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Prosecutors have said the students were killed and incinerated at a garbage dump, and their charred bone fragments dumped in a river.

But a group of experts assembled by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights concluded a pyre of that magnitude couldn't have occurred there.

One of the experts on that panel was Jose Luis Torero of the University of Queensland, Australia.

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:49:18 -0600 <![CDATA[US airman who thwarted French train attack stabbed]]> http://gazette.com/us-airman-who-thwarted-french-train-attack-stabbed/article/feed/279359?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/us-airman-who-thwarted-french-train-attack-stabbed/article/feed/279359?custom_click=rss

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, celebrated as a hero for helping to stop a terror attack on a French train over the summer, was stabbed and seriously wounded outside a bar in his hometown early Thursday in what police said was an alcohol-related brawl.

Stone, 23, was knifed repeatedly in the upper body but was expected to survive, authorities said. He was taken to UC Davis Medical Center.

"This incident is not related to terrorism in any way," Deputy Police Chief Ken Bernard said. "We know it's not related to what occurred in France months ago."

A grainy surveillance video from a camera outside a liquor store showed a man who appeared to be Stone fighting with several people at an intersectio

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:48:09 -0600 <![CDATA[NATO leaves door open for troops to remain in Afghanistan]]> http://gazette.com/nato-leaves-door-open-for-troops-to-remain-in-afghanistan/article/feed/279329?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/nato-leaves-door-open-for-troops-to-remain-in-afghanistan/article/feed/279329?custom_click=rss BRUSSELS (AP) — Urged on by the United States, NATO is open to keeping more troops in Afghanistan than initially planned after 2016, but officials said Thursday the alliance is waiting for the Obama administration to announce its decision on a larger military presence there.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said he discussed the issue with a number of NATO allies Thursday and asked them to consider abandoning their earlier plans to cut troop levels in Afghanistan to just a small presence at the end of next year.

"I have asked all of the NATO partners to remain flexible and to consider the possibility of making adjustments to the plan, which is now 2 ½ years old, for the presence in Afghanistan," Carter told reporters during a

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:45:18 -0600 <![CDATA[California to phase out microbeads used in soaps, toothpaste]]> http://gazette.com/california-to-phase-out-microbeads-used-in-soaps-toothpaste/article/feed/279513?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/california-to-phase-out-microbeads-used-in-soaps-toothpaste/article/feed/279513?custom_click=rss SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation that requires California to phase out the use of microscopic beads in personal care products sold in the state starting in 2020 to protect fish and wildlife.

Previous versions of the ban passed the Assembly but failed in the Senate. Republicans say late amendments to the measure prompted many business critics to drop their opposition to California joining several other states in eliminating the so-called microbeads.

The exfoliating beads found in soap, toothpaste and body washes are so small that they are showing up in the bodies of fish and other wildlife after passing through water filtration systems without disintegrating.

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:39:41 -0600 <![CDATA[Donald Trump says Bowe Bergdahl should have been executed]]> http://gazette.com/donald-trump-says-bowe-bergdahl-should-have-been-executed/article/feed/279511?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/donald-trump-says-bowe-bergdahl-should-have-been-executed/article/feed/279511?custom_click=rss

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl should have been executed for leaving his post in Afghanistan.

Trump made the comments Thursday afternoon at a rowdy rally inside a packed Las Vegas theater at the casino-hotel Treasure Island.

Trump says Bergdahl is a "no-good traitor" and would have been shot 30 years ago.

Bergdahl was charged in March with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. The Army conducted a hearing on his case earlier this month.

Bergdahl is accused of leaving his post in southeastern Afghanistan in June 2009. He was held prisoner by the Taliban for five years, then exchanged for five Taliban commanders being held by the U.S.


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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:36:29 -0600 <![CDATA[Oklahoma halts executions after using wrong drug on inmate]]> http://gazette.com/oklahoma-halts-executions-after-using-wrong-drug-on-inmate/article/feed/279439?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/oklahoma-halts-executions-after-using-wrong-drug-on-inmate/article/feed/279439?custom_click=rss

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Gov. Mary Fallin agreed Thursday that all executions in Oklahoma should be delayed after an autopsy report revealed that the wrong drug was used to stop an inmate's heart in January — one that experts say doesn't work as quickly or effectively.

Fallin said "it became apparent" last week that prison officials used potassium acetate — not potassium chloride, as required under the state's protocol — to execute Charles Frederick Warner in January.

