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A policy shift will allow service academy athletes to pursue professional sports immediately after graduation instead of waiting for two years, a move that could have a seismic impact at Air Force.

"It's huge," two Falcons football assistants said Monday.

"It immediately levels the playing field," said another.

A September 2015 Department of Defense Pro Sports Policy acquired by The Gazette stated that a service academy graduate would not be eligible to be placed on reserve status for the purpose of pursing pro sports until serving 24 months on active duty.

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<![CDATA[QB Ryan Brand left Air Force Academy in mid-June; still listed on depth chart]]> http://gazette.com/qb-ryan-brand-left-air-force-academy-in-mid-june-still-listed-on-depth-chart/article/1579781?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/qb-ryan-brand-left-air-force-academy-in-mid-june-still-listed-on-depth-chart/article/1579781?custom_click=rss

The Air Force Academy confirmed to The Gazette that quarterback Ryan Brand has left the school.

"Ryan Brand voluntarily resigned from the Air Force Academy and departed June 17, 2016," read an email from the public affairs department sent Wednesday afternoon.

The response to an inquiry into Brand's status was delayed because of in-processing and the Fourth of July holiday.

The once- touted recruit leaves the Falcons without attempting a pass or registering a rushing attempt in a game. He is still, however, listed on the depth chart.

Air Force distributed informational notes on the team - updated in the past week - Wednesday that included a depth chart that lists Brand as one of two possible starters at quarterback

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