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Starting in late July, state health officials had identified four zones in the Miami area where the virus was spreading through local mosquitoes — the first such transmissions in the continental U.S. — and launched aggressive efforts to control the insects. One by one, the zones were deemed clear of continuing infections, and Gov. Rick Scott announced Friday that the last one — a 1.5-square-mile area in touristy South Beach — also was cleared.

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]]> Fri, 09 Dec 2016 15:36:18 -0700 <![CDATA[US life expectancy falls for the first time in 20 years]]> http://gazette.com/us-life-expectancy-falls-for-the-first-time-in-20-years/article/1591897?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/us-life-expectancy-falls-for-the-first-time-in-20-years/article/1591897?custom_click=rss

NEW YORK — A decades-long trend of rising life expectancy in the U.S. could be ending: It declined last year and it is no better than it was four years ago.

In most of the years since World War II, life expectancy in the U.S. has inched up, thanks to medical advances, public health campaigns and better nutrition and education.

But last year it slipped, an exceedingly rare event in a year that did not include a major disease outbreak. Other one-year declines occurred in 1993, when the nation was in the throes of the AIDS epidemic, and 1980, the result of an especially nasty flu season.

In 2015, rates for 8 of the 10 leading causes of death rose. Even more troubling to health experts: the U.S.

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<![CDATA[Parisians grapple with worst winter pollution in a decade]]> http://gazette.com/parisians-grapple-with-worst-winter-pollution-in-a-decade/article/feed/429896?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/parisians-grapple-with-worst-winter-pollution-in-a-decade/article/feed/429896?custom_click=rss

PARIS (AP) — Under deceptively blue skies, the marvels of Paris beckoned. But art dealer Sophie Vigourous wore a face mask to appreciate them because of the pollution.

The 38-year-old has lung cancer, putting her in the groups most at risk from the toxic, throat-tickling broth of tiny particles — far smaller than the width of a human hair — blanketing France's capital and other cities. It has prompted vehicle bans and other extraordinary but only moderately effective anti-pollution measures.

When viewed from the 210-meter (690-feet) tall Montparnasse Tower, Paris' tallest skyscraper, the city's worst episode of winter pollution in a decade was clearly visible, a brown haze punctured by the Eiffel Tower.

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]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 10:37:02 -0700 <![CDATA[In Greece's tobacco culture, passive smoke a serious problem]]> http://gazette.com/in-greeces-tobacco-culture-passive-smoke-a-serious-problem/article/feed/429468?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/in-greeces-tobacco-culture-passive-smoke-a-serious-problem/article/feed/429468?custom_click=rss

BRUSSELS (AP) — Nearly two-thirds of Greeks are inhaling someone else's tobacco smoke on a daily basis, making Greece the worst nation in the European Union in exposing people to the health risks of passive smoking.

The European Union's statistical office Eurostat said Wednesday that 64.2 percent of Greeks suffered daily exposure to tobacco smoke indoors. Second in the EU is Croatia with 44.7 percent, followed by Bulgaria with 40.5 percent. At the other end, Sweden best protects its people from secondhand smoke with only 5.9 percent exposed, even better than Finland with 6.3 percent.

In a tally of EU smokers aged 15 and over, Bulgaria tops the rankings with 34.7 percent, ahead of Greece with 32.6 percent. Sweden only has 16

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]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 08:56:39 -0700 <![CDATA[10 holiday gifts for yoga lovers in Colorado Springs and beyond]]> http://gazette.com/10-holiday-gifts-for-yoga-lovers-in-colorado-springs-and-beyond/article/1591691?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/10-holiday-gifts-for-yoga-lovers-in-colorado-springs-and-beyond/article/1591691?custom_click=rss

You probably can't purchase enlightenment on Amazon.com. Then again, depending on your definition of enlightenment perhaps you can. But for everybody else who has a yogi in Colorado Springs and beyond on their holiday gift list, here are a few ideas.

