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It was an evening of memories and a ballroom filled with people who remembered exactly where they were 30 years earlier, on Jan. 28, 1986. Seared into every memory was the exact moment they learned of the space shuttle Challenger disaster.

The 30th anniversary of the tragedy was observed by Challenger Learning Center of Colorado, one of 40 STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) educational sites considered the living memorial to the seven crew members, including the first schoolteacher in space, who lost their lives when the shuttle exploded.

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A million dollars.

It's happily becoming a given: The Gazette-El Pomar Foundation Empty Stocking Fund and a million dollars.

Once again donors - 2,284 strong - came through for the 2015-16 holiday-season campaign and raised $1,144,158.61 for 20 health and human service nonprofits. Nine million-dollar years.

On Monday, with the snow floating down, agency representatives, donors and volunteers were at Penrose House for the good news and the distribution of checks at the closing reception.

"We are changing the future. It's amazing what we can and are doing," said Jerry Bruni, of the Bruni Foundation, who was honored for giving matching grants altogether totaling a million dollars since 2000.

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It was more than just a regular monthly luncheon for the philanthropic Women's Leadership Council of Pikes Peak United Way in January when they heard an expansive new strategic plan for PPUW. The women's leadership group has focused on "emerging and critical issues" since 2008, said board member Jan Weiland.

Gathered at The Pinery, the WLC and several heads of the United Way's "partner agencies" heard CEO Jason Wood and board chair Kent Fortune outline a new model centering on three major areas: health, education and income.

Following this first public presentation, the more than 40 "partner agencies" that had routinely received annual grants were given information about how all area nonprofits will now apply to receive

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