"Until we have complete confidence in the system, we will delay any further executions," Fallin said in a statement.

The autopsy report, prepared the day after Warner's Jan. 15 execution and revealed by The Oklahoman newspaper on Thursday, describes th

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:33:58 -0600 <![CDATA[The Latest: National Guard asks residents to heed warnings]]> http://gazette.com/the-latest-national-guard-asks-residents-to-heed-warnings/article/feed/279251?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/the-latest-national-guard-asks-residents-to-heed-warnings/article/feed/279251?custom_click=rss

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The latest on the rainstorm that pounded parts of the East Coast (all times local):

4:45 p.m.

South Carolina National Guard commander Maj. Gen. Robert Livingston urged residents in low-lying areas on the coast to heed authorities if they tell them to evacuate.

Any mandatory evacuations would be ordered by local officials, and Livingston says people should listen to them.

"We want people to be hyper-vigilant," he said. "People have been very complacent."

The general said the Georgetown area includes some trouble spots, but not the entire city. In Georgetown County, Guardsmen used large military trucks Thursday to pick up people whose houses had been cut off by submerged roads.

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:23:20 -0600 <![CDATA[Political clashes in Guinea's capital kill 1, injure 12]]> http://gazette.com/political-clashes-in-guineas-capital-kill-1-injure-12/article/feed/279509?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/political-clashes-in-guineas-capital-kill-1-injure-12/article/feed/279509?custom_click=rss CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) — Clashes in Guinea's capital between opposition supporters and those of the ruling party have left at least a dozen people injured. A hospital worker says one person has been killed.

Demonstrators from Cellou Dalein Diallo's Union for the Democratic Forces of Guinea party took to the streets of Conakry on Thursday, burning vehicles and shops. They clashed with President Alpha Conde's Rainbow Party supporters days before presidential elections. The two leaders are candidates, along with six others, in Oct. 11 elections.

A hospital worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to speak to the media, said a person died in the violence.

Conde became Guinea's first freely el

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:21:14 -0600 <![CDATA[Declassified US docs reveal Pinochet ordered killing in US]]> http://gazette.com/declassified-us-docs-reveal-pinochet-ordered-killing-in-us/article/feed/279451?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/declassified-us-docs-reveal-pinochet-ordered-killing-in-us/article/feed/279451?custom_click=rss SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Newly declassified U.S. intelligence documents that came to light Thursday reveal that Gen. Augusto Pinochet directly ordered the 1976 assassination of a Chilean diplomat in Washington.

Orlando Letelier, a former defense and foreign minister, was killed by a car bomb along with American Ronni Moffitt.

Letelier had been a top official under Marxist President Salvador Allende, who was ousted by the Pinochet-led coup in 1973. Letelier was tortured and jailed, then later fled to the United States.

"We hope that studying these documents will shine a light" on both Pinochet's role in the killing and a judicial system that never tried the dictator for the crime, Letelier's son, Sen. Juan Pablo Letelier

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:19:44 -0600 <![CDATA[Serbia snatches 2-0 win in Albania in tense Euro qualifier]]> http://gazette.com/serbia-snatches-2-0-win-in-albania-in-tense-euro-qualifier/article/feed/279289?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/serbia-snatches-2-0-win-in-albania-in-tense-euro-qualifier/article/feed/279289?custom_click=rss

ELBASAN, Albania (AP) — Serbia snatched a late 2-0 over Albania with injury-time goals from Aleksandar Kolarov and Adem Ljajic, stunning the hosts in a tense European qualifier.

The match took place a year after the two sides met in a violent confrontation in Belgrade involving a drone flown onto the pitch.

The Albanians fought tirelessly for possession, but 12,000 fans at Elbasan Arena were silenced when Kolarov fired in at an angle and Ljajic added the second following a solo run moments later.

Police imposed heavy security but Serbian fans stayed away, and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic also turned down an invitation to attend.

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:19:37 -0600 <![CDATA[Latin America rolls out red carpet for once-scorned IMF]]> http://gazette.com/latin-america-rolls-out-red-carpet-for-once-scorned-imf/article/feed/279442?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/latin-america-rolls-out-red-carpet-for-once-scorned-imf/article/feed/279442?custom_click=rss

LIMA, Peru (AP) — The last time the IMF held its annual meetings in Latin America, Ernesto "Che" Guevara was trying to spread Cuba's revolution throughout the hemisphere and much of the region was under the thumb of repressive dictatorships.