- A diffuser and essential oil - Many a savage beast has been soothed with aromatherapy. Lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, sweet orange essential oils - you really can't go wrong. Buy a diffuser, a bottle of oil and you'll have yourself a happy little yogi; natures trutharoma.com, auracacia.com

- Banyan Botanicals daily routine kit - Any regular yoga practitioner is probably familiar with ayurveda. The traditional system of medicine used in India is known as the sister science of yoga and seeks to balance the body

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<![CDATA[Gift ideas for your four-legged friends]]> http://gazette.com/gift-ideas-for-your-four-legged-friends/article/1591694?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/gift-ideas-for-your-four-legged-friends/article/1591694?custom_click=rss

Pet toys

Flatties, some that squeak, are always popular, said Mardi Larson, a spokeswoman for the retail chain PetSmart. And they can be cheap. For the holidays, PetSmart has some with Christmas motifs, like a bright green dinosaur in a Santa cap.

"Pets just love to destroy their toys. Flatties are safe because they have no stuffing," Larson said.

You can't go wrong with balls. Lots of balls. Or go for durable toys in sturdy nylon or rope. Consider safety in such things as sewn-on doodads or other swallowable bits.

Pet beds & bedding

Face it, a pet's bed is part of home decor. You might as well find one that looks reasonably good as a gift. Choose one with a holiday theme for an

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<![CDATA[Paris bans half of cars to tackle new peak of pollution]]> http://gazette.com/paris-bans-half-of-cars-to-tackle-new-peak-of-pollution/article/feed/429017?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/paris-bans-half-of-cars-to-tackle-new-peak-of-pollution/article/feed/429017?custom_click=rss

PARIS (AP) — Paris has temporarily barred half of all cars from traveling on city streets and made public transportation free for the day as it battles a peak in pollution.

Facing red-alert levels of pollution since Nov. 30, Paris City Hall said the situation poses a significant risk to residents' health. Authorities say pollution is due to weather conditions and a heavy dependence on diesel fuel.

To tackle what City Hall describes as an "exceptionally serious" crisis, Paris's Velib bike-share and Autolib electric cars were made free Tuesday, as well as the Paris metro and bus services. In addition, only cars with even-numbered plates were allowed to drive Tuesday in the French capital and its close suburbs.

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]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 05:25:57 -0700 <![CDATA[Having an off day at the gym? Listen to your body and lay off]]> http://gazette.com/having-an-off-day-at-the-gym-listen-to-your-body-and-lay-off/article/1591692?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/having-an-off-day-at-the-gym-listen-to-your-body-and-lay-off/article/1591692?custom_click=rss You're at the gym for a weightlifting session. But something feels off.

You're not a beginner and want to get your workout in for the day, but your body isn't responding positively to the movement.

Or you're an experienced runner, and your body can't keep up with the pace at which you started while on a training run. You want to achieve a high level of exertion and are unsure how fast or slow you should go.

How do you make sense of what your body is telling you?

Autoregulation can help.

Writer and coach Nia Shanks (niashanks.com) said by email that autoregulation "is listening to your body and adjusting accordingly on any given training day.

"Feel amazing? Take advantage.

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]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 04:15:07 -0700 <![CDATA[Colorado Springs area wellness events starting Dec. 4, 2016]]> http://gazette.com/colorado-springs-area-wellness-events-starting-dec.-4-2016/article/1591690?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/colorado-springs-area-wellness-events-starting-dec.-4-2016/article/1591690?custom_click=rss HEALTH NOTES

Health Notes appears on a space-available basis, free for nonprofits. Listings appear at the discretion of The Gazette. Send information at least two weeks in advance: Email carlotta.olson@gazette.com or fax 636-0202.

Bonfils community blood drive - Appointments required: 1-800-365-0006, ext. 2, bonfils.org. - 10-11:40 a.m. and 1-3:30 p.m. Thursday, Library 21c, 1175 Chapel Hills Drive. - 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, Sand Creek Library Branch, 1821 S. Academy Blvd. - 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Science, 3995 Regent Circle. - 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Dec. 17, Ruth Holley Library Branch, 685 N. Murray Blvd.

