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Air Force's defense changed its fortunes last season by turning loose its aggression.

Now, after waiting through 15 spring practices and six weeks of fall camp, the Falcons' defenders can't wait to unleash that fury on someone else.

Problem is, they're facing a team that specializes in turning opponents' aggression against it.

"They slip screen, tunnel screen, bubble screen, cross country screen," said Air Force coach Troy Calhoun, sounding a bit like a yo-yo performer naming his tricks as he ran through Morgan State's long list of screen passes. "They're great at it, I mean absolutely tremendous at it."

Defenders will generally list the screen pass among the most frustrating plays to face.

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<![CDATA[Air Force football coach Troy Calhoun allows Gazette's Paul Klee exclusive access for one day]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-football-coach-troy-calhoun-allows-gazettes-paul-klee-exclusive-access-for-one-day/article/1558533?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-football-coach-troy-calhoun-allows-gazettes-paul-klee-exclusive-access-for-one-day/article/1558533?custom_click=rss

If Troy Calhoun had his way, the NCAA would implement a salary cap for coaches, the Air Force football schedule would never include a bye week, Peyton Manning would be declared the greatest to ever play and ESPN would broadcast '80s college basketball games on a never-ending loop.

Oh, one more thing: These steaks would cook faster. It's 8:12 p.m. on a Thursday, and Calhoun last ate when he spoke at a booster club gathering in Denver around noon. Now he's here, in khaki pants and a blue-striped golf shirt with the Air Force emblem, sizzling seven slabs of beef over the barbecue grill on the back patio of his family's home in northeast Colorado Springs. It's 66 degrees and smells like tailgating.

"Check this out," he says.

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<![CDATA[Air Force fullback Shayne Davern returns to practice for Air Force after shoulder surgery]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-fullback-shayne-davern-returns-to-practice-for-air-force-after-shoulder-surgery/article/1558457?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-fullback-shayne-davern-returns-to-practice-for-air-force-after-shoulder-surgery/article/1558457?custom_click=rss

Shayne Davern took a gamble, but it was one he felt he had to take.

By opting for shoulder surgery one week before the start of fall camp, Air Force's standout junior fullback knew he would be giving up his preparation time for the season and risked cutting into the season if everything didn't go as planned.

Well, based on the fact that Davern finally shed his red jersey - reserved for injured players - for a blue one Monday it seems everything went smoothly.

"It was my choice, either I could play with it or not play with it," Davern said. "For me, personally, I felt like I couldn't contribute all that I can with it, so I had to have the surgery. Now I feel great."

Davern believes it was the San Diego State game

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<![CDATA[Life is good for Air Force QB Nate Romine, and he knows it]]> http://gazette.com/life-is-good-for-air-force-qb-nate-romine-and-he-knows-it/article/1558393?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/life-is-good-for-air-force-qb-nate-romine-and-he-knows-it/article/1558393?custom_click=rss

Nate Romine has always been comfortable being Nate Romine.

The Air Force quarterback's confidence was clear to see from the day he took over the starting job as a freshman, less than three months removed from the beginning of basic training. If he was nervous, he hid it with a cocksure, California grin that never left his face.

That grin didn't go away through a sophomore campaign that saw him return to an understudy role. And now, as he is completing a fall camp that saw him run essentially unopposed back into the leading spot, the junior's comfort in his own skin has morphed into something closer to unabashed joy.

"Life is good for Nate Romine right now," Romine said.

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<![CDATA[Air Force receiver Garrett Brown flying high under the radar]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-receiver-garrett-brown-flying-high-under-the-radar/article/1558348?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-receiver-garrett-brown-flying-high-under-the-radar/article/1558348?custom_click=rss

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<![CDATA[Hurricane Katrina robbed Air Force football assistant Derek Lewis of childhood mementos but spared his family]]> http://gazette.com/hurricane-katrina-robbed-air-force-football-assistant-derek-lewis-of-childhood-mementos-but-spared-his-family/article/1558306?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/hurricane-katrina-robbed-air-force-football-assistant-derek-lewis-of-childhood-mementos-but-spared-his-family/article/1558306?custom_click=rss

Derek Lewis is often told by relatives that his 4-year-old son, Myles, looks exactly like he did at the same age.

