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Students in Cripple Creek-Victor School District RE-1 have a new outdoor playground, just in time for the new school year.

Penrose-St. Francis Health Services and RE-1 held a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday.

A Colorado Health Foundation grant of $126,000 funded the 10,000-square-foot new play space, which features an obstacle and fitness course and a climbing structure.

Students, teachers, parents and community members were involved in the design and development of the project.

The playground is located east of the school-based health center, 412 N. C St. in
Cripple Creek. Penrose-St. Francis Health Services also runs the clinic, which provides basic health care for the community as well as students and

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<![CDATA[Video Game Haiku Review - "Agents of Mayhem"]]> http://gazette.com/video-game-haiku-review-agents-of-mayhem/article/1609148?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/video-game-haiku-review-agents-of-mayhem/article/1609148?custom_click=rss

What is it? A single-player open world game by Deep Silver Volition, the same team that created the “Saints Row” franchise. In the game, players choose between 12 agents that each have their own unique tone, personality, and play style.

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<![CDATA[TV Preview: 9 takeaways from the “The Last Ship” season 4 premiere]]> http://gazette.com/tv-preview-9-takeaways-from-the-the-last-ship-season-4-premiere/article/1609121?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/tv-preview-9-takeaways-from-the-the-last-ship-season-4-premiere/article/1609121?custom_click=rss

Cast: Eric Dane (“Grey's Anatomy”), Bridget Regan (“Agent Carter”), Adam Baldwin (“Firefly,” “Chuck”), Travis Van Winkle (“Heart of Dixie”), Marissa Neitling (“Leverage”), Jocko Sims (“Masters of Sex”), Mark Moses (“Mad Men”), Bren Foster (“Days of Our Lives”), LaMonica Garrett (“Designated Surivor”)

Airdate, time: The fourth season of “The Last Ship” premieres this Sunday on TNT

Season four synopsis: After the events at the end of last season, Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) has given up his responsibilities and sought solace and anonymity

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<![CDATA[What to watch on TV for the week of August 13 - August 19: Superheroes unite, the cast of ‘This is Us’ plays games, and much more]]> http://gazette.com/what-to-watch-on-tv-for-the-week-of-august-13-august-19-superheroes-unite-the-cast-of-this-is-us-plays-games-and-much-more/article/1609031?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/what-to-watch-on-tv-for-the-week-of-august-13-august-19-superheroes-unite-the-cast-of-this-is-us-plays-games-and-much-more/article/1609031?custom_click=rss

“Get Shorty” (8 p.m., EPIX, Series Premiere) - Miles Daly, muscle for a Nevada crime ring desperate to win back his wife and daughter, travels to Los Angles to collect on a debt from an aspiring screenwriter. 

“I’m Dying Up Here” (8 p.m., Showtime, Season Finale) - In the season finale a shocking event changes everything. 

“Bachelor in Paradise” (7 p.m., ABC, Season Premiere) - The cast arrives in Playa Escondida in Sayulita, Mexico in the fourth season opener. Chris Harrison and the cast are expected to address the DeMario/Corinne issue in the premiere.  

“People of Earth” (8:30 p.m., TBS) - Gina distracts Agent

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<![CDATA[TCA 2017 Travel Log #6 - The best and worst of the Television Critics Association summer tour]]> http://gazette.com/tca-2017-travel-log-6-the-best-and-worst-of-the-television-critics-association-summer-tour/article/1608780?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/tca-2017-travel-log-6-the-best-and-worst-of-the-television-critics-association-summer-tour/article/1608780?custom_click=rss

Today is my seventh and final day at the Television Critics Association summer tour. Before I Uber to LAX (Don’t I sound like I’m from California?), I want to share some thoughts on this year’s TCA tour experience so you get a feel for what my time here has been like. 

Best moment at a panel - It’s a tie between two quick one-liners I heard at two separate panels. At the panel for “The Good Doctor” Freddie Highmore, known for his role as serial killer Norman Bates on “Bates Motel.” was asked about the differences between that character and his new one as a doctor. He deadpanned, “It’s nice to save people after years of killing them,” which got a laugh from

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<![CDATA[Ramsey blog: Dolphins wise to sign the despised and rejected Jay Cutler]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-dolphins-wise-to-sign-the-despised-and-rejected-jay-cutler/article/1608784?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-dolphins-wise-to-sign-the-despised-and-rejected-jay-cutler/article/1608784?custom_click=rss

Jay Cuter delivered the best season of his career in 2015 for the Chicago Bears. He crafted a 92.3 quarterback rating and threw nearly twice as many touchdowns (21 to 11) as interceptions. He's 6-foot-5 passer who was athletic enough to dominate as a high school basketball star. He's better in the present day of 2017 than the highly coveted but highly broken down Tony Romo.

So why all the criticism of the Dolphins signing him?

Don't worry; I have the answer.