Colorado Springs Senior Center - 1514 N. Hancock Ave., $1. Registration:

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]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 04:15:02 -0700 <![CDATA[London mayor issues air pollution alert for 1st time]]> http://gazette.com/london-mayor-issues-air-pollution-alert-for-1st-time/article/feed/427389?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/london-mayor-issues-air-pollution-alert-for-1st-time/article/feed/427389?custom_click=rss LONDON (AP) — London's mayor has issued air quality alerts across the capital for the first time because of high pollution levels.

The alerts are being displayed Thursday at 2,500 bus stop and river pier information signs and at the entrances of all 270 subway stations. Dozens of signs next to the busiest main roads into London instruct drivers to switch engines off when stationary to reduce emissions.

The air quality forecast was provided by King's College London , which said an area of high pressure over Britain has led to poor pollutant dispersal. It said a "high" pollution level meant anyone experiencing sore eyes, cough or sore throat should reduce their outdoor activities.

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]]> Thu, 01 Dec 2016 12:06:44 -0700 <![CDATA[Q&A: A look at Texas' first homegrown case of Zika]]> http://gazette.com/qa-a-look-at-texas-first-homegrown-case-of-zika/article/feed/426548?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/qa-a-look-at-texas-first-homegrown-case-of-zika/article/feed/426548?custom_click=rss

DALLAS (AP) — Health officials are going door-to-door in the Texas neighborhood of a woman who is believed to be the first person to contract the Zika virus by getting bitten by a mosquito in that state.

Officials are offering to test the woman's neighbors in Brownsville, which is on the border with Mexico, and are educating them about how to fight the spread of the disease, including how to reduce the breeding habitats of the mosquito that transmits it. But experts don't expect big outbreaks in the U.S. like those that have happened in parts of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Thus far, Florida is the only other state with homegrown cases of the disease.

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]]> Tue, 29 Nov 2016 16:17:24 -0700 <![CDATA[New cat hotel in Colorado Springs offers different boarding option]]> http://gazette.com/new-cat-hotel-in-colorado-springs-offers-different-boarding-option/article/1591150?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/new-cat-hotel-in-colorado-springs-offers-different-boarding-option/article/1591150?custom_click=rss

If Facebook memes are to be believed, cats have only one agenda - to annoy humans.

Unsurprisingly, the owner of the new Catagonia Cat Hotel thinks cats get a bad rap. They're not all timid loners who like to swipe stuff off counters all day long.

"They're misunderstood," said ailurophile Shannan Longley. "They all have personalities and are so different. They're just as deserving as any other kind of animal we have in our homes to have quality accommodations."

Longley, who worked as an Air Force intelligence officer and is now in the reserves, recently opened the luxury boarding hotel in northwest Colorado Springs - the first of its kind in the city. A grand opening celebration will be held Saturday and Sunday.

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<![CDATA[Gazette readers offer alternatives to soft cooked egg breakfast]]> http://gazette.com/gazette-readers-offer-alternatives-to-soft-cooked-egg-breakfast/article/1591149?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/gazette-readers-offer-alternatives-to-soft-cooked-egg-breakfast/article/1591149?custom_click=rss

Readers were sympathetic about my breakup with soft cooked eggs: the topic of my Nov. 9 On Food column. I had a few Jazzercise gal pals express pity for the loss of my morning obsession. One suggested I might try liquid eggs from a carton, which do not contain egg yolks. That sounded like a reasonable solution to get a protein boost to kick-start the day.

Sally Metzger emailed a message about her similar experience with runny yolk eggs.

"I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago," she said. "Fixed myself my usual bi-weekly egg, took one bite, then couldn't get to the bathroom quickly enough to hurl the whole thing. Waited a couple of weeks then tried again, cooking it differently.