Lewis can only take their word for it.

All of Lewis' old pictures and childhood keepsakes were washed away 10 years ago in the floods that were unleashed on New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.

"I have no baby pictures of me," said Lewis, a New Orleans native who is the wide receivers coach at Air Force. "They're all gone. First communion, sixth-grade graduation. They're all gone. It's just those little mementos that you take for granted, but now you can't get back. You just have to keep them in your head and keep pressing forward.

"My mom always says my son looks just like me when I was small. I have no

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<![CDATA[Kicker ready to fill big shoes for Air Force]]> http://gazette.com/kicker-ready-to-fill-big-shoes-for-air-force/article/1558281?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/kicker-ready-to-fill-big-shoes-for-air-force/article/1558281?custom_click=rss

The player likely to have the most influence whether Air Force wins or loses some games this year was once dragged into the sport of football kicking and screaming.

Drew Oehrle has since dropped the screaming and is quite comfortable with the kicking.

"My dad kind of forced me out my eighth grade year," Oehrle said. "I didn't want to do it. I was scared to death."

The nerves have since quelled for the kicker who went on to set the Indiana high school record for field goals in a season (18), field goals in a game (five) and once booted 52- and 51-yard field goals in the same game, one going each direction.

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<![CDATA[Air Force still unsettled on a few defensive positions with opener approaching]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-still-unsettled-on-a-few-defensive-positions-with-opener-approaching/article/1558235?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-still-unsettled-on-a-few-defensive-positions-with-opener-approaching/article/1558235?custom_click=rss

Air Force's season opener is slightly more than a week away, and some starters at certain positions seem no closer to a resolution than they did when camp opened in July.

Two linebacker spots in particular - one of the inside spots and the "spur" position that is a hybrid linebacker/defensive back spot - are seeing multiple players rotate in during practice even as the preparation turns to the Sept. 5 game against Morgan State.

Defensive coordinator Steve Russ said it would be ideal to have an obvious starting unit by this point in camp, but not enough difference has been seen by the contenders at those positions to give up the benefits of the competition in favor of continuity.

"It will resolve itself after this

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<![CDATA[Air Force coach Troy Calhoun gives updates on tailback, linebacker after reviewing scrimmage]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-coach-troy-calhoun-gives-updates-on-tailback-linebacker-after-reviewing-scrimmage/article/1558162?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-coach-troy-calhoun-gives-updates-on-tailback-linebacker-after-reviewing-scrimmage/article/1558162?custom_click=rss

Air Force coach Troy Calhoun gave an update Wednesday on two key positions - tailback and linebacker.

Obviously Jacobi Owens, coming off a 1,000-yard season as a sophomore, has to be considered the frontrunner to return as the starter at tailback despite a long recovery from a foot injury that kept him out of spring practice and limited his overall offseason preparation.

Calhoun, never one to proclaim someone a starter, said there were five players in the mix. He didn't specify who, but he's likely referring to Owens, Devin Rushing, Benton Washington, Bryan Driskell and Jacob LaCoste.

"I don't know if anyone yet has really emerged, just to play at a really high, high level," Calhoun said. "It's evident that we have some

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<![CDATA[Alex Hansen named to Lombardi list, giving Air Force three on major watch lists]]> http://gazette.com/alex-hansen-named-to-lombardi-list-giving-air-force-three-on-major-watch-lists/article/1558100?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/alex-hansen-named-to-lombardi-list-giving-air-force-three-on-major-watch-lists/article/1558100?custom_click=rss

Air Force has picked up a third spot on a major award watch list.

Senior Alex Hansen was added Tuesday to the Lombardi Watch List, as the award that honors the top down lineman or linebacker in college football amended its list to include an additional 34 players.

This is where Hansen's career was certainly headed after a freshman year that included nine tackles for loss and four sacks among his 36 total stops.

But then came a sophomore year in which he made just two stops for loss and didn't record a sack among his 36 tackles. The Falcons' defense as a whole gave up 40 points per game that year.

