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The road to Kathy and George Stultses' Cascade home is a precipitous one. Guests are told to leave their cars at the bottom of the hill, where they walk up a steep path along a jagged canyon edge to reach the front door.

A small crevasse cuts through what remains of the unnamed road, a dirt driveway branching off U.S. Highway 24 that leads to four homes. Since April, after flood water coursed off the Waldo Canyon fire burn scar and sliced a drainage through the road, the Stults and their neighbors have been hiking home. And this summer, when the neighbors were given a federal grant to help them rebuild the private road, it came with a catch: Each of the homeowners would have to pitch in at least $4,000 to help fix it.

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<![CDATA[State request for proof of stormwater basins' compliance could set tricky precedent]]> http://gazette.com/state-request-for-proof-of-stormwater-basins-compliance-could-set-tricky-precedent/article/1557727?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/state-request-for-proof-of-stormwater-basins-compliance-could-set-tricky-precedent/article/1557727?custom_click=rss

Months after the state Legislature declared a network of El Paso County debris basins legal, state engineers have sent letters to El Paso County agencies requiring proof, a move that could set dangerous precedent for future flood mitigation projects, local officials say.

Thanks to a new law, debris basins, considered crucial to protection from flooding, are exempt from state stormwater and water rights regulations. As long as the basins are built in post-fire zones and are temporary, they are legal, the law declared. But local officials contend that the law says nothing about providing the state with proof that the basins are legal, a requirement they fear will inhibit the use of the crucial structures.

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<![CDATA[Limited Colorado Springs storm damage shows success of flood mitigation]]> http://gazette.com/limited-colorado-springs-storm-damage-shows-success-of-flood-mitigation/article/1557242?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/limited-colorado-springs-storm-damage-shows-success-of-flood-mitigation/article/1557242?custom_click=rss

When a group of children and adults bulwarked themselves into a room in the Alpine Autism Center on Monday, they were taking shelter from about 8 inches of floodwater that poured into the facility.

But if the Autism Center had not been protected by a nearby detention pond designed to catch flood debris, the center would have been hit with a wall of water. Despite the amount of debris and mud that coursed around the center, thanks to the flood mitigation, those who took shelter inside faced nothing more than a few inches of water.

Nonetheless, as the wave of water made its way into the Mountain Shadows neighborhood - carrying away a couple of cars - the scene might have looked like the failure of thousands of dollars' worth of

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