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WALDEN — Thick forest and beetle-killed trees are helping fuel a wildfire burning near the Colorado-Wyoming border.

The Beaver Creek Fire, which started June 19 northwest of Walden, Colorado, has spread to about 18 square miles as of Wednesday. It's crossed into the Mount Zirkel Wilderness and U.S. Forest Service spokesman Aaron Voos told Steamboat Today (bit.ly/292HggA) that could allow it to burn for some time.

He says firefighters will focus instead on battling the fire elsewhere in the Routt National Forest.

Smoke from the fire has spread east and created haze along the Front Range.

The fire is only 5 percent contained and full containment isn't expected until Aug. 1.

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<![CDATA[Smoke north of downtown is from Colorado Springs Fire Department training]]> http://gazette.com/smoke-north-of-downtown-is-from-colorado-springs-fire-department-training/article/1579231?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/smoke-north-of-downtown-is-from-colorado-springs-fire-department-training/article/1579231?custom_click=rss The smoke seen on North Nevada Avenue and Uintah Street Wednesday morning is because the Colorado Springs Fire Department is conducting training exercises.

Officials said the smoke seen at 1125 N. Nevada Ave. is training smoke and not a fire.

The fire department urges citizens to drive safely in the area.


Contact Tiffany Ditto at 636-00304.

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]]> Wed, 29 Jun 2016 09:10:02 -0600 <![CDATA[Helicopters join battle against Fremont County wildfire]]> http://gazette.com/helicopters-join-battle-against-fremont-county-wildfire/article/1579011?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/helicopters-join-battle-against-fremont-county-wildfire/article/1579011?custom_click=rss

Helicopters were dropping water Saturday night on a wildfire southwest of Cañon City, the Fremont County Sheriff's Office said.

The fire, which is about a tenth of an acre, is on land owned by the Bureau of Land Management. The sheriff's office said federal authorities were managing the battle against the flames.

The blaze is located about two miles east of Tanner Park, in mountains south of Cañon City.

The Sheriff's Office said it's not threatening structures.

Smoke could be seen in the area, and the deputies cited lightning as a likely cause, according to Gazette news partner KKTV.

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<![CDATA[Flames roar through central California homes; thousands flee]]> http://gazette.com/flames-roar-through-central-california-homes-thousands-flee/article/1578934?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/flames-roar-through-central-california-homes-thousands-flee/article/1578934?custom_click=rss

Residents choking on smoke fled a wildfire that tore through mountain communities and burned dozens of homes to the ground in California's southern Sierra Nevada, authorities said Friday.

The streaking blaze that destroyed 80 houses and 20 other buildings 35 miles northeast of Bakersfield ignited around a popular recreation area Thursday as many other fires across the West were calming.

"The forces of nature collided with a spark," Kern County Fire Chief Brian Marshall said. "The mountain terrain, five years of drought and wind gusts of over 20 mph all drove a fire over 11 miles in 13 hours."

It had charred more than 12 square miles by Friday morning, with heavy smoke hanging and

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<![CDATA[Beaver Creek wildfire near Walden at 5 percent containment, burning 5,368 acres]]> http://gazette.com/beaver-creek-wildfire-near-walden-at-5-percent-containment-burning-5368-acres/article/1578935?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/beaver-creek-wildfire-near-walden-at-5-percent-containment-burning-5368-acres/article/1578935?custom_click=rss

The Beaver Creek fire that has been burning near Walden since Sunday has been 5 percent contained as of Friday afternoon as hundreds of firefighters continue to battle the blaze.

The U.S. Forest Service says the 5,368-acre fire’s perimeter did not expand significantly overnight Thursday, but the blaze remains active in areas of unburned fuels fanned by erratic winds.

As of Friday afternoon, 379 firefighters, 61 fire engines, 11 water tenders, two bulldozers, one hand crew and four helicopters are working the fire.

Some of the crews battling the blaze are from the Denver metro area, including the Denver Fire Department.

Vantage point from our crews working the Beaver Creek Fire.

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<![CDATA[New vegetation slowly bringing Waldo Canyon burn scar back to life]]> http://gazette.com/new-vegetation-slowly-bringing-waldo-canyon-burn-scar-back-to-life/article/1578822?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/new-vegetation-slowly-bringing-waldo-canyon-burn-scar-back-to-life/article/1578822?custom_click=rss

Driving along Rampart Range Road west of Colorado Springs, one can't help but notice mile after mile of small aspens lining the picturesque roadway.