But as policy makers from around the world began arriving in Peru's capital Thursday, the ideological battles of the past appear to be fading.

In the five decades since their last annual meeting in the region, in Rio de Janeiro in 1967, the IMF and World Bank have loosened up on policy prescriptions that forced austerity on much of the hemisphere.

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:17:57 -0600 <![CDATA[US actor Randy Quaid ordered released; facing deportation]]> http://gazette.com/us-actor-randy-quaid-ordered-released-facing-deportation/article/feed/279469?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/us-actor-randy-quaid-ordered-released-facing-deportation/article/feed/279469?custom_click=rss

MONTREAL (AP) — American actor Randy Quaid was ordered released Thursday by Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board but still faces being sent back to the United States next week.

Quaid appeared before the board for a detention review. A Canada Border Services Agency official told the board member hearing the case that Quaid was arrested because it was felt he wouldn't comply with an order to leave the country next Wednesday. But that fear was rejected by the board member and Quaid was ordered released.

Quaid, 65, was informed this week he would be sent back to the United States, where he faces an outstanding warrant and pending criminal charges.

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:17:28 -0600 <![CDATA[Court: Hot yoga's sequence of poses can't be copyrighted]]> http://gazette.com/court-hot-yogas-sequence-of-poses-cant-be-copyrighted/article/feed/279459?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/court-hot-yogas-sequence-of-poses-cant-be-copyrighted/article/feed/279459?custom_click=rss SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The founder of a popular form of yoga that is performed in a room heated to more than 100 degrees lost a court appeal Thursday to copyright a sequence of 26 poses and two breathing exercises.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the sequence used in hot yoga classes is a process intended to improve people's health, so copyright law does not cover it. A copyright on the yoga sequence would be akin to giving a surgeon the exclusive right to perform a complicated surgery, the court said.

The ruling came in a lawsuit filed by Bikram Choudhury, considered the founder of Bikram yoga. The classes take place in a room that is more than 100 degrees and are supposed to provide health and fitness benef

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:08:16 -0600 <![CDATA[Analysts: Court ruling fuels bid to impeach Brazil president]]> http://gazette.com/analysts-court-ruling-fuels-bid-to-impeach-brazil-president/article/feed/279502?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/analysts-court-ruling-fuels-bid-to-impeach-brazil-president/article/feed/279502?custom_click=rss

SAO PAULO (AP) — President Dilma Rousseff's ability to govern Brazil has been dealt a serious blow by a federal audit court ruling that her government violated accounting practices and financial laws last year, a decision that could fuel efforts to impeach her, analysts said Thursday.

The court on Wednesday approved a report that said Rousseff's government illegally used money from state banks to fill budget holes. It sent its recommendation to Congress, which is to vote on whether to reject or accept the government accounts.

"It was a historical decision," said Carlos Pereira, a professor at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas, a top Brazilian university. He said the ruling set the stage for a "perfect storm for impeachment.

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 16:00:08 -0600 <![CDATA[Jury deliberating in trial of Atlanta Hawks' Thabo Sefolosha]]> http://gazette.com/jury-deliberating-in-trial-of-atlanta-hawks-thabo-sefolosha/article/feed/279426?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/jury-deliberating-in-trial-of-atlanta-hawks-thabo-sefolosha/article/feed/279426?custom_click=rss

NEW YORK (AP) — A jury is deliberating in the New York City trial of a professional basketball player charged with resisting arrest and other crimes.

The six-person panel on Thursday asked to see video of the April 8 confrontation between the Atlanta Hawks' Thabo Sefolosha (tah-BOH' sehf-ah-LOH'-shuh) and police officers.

The guard-forward has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor obstructing government administration, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges.

Prosecutors say he disobeyed their orders to clear the street after another NBA player was stabbed outside a trendy Manhattan nightclub.

But the Swiss national testified he was moving up the block and attempting to give a beggar money when he was grabbe

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]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 15:58:05 -0600 <![CDATA[10 things to know for Monday]]> http://gazette.com/10-things-to-know-for-monday/article/1560134?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/10-things-to-know-for-monday/article/1560134?custom_click=rss

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Monday:


The open-air service — the last major public event on Francis' itinerary — attracts hundreds of thousands of the faithful.


The president commits the U.S. to a new blueprint to eliminate poverty and hunger around the globe.


Iraq says it will begin sharing "security and intelligence" information with Syria, as well as with Russia and Iran, to help combat the Islamic State group.


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