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So many people in the ballroom at Broadmoor West told an identical, heartbreaking story.

That dreaded "please, God, no" knock on the door. Outside, men and women in immaculate black and blue uniforms. They knew. One of that family's fathers or mothers, military or first responder, had just become one of "the fallen."

Universally, speakers admitted they had no idea how to tell their children, who had instantly become "the children of our fallen."

Those children became the mission of Angels of America's Fallen (aoafallen.org) and the reason behind the Jan. 14 Angel Gala.

As AOA founder Joe Lewis, a retired lieutenant colonel, explained, "Their parent gave their all for us, we can give to them.

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<![CDATA[AROUND TOWN: Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust turns 20]]> http://gazette.com/around-town-rocky-mountain-community-land-trust-turns-20/article/1594139?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/around-town-rocky-mountain-community-land-trust-turns-20/article/1594139?custom_click=rss

Over the Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust's 20 years, 310 low-income families have become homeowners.

It's the Trust's mantra: "Building a strong community ... one home ... one neighborhood at a time."

As it helped families toward "building equity instead of paying rent," the Land Trust partners with other nonprofits including Partners in Housing, Greccio Housing and Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity. Together they created 94 affordable rentals and 37 transitional housing units for members of the community working toward buying homes.

RMCLT's 20th-anniversary celebration at Norris-Penrose Event Center over the holiday season featured its signature silent auction with a plethora of items filling table after table.

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They're happily ensconced in what's called Colorado Springs' "New South End" and volunteers at the Assistance League's Bargain Box Thrift Store are busy in the midst of building and developments going on all around them at 405 S. Nevada Ave.

Their traditional Fun Fair to support their projects were part of the holiday season with a sale, fashion show of select outfits from the thrift store, a luncheon and all- around-fun event on a sunny Saturday.

The Assistance League of Colorado Springs, founded in 1968, provides new school clothing for almost 3,000 low-income children each year.

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A sparkling golden evening two nights before Christmas Eve introduced 21 young women into society while paying homage to an elegant part of local history: the 50th Colorado Springs Debutante Ball.

In a formal tribute, the program honored the late founders, Mrs. Hilliard Eve "Zoya" Miller Jr., to whom the 2016 ball was dedicated, Mrs. Harrie Emile Hart Sr., Mrs. Philip Gillette Cole, Mrs. George Walbrach Thatcher and Mrs. Russell Thayer Tutt, and the first ball at The Broadmoor in December 1967. Just as today, the young women and their families were chosen for "significant contributions to their schools and the community" as well as volunteer work and philanthropy.

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