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<![CDATA[Ice bucket that sparked charity blitz comes to Smithsonian]]> http://gazette.com/ice-bucket-that-sparked-charity-blitz-comes-to-smithsonian/article/feed/426303?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ice-bucket-that-sparked-charity-blitz-comes-to-smithsonian/article/feed/426303?custom_click=rss WASHINGTON (AP) — The bucket of ice that sparked a viral social-media campaign has a new home at the Smithsonian.

The National Museum of American History is opening a new exhibit on the history of philanthropy on Tuesday. A showcase item will be the blue bucket that was used to dump ice water onto Jeanette Senerchia in 2014.

The "Ice Bucket Challenge" was already making the rounds online, but Senerchia is believed to be the first person to tie it to ALS, a degenerative condition also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. Her husband Anthony has the disease.

The challenge ended up raising more than $50 million for ALS research.

The museum will also introduce a new curator for its philanthropy initiative.

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]]> Tue, 29 Nov 2016 04:28:10 -0700 <![CDATA[Colorado Springs area wellness events starting Nov. 29, 2016]]> http://gazette.com/colorado-springs-area-wellness-events-starting-nov.-29-2016/article/1591148?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/colorado-springs-area-wellness-events-starting-nov.-29-2016/article/1591148?custom_click=rss HEALTH NOTES

Health Notes appears on a space-available basis, free for nonprofits. Send information at least two weeks in advance: Email carlotta.olson@gazette.com or fax 636-0202.

Bonfils community blood drive - Appointments required: 1-800-365-0006, ext. 2, bonfils.org. - 8-9:40 a.m. and 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Thursday, Evans Army Community Hospital, 1650 Cochrane Circle, Fort Carson. - 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, Fort Carson Post Exchange, 6110 Martinez St. - 10-11:40 a.m. and 1-3:30 p.m. Monday, East Library, 5550 N. Union Blvd. - 10-11:40 a.m. and 1-3:30 p.m. Dec. 8, Library 21c, 1175 Chapel Hills Drive.

Global Perspective on U.S. Health Care - With Tatiana Bailey, 7-8:45 a.m. Dec. 6, Pinery at the Hill, 775 W.

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]]> Tue, 29 Nov 2016 04:15:02 -0700 <![CDATA[Hit and myth: Evidence debunks the notion that poinsettias can prompt fatal reactions]]> http://gazette.com/hit-and-myth-evidence-debunks-the-notion-that-poinsettias-can-prompt-fatal-reactions/article/1590736?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/hit-and-myth-evidence-debunks-the-notion-that-poinsettias-can-prompt-fatal-reactions/article/1590736?custom_click=rss

As you think about decorating for the holidays, don't worry about having poinsettias around.

"Those beautiful flowers you've been so wary of keeping in your home during the holidays (lest they poison pets or children) are not toxic," reports Live Science, citing a study that looked at nearly 23,000 cases of poinsettia exposure reported to poison control centers. None was fatal, and the most severe responses were stomachaches.

This is only one of the supposed medical facts that the website knocks down as myth. (The poinsettia fears probably were sparked, Live Science writes, by a 1919 case in which a child was said to have died after eating parts of a poinsettia, but neither the death nor the poinsettia connection was

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<![CDATA[Colorado Springs area wellness events starting Nov. 22, 2016]]> http://gazette.com/colorado-springs-area-wellness-events-starting-nov.-22-2016/article/1590737?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/colorado-springs-area-wellness-events-starting-nov.-22-2016/article/1590737?custom_click=rss HEALTH NOTES

Health Notes appears on a space-available basis, free for nonprofits. Listings appear at the discretion of The Gazette. Send information at least two weeks in advance: Email carlotta.olson@gazette.com or fax 636-0202.

