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Air Force's coaches didn't want Tyler Rostenkowski anymore.

The junior forward appeared to be a recruiting misfire when his time to join the Atlantic Hockey Conference program neared. He wasn't strong enough and was too slow to make the lineup.

After a freshman season when he had no game appearances, he didn't even have a spot in the team locker room to start his sophomore season. It didn't stop him from becoming an integral part of the Falcons.

"We didn't give that kid anything," Air Force coach Frank Serratore said. "He has earned everything. In fact, we did our best to get rid of him. We made things as miserable for him as possible and he simply would not go away, no matter what we did.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey: Former Air Force football player Steve Kelly beats tough form of cancer]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-former-air-force-football-player-steve-kelly-beats-tough-form-of-cancer/article/1564306?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-former-air-force-football-player-steve-kelly-beats-tough-form-of-cancer/article/1564306?custom_click=rss

Steve Kelly stood in front of a mirror in 2008 a few days after surgeons spent 17 hours removing cancerous sarcoma cells from his left hip. He stood there a long time, balanced on crutches, gazing at a weary, gaunt man.

He looked at his leg and tried to lift it. The leg did not respond because it could not respond. Muscles and nerves had been removed along with the cancer.

Kelly, 52, excelled as an undersized nose guard from 1982-1984 for Air Force, skipping past 300-pound lineman on his way to the quarterback. After graduation, he become a devoted triathlete.

But that was yesterday.

On this day, as he stared in the mirror, he could not move his leg.

"I'm not the person that I was," he said quietly.

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<![CDATA[Air Force's offense has added dimension through quarterback's development]]> http://gazette.com/air-forces-offense-has-added-dimension-through-quarterbacks-development/article/1564301?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-forces-offense-has-added-dimension-through-quarterbacks-development/article/1564301?custom_click=rss

The Air Force quarterback who is breaking records completed just one first-half pass in his first start of the season. It went for minus yardage.

When Karson Roberts played at Navy the next week, he went into halftime with 5 passing yards.

Coaches expressed confidence in Roberts' ability to pass after he replaced the injured Nate Romine, but their actions were telling a different story as the Falcons let Michigan State roar ahead 35-7 and the Midshipmen 27-0 before showing any interest in looking downfield.

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<![CDATA[Competitive stakes outweigh financial gain in Air Force hosting Mountain West football title game]]> http://gazette.com/competitive-stakes-outweigh-financial-gain-in-air-force-hosting-mountain-west-football-title-game/article/1564268?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/competitive-stakes-outweigh-financial-gain-in-air-force-hosting-mountain-west-football-title-game/article/1564268?custom_click=rss

ESPN's decision to broadcast an Air Force football game this season could be worth five times as much money to the Falcons than earning the right to host the Mountain West championship game.

And maybe even more.

Factors other than money are on the line, of course, when it comes to earning another home game and include competitive advantage, exposure and potential bowl positioning.

"I think that would be huge," Falcons outside linebacker Jacob Onyechi said. "It would be huge for our fans and for the academy in general. That's something we're going to try to do this Saturday."

Computer rankings will decide if Air Force or San Diego State hosts the 5:30 p.m. game Dec.

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<![CDATA[Trip to Colorado will provide a gauge for Air Force basketball]]> http://gazette.com/trip-to-colorado-will-provide-a-gauge-for-air-force-basketball/article/1564253?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/trip-to-colorado-will-provide-a-gauge-for-air-force-basketball/article/1564253?custom_click=rss

It seems that every year, a game against Colorado during the week of Thanksgiving provides the Air Force basketball team with a sort of crystal ball into the rest of the season.

At least that's how it's been in four years under coach Dave Pilipovich.

Three years ago, Air Force hung tight on the road until the final minutes in what turned into a 15-point loss against a Buffaloes team that was ranked No. 23. The Falcons then turned in their best season over the past eight years, though it turned sour at the very end with seven losses in the last 10 games.

The next year, Air Force got blown out 81-47 in Clune Arena. The season, for the most part, followed that script and the Falcons went 12-18.

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<![CDATA[Rankings put Air Force football in position to host Mountain West title game]]> http://gazette.com/rankings-put-air-force-football-in-position-to-host-mountain-west-title-game/article/1564080?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/rankings-put-air-force-football-in-position-to-host-mountain-west-title-game/article/1564080?custom_click=rss

Air Force's chances of hosting the Mountain West football championship game received a huge boost when computer rankings were released Sunday.