The 4-foot-tall trees foreshadow what the once dense conifer forest will one day become, Pikes Peak Ranger Oscar Martinez said Wednesday, one day before the four-year anniversary of the 2012 Waldo Canyon fire.

"That's the forest we have now," Martinez said, standing above Queens Canyon, its steep slopes still covered with blackened ponderosa pines. "In a decade or so, we will have a healthy aspen forest."

Martinez and U.S.

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<![CDATA[Fire burning in southeastern Colorado closes highway]]> http://gazette.com/fire-burning-in-southeastern-colorado-closes-highway/article/1578772?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/fire-burning-in-southeastern-colorado-closes-highway/article/1578772?custom_click=rss

A fire in Kiowa County has burned a train trestle and closed Highway 96 at mile marker 142, Kiowa County Sheriff Casey Sheridan said.

The Sheriff's Office tweeted photos of the fire burning 3 miles outside Haswell in southeastern Colorado. Smoke from the fire is the cause of the highway closure.

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<![CDATA[Beaver Creek fire near Walden continues to grow after consuming 3,800 acres]]> http://gazette.com/beaver-creek-fire-near-walden-continues-to-grow-after-consuming-3800-acres/article/1578756?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/beaver-creek-fire-near-walden-continues-to-grow-after-consuming-3800-acres/article/1578756?custom_click=rss

A national- and state-level incident team is expected to arrive Wednesday to take over command of the Beaver Creek fire near Walden, which grew slightly overnight after exploding to an estimated 3,800 acres Tuesday.

Campers dispersed across Routt National Forest and Bureau of Land Management land, and some part-time residents, have been evacuated from the area, said Aaron Voos, spokesman for the Routt National Forest. Voos said he didn’t know how many people have left the area.

“Between 10 and 20 people had cabins, but those are all second homes. Those folks haven’t had to find new places to live,” Voos said. “There have been a large number of dispersed campers.”

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<![CDATA[Slight easing of heat wave on California fire lines]]> http://gazette.com/slight-easing-of-heat-wave-on-california-fire-lines/article/1578671?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/slight-easing-of-heat-wave-on-california-fire-lines/article/1578671?custom_click=rss

LOS ANGELES — Firefighters hoped to make gains against Southern California wildfires as an intense heat wave eased slightly Tuesday.

Two fires in the San Gabriel Mountains above Los Angeles remained uncontained but had not destroyed any homes while their combined size grew to more than 8 square miles.

Most mandatory evacuations will be lifted Wednesday morning.

Firefighters planned to try to put in containment lines by pulling hoses and using bulldozers as aircraft dump retardant and water, said Nathan Judy, spokesman for the Angeles National Forest.

Even with the improved weather forecast, firefighters would still be working in near-triple-digit temperatures and low humidity, he said.

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<![CDATA[Fort Carson fire 'fully contained' but smoke likely to stick around for a while]]> http://gazette.com/fort-carson-fire-fully-contained-but-smoke-likely-to-stick-around-for-a-while/article/1578598?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/fort-carson-fire-fully-contained-but-smoke-likely-to-stick-around-for-a-while/article/1578598?custom_click=rss Smoke may still be seen rising from Fort Carson on Monday as the final flames of a days-long fire on the post flicker out.

The fire is "fully contained" officials reported Monday, but "there will still be visible smoke from the interior of the containment area while it burns itself out."

Mutual aid agencies were released Saturday after the base leveraged "every possible capability that we can throw at this," Lt. Col. Jason Marquiss said. Air tankers, helicopters and firefighters were called in from other agencies to combat flames moving through 1,000 acres in the post's center.

Training was halted during the blaze and continued to be on hold Monday.

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]]> Mon, 20 Jun 2016 08:38:57 -0600 <![CDATA[Firefighters battle California brushfire as heatwave looms]]> http://gazette.com/firefighters-battle-california-brushfire-as-heatwave-looms/article/1578493?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/firefighters-battle-california-brushfire-as-heatwave-looms/article/1578493?custom_click=rss

GOLETA, Calif. — Firefighters battling a California wildfire that forced the evacuation of campgrounds and ranches were struggling with strong overnight winds and bracing for rising temperatures as an extreme heatwave is expected to sweep across the Southwest this weekend.