Bonfils community blood drive - Appointments required: 1-800-365-0006, ext. 2, bonfils.org. - 10-11:40 a.m. and 1-3:30 p.m. Tuesday, UCCS, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway. - 10-11:40 a.m. and 1-3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Manitou Springs Heritage Center, 517 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs. - 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, Monument Library Branch, 1706 Lake Woodmoor Drive.

Colorado Springs Senior Center - 1514 N. Hancock Ave., $1. Registration: 955-3400, csseniorcenter.com. - The Importance of

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<![CDATA[Live Well: Yoga can help heal plantar fasciitis]]> http://gazette.com/live-well-yoga-can-help-heal-plantar-fasciitis/article/1590738?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/live-well-yoga-can-help-heal-plantar-fasciitis/article/1590738?custom_click=rss

Stepping out of bed in the morning should not elicit a burning spike of pain.

Unfortunately, those with plantar fasciitis know all too well the dread of that first step. Overnight, the plantar fascia - the ligament that connects the heel bone to the toes and supports the arch of the foot - can tighten so placing weight on it in the morning can be agonizing.

WebMD.com calls plantar fasciitis the most common cause of heel pain.

"If you strain your plantar fascia, it gets weak, swollen and irritated (inflamed)," the site says. "Then your heel or the bottom of your foot hurts when you stand or walk."

I know of that pain.

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<![CDATA[Six great gift ideas for gym rats]]> http://gazette.com/six-great-gift-ideas-for-gym-rats/article/1590741?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/six-great-gift-ideas-for-gym-rats/article/1590741?custom_click=rss

From spinners to CrossFitters, here's gift ideas to keep every sweaty body in your life moving and motivated.

Stocking stuffers

- Exo protein bars: The latest "it" bars will hit every picky dieter on your list. Exo bars are gluten-, soy- and dairy-free, offering 10 grams of protein per bar from cricket flour. Yes, the insects. The company says crickets are full of zinc, iron and calcium. They're sweetened with natural sugars such as dates and come in flavors such as peanut butter and jelly and banana bread. $3 per bar or $36 for 12-pack

- TAva DVD: Celebrity to the stars Tracy Anderson's newest DVD feels more like a dance party than a workout. Expect some serious booty shaking since the cardio routine was inspired by

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<![CDATA[Relentless smoke spreads fear at edge of southern wildfires]]> http://gazette.com/relentless-smoke-spreads-fear-at-edge-of-southern-wildfires/article/feed/422275?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/relentless-smoke-spreads-fear-at-edge-of-southern-wildfires/article/feed/422275?custom_click=rss

TIGER, Ga. (AP) — Thick smoke has settled over a wide area of the southern Appalachians, where dozens of uncontrolled wildfires are burning through decades of leaf litter, and people breathe in tiny bits of the forest with every gulp of air.

It's a constant reminder of the threat to many small mountain communities, where relentless drought and now persistent fires and smoke have people under duress.

"A lot of the ladies just went to tears and said this happens in other places, it doesn't happen here," pastor Scott Cates said as townspeople donated water, cough drops and other supplies for the firefighters at the Liberty Baptist Church in Tiger, Georgia.

Here, these fires don't sleep.

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]]> Thu, 17 Nov 2016 01:31:47 -0700 <![CDATA[Famed pianist, 92, to perform in Boston after heart surgery]]> http://gazette.com/famed-pianist-92-to-perform-in-boston-after-heart-surgery/article/feed/422543?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/famed-pianist-92-to-perform-in-boston-after-heart-surgery/article/feed/422543?custom_click=rss

BOSTON (AP) — World-renowned pianist Menahem Pressler is returning to Boston to play his heart out in the city that kept it beating.

Pressler is performing next week with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, returning to the city where he underwent a rare, life-saving procedure to repair an aneurysm in his aorta.

He's slated to play Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Piano Concerto No. 27" during concerts on November 22, 25 and 26 at Symphony Hall.

Pressler, who turns 93 on Dec. 16, says he's forever indebted to the doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital who operated on him nearly two years ago.

"I'll always be grateful and be thankful I'm alive.