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<![CDATA[Air Academy's Katie Rainsberger wants to go out on top with her team]]> http://gazette.com/air-academys-katie-rainsberger-wants-to-go-out-on-top-with-her-team/article/1558014?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-academys-katie-rainsberger-wants-to-go-out-on-top-with-her-team/article/1558014?custom_click=rss

She has two runner-up finishes and a Class 4A state cross country title. All that's left for Air Academy senior Katie Rainsberger is to ride out on a wave of glory, perhaps with a few more individual accolades in tow.

That's not what she cares about, though. She wants help lifting one last trophy.

"This year our team has a really good shot at doing well," Rainsberger said. "It would be really cool if all seven of us came and did the best we could. That's even more exciting."

Rainsberger has had her moment - many of them, in fact. Last fall she won the state championship in 18 minutes, 50.3 seconds, the best time in the tournament by a girl in any class. Air Academy finished 13th.

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<![CDATA[Air Force football continues to avoid serious injuries in fall camp]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-football-continues-to-avoid-serious-injuries-in-fall-camp/article/1558013?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-football-continues-to-avoid-serious-injuries-in-fall-camp/article/1558013?custom_click=rss

Jalen Robinette didn't practice for Air Force on Monday, as the standout receiver watched from the sidelines in street clothes.

The injury is being called a sore foot and doesn't appear to be serious.

"Him being a competitor, he was like, coach, I'm not injured, I'm just hurt. He wanted to practice," receivers coach Derek Lewis. "I was like, 'Nope, it ain't happening.' We want to get all our horses to the gate fresh."

Robinson's minor setback continues a trend for the Falcons through a fall camp that has been notable for its lack of major injuries. Key players who have missed time have done so for minor ailments or as they continue to recover from previous injuries.

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<![CDATA[Air Force's offense still not running at full strength with missing parts]]> http://gazette.com/air-forces-offense-still-not-running-at-full-strength-with-missing-parts/article/1557890?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-forces-offense-still-not-running-at-full-strength-with-missing-parts/article/1557890?custom_click=rss

Air Force's defense seemed to have the upper hand as the team scrimmaged on Fan Day at Falcon Stadium on Saturday.

You probably shouldn't bother getting too excited or concerned over that, as the offensive personnel used by the Falcons wasn't from the top shelf.

Tailback Jacobi Owens didn't play at all against the upper defensive units. Fullback D.J. Johnson and receiver Jalen Robinette played sparingly and didn't touch the ball.

Those three each saw live action against the scout team in an extended practice period before the actual scrimmage, but were removed before the harder hitting began.

"That was nothing, it wasn't like it was Boise State or anything," Owens said.

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<![CDATA[Air Force football notes: Fan Day continues to grow]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-football-notes-fan-day-continues-to-grow/article/1557891?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-football-notes-fan-day-continues-to-grow/article/1557891?custom_click=rss

Fan Day continues to grow

Several hundred fans came out Saturday morning for Fan Day, which included an inflatable slide, human hamster balls, face painting, giveaways, a beer garden and, most of all, interaction.

Members of the cheerleading and dance teams as well as the mascot, The Bird, circulated throughout the stands at Falcon Stadium to sign autographs and talk with fans. After the scrimmage, supporters lined the field and the football team made the rounds, shaking hands and thanking everyone for the support.

"I love it when the fans come out," receiver Garrett Brown said. "I wish we did more, to be honest, just because it's exciting. Before the scrimmage you could tell everybody was excited to go. Everybody

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<![CDATA[Pierce's shadow lingers over potential replacements at linebacker]]> http://gazette.com/pierces-shadow-lingers-over-potential-replacements-at-linebacker/article/1557848?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/pierces-shadow-lingers-over-potential-replacements-at-linebacker/article/1557848?custom_click=rss

The linebackers vying for a spot on Air Force's defense know what others are saying about them.

Whoever wins the battle to start on the inside with Connor Healy will face comparisons to the player they will replace - Jordan Pierce.

"This group has heard all year how we won't be the same without Jordan Pierce," said Patrick Healy, who is trying to fend off Trey Alexander, Jack Flor and Grant Ross to play alongside his brother. "I think we're looking forward to showing that we can operate without him without skipping a beat. Jordan's obviously a big loss - he was a great player for us last year - but I feel like we have a lot of great talent at the linebacker position, so hopefully we can come out and prove that we won't be

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