The blaze — which shut down U.S. 101, the state's major coastal highway, for two nights in a row — more than tripled in size Friday and had consumed 9 square miles of heavy brush.

The fire was 20 percent contained but so-called "sundowner" winds that rush down the mountains in 40 mph gusts were beginning to kick up again Friday night, fire officials said.

"It's very hot and dangerous," Susan Klein-Rothschild with the county

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<![CDATA[Fort Carson fire is 'basically out']]> http://gazette.com/fort-carson-fire-is-basically-out/article/1578441?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/fort-carson-fire-is-basically-out/article/1578441?custom_click=rss

Roughly a half-million dollars has gone in to stamping out a fire that has burned on Fort Carson since Wednesday.

Air tankers and helicopters dropping gallons of water and 127 local and national firefighters attacking flames on the ground have helped reduce the acreage burning to 900, according to Capt. Pete Wolf.

As of 3:30 p.m. Friday, the fire has been contained to 80 percent, officials said.

"The fire is basically out," said Daneta Johnson, a Fort Carson spokeswoman.

Two CH-47 Chinooks from the 4th Combat Aviation Brigade made 14 water drops Friday, officials said. Forestry crews from Wyoming, Buena Vista and Cañon City are scheduled to make drops on Saturday.

"We're leveraging every possible capability

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<![CDATA[Smoke seen on Pikes Peak from surrounding fires]]> http://gazette.com/smoke-seen-on-pikes-peak-from-surrounding-fires/article/1578379?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/smoke-seen-on-pikes-peak-from-surrounding-fires/article/1578379?custom_click=rss

Pikes Peak may look a little hazy Thursday - but rest assured it's not because of a fire on the mountain.

Officials from the Pikes Peak Ranger District said the smoke-like appearance is from fires at Fort Carson, New Mexico and Arizona.

Locally, the Fort Carson Fire had burned up to 700 acres as of Thursday afternoon. Officials think that the fire was started due to a lightening strike on Tuesday. Fort Carson officials said that helicopters will be doing water drops on the flames Thursday, while a small number of crews fight the fire on the ground.

El Paso County Public Health issued an ozone allert and smoke advisory to take effect until Thursday evening. Those with breathing conditions, or other sensitive groups

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<![CDATA[Fires threatening communities around West]]> http://gazette.com/fires-threatening-communities-around-west/article/1578438?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/fires-threatening-communities-around-west/article/1578438?custom_click=rss

GOLETA, Calif. (AP) — Fueled by hot and dry weather, wildfires threatened homes in California and other Western states as crews struggled to corral flames that have scorched miles of brush and timber.

About 140 homes and ranches were considered at risk in California, where a 1,400-acre fire was tearing through coastal canyons west of Santa Barbara, scorching an area that hadn't burned in 60 years.

The chaparral was "very dry, very dead-on-the-ground fuel for the fire," said Gina DePinto, communications manager for Santa Barbara County.

About 800 firefighters struggled to reach the narrow, brush-choked coastal canyons to attack the flames.

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<![CDATA[Hazy skies over Pikes Peak region, other parts of Colorado, attributed to Fort Carson range fire, other blazes]]> http://gazette.com/hazy-skies-over-pikes-peak-region-other-parts-of-colorado-attributed-to-fort-carson-range-fire-other-blazes/article/1578360?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/hazy-skies-over-pikes-peak-region-other-parts-of-colorado-attributed-to-fort-carson-range-fire-other-blazes/article/1578360?custom_click=rss

Smoky skies slightly blocked views of Pikes Peak and other mountains in the region on Thursday, leading to several concerned phone calls to the Colorado Springs Fire Department throughout the day.

"It's a light haze along the Front Range that's raising questions in the minds of Colorado Springs residents," said Capt. Steve Wilch, a department spokesman.

The haze was caused by raging wildfires south of Colorado and a fire in a training area on Fort Carson, officials said. The latter blaze burned nearly 1,000 acres and was still active Thursday evening.

The Dog Head fire burning in Manzanos, N.M., charred more than 12,000 acres - about 19.2 square miles - through early Thursday evening, The Albuquerque Journal reported.

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