With three of the four numbers used by the conference to determine the game's host available, the Falcons' average ranking was 43. San Diego State's was 52.7.

Air Force had trailed in the computer rankings entering the weekend, but moved ahead on the strength of a road victory at Boise State.

Assuming the numbers from the missing ranking, which will be available Monday, don't stray too far from the other three, this leaves a pretty clear picture entering the final week of the season for teams that have clinched the conference's Mountain and West divisions. With Air Force

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<![CDATA[Graham's near triple-double leads Air Force past Robert Morris]]> http://gazette.com/grahams-near-triple-double-leads-air-force-past-robert-morris/article/1564079?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/grahams-near-triple-double-leads-air-force-past-robert-morris/article/1564079?custom_click=rss

Hayden Graham didn't know the stats until the game was over, so he had no idea how close he had come to setting a first for Air Force basketball.

Graham finished with 16 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists, leading Air Force to a 64-52 victory over Robert Morris on Sunday afternoon.

With two more assists, he would have recorded the first triple-double in program history.

"I didn't realize I was anywhere near that, assist-wise," said Graham, whose 12 first-half points kept the Falcons afloat offensively as his teammates shot a combined 4 of 26 in the first 20 minutes. "I was just trying to make the open pass."

Missed shots cost Graham several would-be assists in that first half.

"He'll get one," coach Dave

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<![CDATA[Air Force clinches spot in Mountain West football championship game]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-clinches-spot-in-mountain-west-football-championship-game/article/1564022?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-clinches-spot-in-mountain-west-football-championship-game/article/1564022?custom_click=rss

Air Force claimed a spot in the Mountain West championship game Dec. 5, clinching a berth when Colorado State knocked off New Mexico 28-21 on Saturday evening.

The Falcons (8-3, 6-1 Mountain West) will play San Diego State (7-3, 6-0) in the title game, but the location of that game will not be determined until the completion of next week's games.

The host site goes to the team ranked highest by the College Football Playoff committee. If neither team is ranked, which is a strong possibility, the host is determined by a composite of computer rankings.

A number of tiebreaker scenarios existed entering this week, but by beating Boise State 37-30 the Falcons made things far less complicated.

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<![CDATA[Air Force rallies to hockey victory at Sacred Heart]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-rallies-to-hockey-victory-at-sacred-heart/article/1564028?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-rallies-to-hockey-victory-at-sacred-heart/article/1564028?custom_click=rss MILFORD, Conn. - Junior Tyler Rostenkowski scored the game-winning goal in the third period and Shane Starrett made 23 saves to lead Air Force to a 3-2 win over Sacred Heart in an Atlantic Hockey Conference game Saturday. Air Force moved to 4-6-2, 3-3-2 in the league. Sacred Heart, tied for second in league, fell to 5-6-2 , 4-3-1.

Air Force opened the scoring 22 seconds into the first period. Ben Carey's shot was saved, but A.J. Reid put back the rebound. Freshman defenseman Zach Yoder also had an assist. Sacred Heart led 2-1 until the Falcons scored two goals in 15 seconds in the third period.

Falcon sophomore Jordan Himley tied the game at 7:01. On the next shift, Erik Baskin's shot was saved and Tyler Rostenkowski put

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]]> Sat, 21 Nov 2015 20:40:02 -0700 <![CDATA[Younger Lyons off to a roaring start for Air Force]]> http://gazette.com/younger-lyons-off-to-a-roaring-start-for-air-force/article/1564026?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/younger-lyons-off-to-a-roaring-start-for-air-force/article/1564026?custom_click=rss

The comparisons were inevitable, but who could have predicted they would already look so favorable for Trevor Lyons.

For those not familiar with Trevor's older brother, Michael, here's a brief refresher: He led the Mountain West in scoring average (18.3) as a senior in 2012-13, earning first-team conference honors. He's No. 4 all-time in scoring at Air Force and the 45 points he scored against Colorado State in 2013 remains a Clune Arena record.

The crazy thing is Trevor, a sophomore point guard, is already raising the bar. Michael averaged 6.9 points in 26.7 minutes as a freshman. Trevor averaged 7.9 points in 27.9 minutes.

Michael averaged 13.7 points as a sophomore. Trevor is at 18.

