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As I was plotting my move from New York to Colorado five years ago, I researched Colorado Springs restaurants known to be vegan-friendly. One of the first hits was TAPAteria, then one of the few eateries with the word "vegan" on the menu.

Today the laminated table cover listing small plates has been upgraded to a printed menu, and the "v" word is no longer there - but the vegan options are. The TAPA in TAPAteria is for tapas, Spanish for appetizers or snacks. Tapas restaurants and bars are great places to nosh on a variety of plates, ordering until full, and to mix and match glasses of wine to the food. Think of it as the theater of fare with several acts - and vegans will want to focus on the first and third acts.

First up:

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<![CDATA[Dining Review: Hatch Cover still draws a crowd in landlocked Colorado Springs]]> http://gazette.com/dining-review-hatch-cover-still-draws-a-crowd-in-landlocked-colorado-springs/article/1603262?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/dining-review-hatch-cover-still-draws-a-crowd-in-landlocked-colorado-springs/article/1603262?custom_click=rss

In restaurant years, the Hatch Cover's age is showing.

Nonetheless, who'd have thought an eatery with a marina motif established in 1974 would have such longevity in landlocked Colorado Springs? Although it's gone through a few face-lifts, and the waterfront d├ęcor is mostly a thing of the past, the two-story Hatch Cover still draws a crowd at both lunch and dinner. However, were it not for the occasional smile from employees it would be a cheerless place thanks to the dark, painted bulky wood trim and limited natural light.

The overall vibe is that of a sports bar with televisions in nearly every line of vision, pool tables, video games, electronic dart boards and alcoholic concoctions dispensed on each floor.

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<![CDATA[Dining Review: From molletes to mole, Provecho satisfies]]> http://gazette.com/dining-review-from-molletes-to-mole-provecho-satisfies/article/1602855?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/dining-review-from-molletes-to-mole-provecho-satisfies/article/1602855?custom_click=rss

Bon appetit means "good appetite"; its counterpart in Latin American countries is provecho, which doesn't have a literal translation related to food. Both are common ways of wishing one an enjoyable meal. This is practically foolproof at Provecho Fresh Mexican Cuisine in Colorado Springs.

Upon arriving, chips and two types of salsa arrive at the table. Except these are no ordinary sauces: they're above average with one featuring spicy, roasted red peppers and the other mild tomatillos. Both are house made and disappear quickly.

I was pleasantly surprised to see molletes (pronounced mo-yet ays) ($5.99) on the menu. This is a typical Mexican snack known for its simplicity and basic flavors.

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