He explained his pain to his father, Sam. Kamryn was seeking permission to escape the relentless misery.

Look ahead, Sam said. Remember your commitment. Stick it out.

Williams obeyed his father.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Sky Sox liberated from Rockies, but not liberated from losing]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-sky-sox-liberated-from-rockies-but-not-liberated-from-losing/article/1556108?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-sky-sox-liberated-from-rockies-but-not-liberated-from-losing/article/1556108?custom_click=rss

Manager Rick Sweet arrived at Security Service Field at 7:30 Wednesday morning. He had endured a tough loss to the Nashville Sounds on Tuesday night. He didn't want to endure another defeat.

He worked on a video of Tuesday's mistakes to show his players. Sweet is a baseball lifer, a survivor of thousands and thousands of games, but he's not lost in yesterday. He badly wanted a victory on this day.

He delivered a brief, intense speech and presentation to his Sky Sox.

They responded on a sunny - well, mostly - afternoon at the ballpark. The Sky Sox scored in the bottom of the ninth inning for a 4-3 win over Sounds.

I wish this victory was the story of the summer of 2015.

It's not.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey blog: Nuggets overpaying Gallinari, big time]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-nuggets-overpaying-gallinari-big-time/article/1556017?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-nuggets-overpaying-gallinari-big-time/article/1556017?custom_click=rss

What happens to an NBA forward who struggles to rebound, partially because of effort, and shoots below 42 percent and plays for a losing team?


He gets a $34 million, two-season contract extension.

The Nuggets believe Danilo Gallinari can be key piece of the franchise's future revival.

I see him as a key piece of the team's recent collapse.

He's a mediocre player on a less-than-mediocre team. He's known for his shooting, but he's never shot over 41.8 percent in Colorado. He can't grab that big rebound. He's not very tough. He's struggles on defense. He's not an especially imaginative passer. Other than those weakness, he's absolutely wonderful.

The Nuggets are trying to return to the NBA

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Mike Gould welcomes renewal of Air Force-CU football series]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-mike-gould-welcomes-renewal-of-air-force-cu-football-series/article/1555970?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-mike-gould-welcomes-renewal-of-air-force-cu-football-series/article/1555970?custom_click=rss

For those who believe time has somehow stood still, Air Force's football trip to Boulder in 2020 will deliver disappointment.

The Falcons will play the Buffs, and the game will be...like other games. CU students will conduct themselves...like students at Michigan, Oklahoma and Colorado State.

In the lively imaginations of some Air Force fans, Boulder is a hostile destination inhabited by young women and men who want to ruin America. This view is hugely inaccurate. Doubt me? The 2020 game will prove I'm correct.

Yes, the Falcons' last football trip to Boulder resulted in an ugly scar in our state's history, and I'm not just talking sports history. In 1973, there were frozen beer cans tossed, uniforms ripped and hats

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]]> Tue, 21 Jul 2015 04:05:20 -0600 <![CDATA[Ramsey: Clutch defense allows Switchbacks to salvage tie with Seattle Sounders 2]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-clutch-defense-allows-switchbacks-to-salvage-tie-with-seattle-sounders-2/article/1555884?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-clutch-defense-allows-switchbacks-to-salvage-tie-with-seattle-sounders-2/article/1555884?custom_click=rss

A disappointing second half was about to become even more disappointing for the Colorado Springs Switchbacks.

Oalex Anderson, a forward for Seattle Sounders 2, had burst into the open. He had an open path to the goal. The Switchbacks were in serious trouble.

Rony Argueta rescued the Switchbacks, allowing the team to salvage a 1-1 tie.

The Switchbacks (10-6-2) came tantalizingly close to seizing first place in the USL's Western Conference from Sounders 2 (10-6-3). They came just as close to falling back in the standings. The tie leaves the Switchbacks one point behind Sounders 2.

In the 87th minute, Anderson looked as if he had clear path to the goal, but Argueta came swooping into the play, making a daring

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<![CDATA[Ramsey blog: Caitlyn Jenner speaks truth and this truth bothers some Americans]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-caitlyn-jenner-speaks-truth-and-this-truth-bothers-some-americans/article/1555709?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-caitlyn-jenner-speaks-truth-and-this-truth-bothers-some-americans/article/1555709?custom_click=rss

Caitlyn Jenner will spend the rest of her life dividing Americans.

Many will applaud her. Many will see her as a courageous symbol, a trailblazer.

Others will see her as a symbol of our nation's continuing collapse. Trust me on this one: I've heard from several of Jenner's critics.

But there is value in the words of The Person Once Known As Bruce Jenner.

"If you want to call me names, make jokes and doubt my intentions, go ahead because the reality is I can take it," Jenner said Wednesday night as she accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS. "But for thousands of kids out there coming to terms with the reality of who they are they shouldn't have to take it."

Cruelty is unacceptable and

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Yes! Air Force and CU finally renew football rivalry]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-yes-air-force-and-cu-finally-renew-football-rivalry/article/1555687?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-yes-air-force-and-cu-finally-renew-football-rivalry/article/1555687?custom_click=rss


A far-too-lengthy football Cold War ended Wednesday when Air Force Academy and Colorado agreed to renew their series.

Rank stupidity by Boulder spectators ended a promising rivalry in 1974. Forgiveness and wisdom restored the series. The Falcons and Buffs will tangle at CU in 2020 and Air Force in 2022.

The reason the series crashed is clear: Crowds in Boulder were vicious to visiting Air Force cadets, players, coaches, spectators and even an American hero named Gen. Albert Clark.

On Oct. 13, 1973, someone in Boulder with a dim light in his (or her) head threw a frozen can of beer at Clark, a World War II fighter pilot who survived nearly three years in Nazi custody as a prisoner of war.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey blog: Will Lawson's recklessness end his days with Denver Nuggets?]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-will-lawsons-recklessness-end-his-days-with-denver-nuggets/article/1555573?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-will-lawsons-recklessness-end-his-days-with-denver-nuggets/article/1555573?custom_click=rss

How does Ty Lawson respond to the considerable challenge of Emmanuel Mudiay?

According to TMZ, Lawson gets himself arrested in Los Angeles for suspicion of drunk driving. This was early Tuesday morning. You might remember Lawson was arrested in January on suspicion of drunk driving in Denver. He also was clocked at 61 in a 35 mph zone.

Mudiay was the Nuggets first-round pick in the recent NBA draft. He's ultra-talented, ultra-promising, and he boasts a more powerful and taller frame than Lawson, who was, is and always will be a defensive liability.

But ...

The two point guards might still thrive side by side. They might, that is, if Lawson can get a grip. Lawson is one of the fastest players in basketball.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Widefield's Paul Browning believes he's destined for NFL]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-widefields-paul-browning-believes-hes-destined-for-nfl/article/1555624?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-widefields-paul-browning-believes-hes-destined-for-nfl/article/1555624?custom_click=rss

Paul Browning believes. He knows the odds. He believes anyway.

He was not selected in the 2015 draft, but he's convinced he will play in the NFL.

"I can play in the NFL," said the former CSU-Pueblo and Widefield High School star. "I really can. Nobody can tell me that I can't do it."

He's taking what he calls "the alternate route" as he seeks a roster spot with the Cleveland Browns. He wishes he had been drafted, but he's studied NFL history. He knows the stories of players who have already traveled the alternate route.

"Hmmm," he said as he scanned his mind for undrafted free agents from the past. "Kurt Warner. It took him a long time, a long time. He was working at a super market in Iowa before he had his

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