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<![CDATA[Air Force beats Boise State, aiming for Mountain West title game]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-beats-boise-state-aiming-for-mountain-west-title-game/article/1563957?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-beats-boise-state-aiming-for-mountain-west-title-game/article/1563957?custom_click=rss

BOISE, Idaho – Air Force climbed out of an early hole and now lead Boise State 17-13.

A horrendous opening minute that saw the Broncos take a 10-0 lead.

Broncos running back Jeremy McNichols ran 83 yards for a touchdown on the game’s first play, putting Boise State up by a touchdown just 15 seconds into the game.

Just 13 seconds later, on Air Force’s first play, quarterback Karson Roberts was hit by Tanner Vallejo and fumbled. The defense held, but the Broncos kicked a field goal to go up 10-0 with 13:40 left in the quarter.

After the teams have exchanged field goals following lengthy drives, the Falcons scored back-to-back TDs.

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<![CDATA[Bad habits haunt Falcons in draw]]> http://gazette.com/bad-habits-haunt-falcons-in-draw/article/1563989?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/bad-habits-haunt-falcons-in-draw/article/1563989?custom_click=rss

Air Force and Sacred Heart skated to a 1-1 overtime tie in an Atlantic Hockey Conference game on Friday at the Milford Ice Pavilion in Milford, Conn.

Air Force (3-6-2, 2-3-2 AHC) drew first blood as defenseman Johnny Hrabovsky scored his third of the season. Jordan Himley fed Kyle Mackey, who took a shot that was saved but Hrabovsky put back the rebound at 9:18 of the first period.

For the third time in the past three games, the Falcons allowed a goal in the final minute of a period. Sacred Heart's Kory Kennedy scored on the rush with 20 seconds left in the first period to tie the game at 1.

Neither team scored in the final two periods or in overtime.

"The way this game went, it was probably should have ended in

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]]> Fri, 20 Nov 2015 22:05:02 -0700 <![CDATA[Air Force playing for big stakes at Boise State on Friday]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-playing-for-big-stakes-at-boise-state-on-friday/article/1563844?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-playing-for-big-stakes-at-boise-state-on-friday/article/1563844?custom_click=rss

BOISE, Idaho - Air Force had tentative plans for Dec. 5. Plans it is more than happy to adjust.

That date was going to be spent rooting for Army against Navy. The Falcons can't win the Commander-in-Chief's trophy this season after splitting with their service academy rivals, but they'd retain it if Army wins.

Now, something else could be on tap that day - the Mountain West championship game.

If the Falcons can upset Boise State on Friday, a berth into that game becomes a possibility.

"That would ease the pain," receiver Jalen Robinette said. "It would still hurt.

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<![CDATA[Air Force freshman Kyle Haak's scoring knack an early boost for Falcons hockey]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-freshman-kyle-haaks-scoring-knack-an-early-boost-for-falcons-hockey/article/1563887?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-freshman-kyle-haaks-scoring-knack-an-early-boost-for-falcons-hockey/article/1563887?custom_click=rss

Some hockey players have an instinct for where the puck will end up. Fortunately for Air Force, freshman Kyle Haak has it.

The freshman center from Okemos, Mich., is the Atlantic Hockey Conference rookie of the week honoree after scoring two of his team-high four goals in last week's home league series split with Holy Cross.

"He has that sixth sense as a hockey player to be where the puck is," senior captain Max Hartner said. "You see a rebound in front and there is Haak uncovered in the crease waiting for it."

That hasn't led to many highlight-reel scores in Haak's hockey career. Some call those putbacks "garbage goals," but he is fine with that.

"I have never been one to get the pretty goal," he said.

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<![CDATA[Air Force spotlight player: Garrett Griffin, tight end]]> http://gazette.com/air-force-spotlight-player-garrett-griffin-tight-end/article/1563869?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/air-force-spotlight-player-garrett-griffin-tight-end/article/1563869?custom_click=rss

The clearly defined turning point in Air Force’s season came after a loss at Colorado State.

Before then, Air Force was 3-3. Since then, the Falcons are 4-0.

That point in the season also happened to be when senior tight end Garrett Griffin returned to full-time duty after a knee injury.

Griffin has just five catches for 66 yards and a pair of touchdowns, but his contributions have been felt everywhere on offense. In the passing game, he’s a large target in the middle that forces teams to adjust coverage. In the running game, he can seal off the end of the line.

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