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To say Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop is a steak house is an understatement. It's steak city. There are other options like seafood and poultry, but beef rules. Big time.

According to the menu, the restaurant obtains its beef from no fewer than six "independent, family owned, humanely managed ranches" representing five states. Cuts range from filets to New York strip, to rib-eye and T-bone, in serving sizes running the gamut from petite to extra-large: 6 ounces to 18, not including the 40-ounce porterhouse for two ($90). All are dry-aged 21 days and hand-cut daily. This is no amateur steak venue, but even the pros apparently still have a few things to improve.

Timing for one.

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I've had a tune stuck in my head since eating at The Public House. Remember "Cheers," the '80s sitcom set in a Boston bar? That's the theme song my mind has had on replay because the local pub feels like the kind of place "where everybody knows your name."

Of course, no one there had any idea as to my identity, but the staff's welcoming greeting made me feel like a regular. I was also impressed with all the servers' ability to carve out a minute here and there to converse beyond taking a food and beverage order. This goes a long way to making everyone feel welcome - and appreciated.

The Public House was recently packed with end-of-the-week revelers, families, couples and groups of friends. We knew no one around us, yet the

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