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]]> Thu, 17 Nov 2016 01:11:03 -0700 <![CDATA[APNewsBreak: Engineer in crash had undiagnosed sleep apnea]]> http://gazette.com/apnewsbreak-engineer-in-crash-had-undiagnosed-sleep-apnea/article/feed/422414?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/apnewsbreak-engineer-in-crash-had-undiagnosed-sleep-apnea/article/feed/422414?custom_click=rss

The engineer of a commuter train that slammed into a station going double the 10 mph speed limit, killing a woman, suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea, his lawyer said Wednesday, and a U.S. official told The Associated Press that investigators are looking at it as a potential cause.

The official, who was briefed on the investigation, spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to discuss the matter.

Engineer Thomas Gallagher, 48, was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea after the Sept. 29 crash in Hoboken, attorney Jack Arsenault said in an email.

Sleep apnea robs its victims of rest because they are repeatedly awakened as their airway closes and their breathing stops, lead

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]]> Wed, 16 Nov 2016 18:56:56 -0700 <![CDATA[The Latest: Engineer's lawyer confirms sleep apnea diagnosis]]> http://gazette.com/the-latest-engineers-lawyer-confirms-sleep-apnea-diagnosis/article/feed/422488?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/the-latest-engineers-lawyer-confirms-sleep-apnea-diagnosis/article/feed/422488?custom_click=rss The Latest on the investigation into the Hoboken Terminal train crash (all times local):

7:45 p.m.

A lawyer for the engineer of a commuter train that slammed into a station going double the 10 mph speed limit says he was diagnosed with sleep apnea after the accident.

Jack Arsenault says Thomas Gallagher was diagnosed after the Sept. 29 crash in Hoboken. He says in a statement that Gallagher was diagnosed by an expert he had arranged and results were forwarded to investigators on Oct. 31.

A U.S. official tells The Associated Press that the diagnosis is being looked at as a potential cause.

The official was briefed on the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to disc

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]]> Wed, 16 Nov 2016 18:54:43 -0700 <![CDATA[2 French tourists die while snorkeling on Great Barrier Reef]]> http://gazette.com/2-french-tourists-die-while-snorkeling-on-great-barrier-reef/article/feed/422098?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/2-french-tourists-die-while-snorkeling-on-great-barrier-reef/article/feed/422098?custom_click=rss CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Two elderly French tourists died of heart attacks moments apart while snorkeling on Australia's Great Barrier Reef on Wednesday, officials said.

The 76-year-old man and 74-year-old woman died while diving with a group of 21 elderly French people at Michaelmas Cay, north of Cairns in Queensland state, said Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators executive director Col McKenzie.

"It just appears to be the perfect storm: two events occurring at the same time," McKenzie told The Associated Press.

"We're dumbfounded. In 35 years, I've never seen a similar event," he added.

The benign weather and sea conditions could not explain the tragedies, McKenzie said.

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]]> Wed, 16 Nov 2016 01:37:18 -0700 <![CDATA['Super Size Me' filmmaker brings restaurant idea to Columbus]]> http://gazette.com/super-size-me-filmmaker-brings-restaurant-idea-to-columbus/article/feed/422072?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/super-size-me-filmmaker-brings-restaurant-idea-to-columbus/article/feed/422072?custom_click=rss

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The maker of the documentary film "Super Size Me" is preparing to test out a new fast-food restaurant concept in Columbus.

Morgan Spurlock is planning a four-day, pop-up restaurant called "Holy Chicken!" beginning Saturday. He picked Columbus because it's known for its role as a national test market.

Spurlock calls the concept a "mission-driven, farm-to-table, all-natural, TranspareLocaLicious" (tranz-PAYR'-eh-loh-keh-LISH'-uhs) "chicken experience."

Spurlock's 2004 documentary was nominated for an Academy Award. The film chronicled the detrimental physical and psychological effects of Spurlock eating only McDonald's food for 30 days.

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