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The American Eagles Scenic Overlook, a 20-year-old historic mining tourist attraction on the outskirts of Victor, will close in March when Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Co. begins using a mining haul road for its open-pit mine between Cripple Creek and Victor, Jane Mannon, the company's community relations manager, said Saturday.

The overlook, with unparalleled views of the Continental Divide, Mount Pisgah and the Sangre de Cristo and Collegiate Peaks mountain ranges, will be relocated in the spring or summer to a site near the former Ajax Mine two miles south that is just north of Victor.

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<![CDATA[One tree-killing outbreak is over in Colorado; 2nd still going]]> http://gazette.com/one-tree-killing-outbreak-is-over-in-colorado-2nd-still-going/article/1568798?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/one-tree-killing-outbreak-is-over-in-colorado-2nd-still-going/article/1568798?custom_click=rss

DENVER — The mountain pine beetle epidemic that ravaged Colorado's lodgepole pines for two decades is over because most of the vulnerable trees are dead, but a second bug that attacks spruce trees is still spreading, forestry experts said Thursday.

The experts had good news about Colorado's beloved aspen trees, which turn mountainsides bright yellow and orange every autumn: They're generally faring well after suffering worrisome die-offs from drought in previous years.

The U.S. Forest Service and Colorado State Forest Service conduct an aerial survey of the state's trees every year, and the 2015 survey was released Thursday.

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<![CDATA[Colorado Springs wants input on disaster preparedness plan]]> http://gazette.com/colorado-springs-wants-input-on-disaster-preparedness-plan/article/1568541?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/colorado-springs-wants-input-on-disaster-preparedness-plan/article/1568541?custom_click=rss Landslides, hail storms, wildfires and floods have all changed how Colorado Springs officials think of local natural disasters, and that's reflected in the city's new hazard mitigation plan.

While those hazards have been well known locally for decades, the threat of disasters became more real in recent years, when El Paso County was hit by catastrophic wildfires, hail storms and flooding events. In spring 2015, record-breaking rainfall triggered landslides on the southwest side of Colorado Springs - an area that has not seen slides in nearly two decades.

The city's latest hazard mitigation plan, a document it revises every five years and submits to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, reflects the change wrought on the

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BILLINGS, Mont. — An Obama administration move to overhaul coal sales from public lands will be put to its first test this week as companies seek to advance two major mining projects in the Western U.S.

Cloud Peak Energy and Lighthouse Resources Inc. want to mine a combined 644 million tons of coal from government-controlled reserves in Montana and Wyoming.

Federal and state officials meet Wednesday in Casper, Wyoming, to consider the requests and recommend whether the U.S. Interior Department should continue to process them.

The meeting comes less than two weeks after Interior Secretary Sally Jewell ordered a moratorium on the government's $1 billion-a-year coal leasing program to address climate change and

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<![CDATA[Company seeks to expand gold mining operation near Cripple Creek]]> http://gazette.com/company-seeks-to-expand-gold-mining-operation-near-cripple-creek/article/1568437?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/company-seeks-to-expand-gold-mining-operation-near-cripple-creek/article/1568437?custom_click=rss

The owners of Colorado's largest gold mine near Cripple Creek have taken the first step to begin underground mining just north of the mountain town, but there are many more hurdles to clear before the first ounce of gold is recovered, according to a mine spokesman.

Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Co., acquired in August by Greenwood Village-based Newmont Mining Corp., is seeking approval from Colorado regulators to expand the boundaries of its mining operation to include the site a half-mile south of the Cripple Creek Heritage and Information Center and the Molly Kathleen Mine tourist attraction.

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<![CDATA[Agreement with Colorado Springs Utilities works in Pueblo County rancher's favor]]> http://gazette.com/agreement-with-colorado-springs-utilities-works-in-pueblo-county-ranchers-favor/article/1568413?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/agreement-with-colorado-springs-utilities-works-in-pueblo-county-ranchers-favor/article/1568413?custom_click=rss

Pueblo County rancher Gary Walker tends to get what he wants - from Colorado Springs Utilities, at least.

Utilities and Walker Ranches now have agreed that 6,300 more acres of Walker's ranchland will be added to conservation easements held by The Nature Conservancy.

The city-owned Utilities had paid Walker Ranches about $82,900 in 2012 to lay a 5.5-mile pipeline across his land for the mammoth Southern Delivery System water project.

But Walker sued Utilities and won a $4.6 million judgment in April from a jury in Pueblo County District Court. Jurors found that inadequate revegetation, coupled with storm damage, had harmed Walker's efforts to negotiate a Nature Conservancy easement worth more than $30 million.

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<![CDATA[Hickenlooper administration backs North Fork coal mining]]> http://gazette.com/hickenlooper-administration-backs-north-fork-coal-mining/article/1568132?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/hickenlooper-administration-backs-north-fork-coal-mining/article/1568132?custom_click=rss GRAND JUNCTION — Gov. John Hickenlooper's administration is urging the U.S. Forest Service to reinstate an exemption that would allow underground coal mining in Gunnison County.

The Forest Service previously agreed to carve out nearly 20,000 acres from conservation protections to allow Arch Coal to build the methane vents needed to safely mine coal there but last year a judge threw that out because the agency didn't consider the climate change impacts.

The agency now says mining could cause millions of dollars of damage from coal and methane emissions but it has proposed allowing it because it says North Fork Valley coal is among the cleanest available and mining is an important part of the local economy.


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<![CDATA[Washington to limit carbon pollution from largest facilities]]> http://gazette.com/washington-to-limit-carbon-pollution-from-largest-facilities/article/feed/305059?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/washington-to-limit-carbon-pollution-from-largest-facilities/article/feed/305059?custom_click=rss SEATTLE (AP) — The state's largest industrial emitters would be required to reduce carbon emissions by 5 percent every three years, under a proposed rule released Wednesday by state regulators.

The Department of Ecology's proposed Clean Air Rule would initially apply to about two dozen manufacturing plants, refineries, power plants, natural gas distributors and others that release at least 100,000 metric tons of carbon a year. Many more facilities would likely be covered by the rule as that threshold is lowered over time.

State officials say the rule is needed to protect human health and the environment from climate change.

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