Cutler has an injured personality. He struggles to get along with reporters and teammates and the general public. He's surly, which works when you're throwing 35 touchdowns and six interceptions a season. The Cutler persona has never worked.

Alex Ferrer

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<![CDATA[TCA 2017 Travel Log #5 - A competitor for ‘American Idol,’ mutants, and Seth MacFarlane in space are highlights for Fox]]> http://gazette.com/tca-2017-travel-log-5-a-competitor-for-american-idol-mutants-and-seth-macfarlane-in-space-are-highlights-for-fox/article/1608739?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/tca-2017-travel-log-5-a-competitor-for-american-idol-mutants-and-seth-macfarlane-in-space-are-highlights-for-fox/article/1608739?custom_click=rss

On Tuesday the Fox network spent the day presenting at the Television Critics Association summer tour. There were panels for a several returning shows (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Lethal Weapon,” “Empire”) but my focus was on new programs. Fox’s new fall lineup is pretty diverse and has a little something for everybody. 

Announcements for shows coming in 2018
The first panel was with Fox executives Rob Wade, Dana Walden and David Madden. They answered a number of questions from critics but also highlighted some of the network’s opening announcements that deal with shows coming out in 2018.

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<![CDATA[TCA 2017 Travel Log #4 - Set visits, an Oscar winner, and a television icon]]> http://gazette.com/tca-2017-travel-log-4-set-visits-an-oscar-winner-and-a-television-icon/article/1608685?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/tca-2017-travel-log-4-set-visits-an-oscar-winner-and-a-television-icon/article/1608685?custom_click=rss

Monday was a day of set visits for Television Critics Association members. The group visited four studios to take a look at seven different series. Below are some highlights to go along with a small photo gallery.

“The Orville” 
Up first was a trip to the 20th Century Fox lot. There we visited the set of “The Orville,” the starship for the sci-fi series of the same name created and starring Seth MacFarlane. It was stunning! The set was two stories tall and was a completely immersive experience. I was able to walk around the galley, through the brig, several rooms and walked up the spiral staircase (taken from “American Horror Story”) to check out the stunning bridge. The forward screen

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<![CDATA[Jalen Robinette mingles with ex-teammates at Air Force practice]]> http://gazette.com/jalen-robinette-mingles-with-ex-teammates-at-air-force-practice/article/1608684?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/jalen-robinette-mingles-with-ex-teammates-at-air-force-practice/article/1608684?custom_click=rss

A familiar face showed up for Air Force’s football practice on Monday evening, as Jalen Robinette mingled with his former teammates.

Robinette even provided a little one-on-one tutelage for sophomore receiver Geraud Sanders, his most obvious heir apparent at least where physical attributes are concerned.

The Falcon’s all-time leader in receiving yards exchanged pleasantries with The Gazette, but offered no further comment on his current situation.

Robinette has been the center of several stunning turns of events over the past four months.

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<![CDATA[Klee blog: Trevor Siemian still better than Paxton Lynch, named starting quarterback for Broncos preseason opener]]> http://gazette.com/klee-blog-trevor-siemian-still-better-than-paxton-lynch-named-starting-quarterback-for-broncos-preseason-opener/article/1608654?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/klee-blog-trevor-siemian-still-better-than-paxton-lynch-named-starting-quarterback-for-broncos-preseason-opener/article/1608654?custom_click=rss

It's not complicated, and Gary Kubiak wasn't wrong. Trevor Siemian has been a better quarterback than Paxton Lynch for over a year now.

Broncos coach Vance Joseph simply confirmed it on Monday.

Siemian will be the starting quarterback for the Broncos in the preseason opener against the Chicago Bears on Thursday, Joseph said. Lynch is scheduled to start the second preseason game, in Santa Clara against the 49ers.

The Gazette will be the only local outlet with columnists at both. Here's one I wrote early last season from Siemian's high school in Orlando.

Get those mea culpas ready. Siemian's winning the job fair and square, again. The last time media got something this wrong, it was last November.

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<![CDATA[Fantasy Football 2017: Steals and deals in the draft]]> http://gazette.com/fantasy-football-2017-steals-and-deals-in-the-draft/article/1608652?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/fantasy-football-2017-steals-and-deals-in-the-draft/article/1608652?custom_click=rss

Fantasy football is finally back and while most owners know to select Antonio Brown, David Johnson and Odell Beckham Jr. in the first round of the draft, but who should owners take in later rounds? What about Round 4? Rounds 7,8 and 9? What about the double-digit rounds?

Here's s a list of players who provide good value and may be available in the middle and later rounds of a fantasy draft:

Michael Crabtree, WR, Oakland Raiders

On most sites, Michael Crabtree is being taken in the mid fourth round depending on the league. He is being drafted between 46-48th overall. A fourth-round pick for a guy who ranked just outside the top 10 highest scoring receivers last season in standard scoring leagues last year is a

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<![CDATA[TCA 2017 Travel Log #3 - ABC counting on unique protagonists with their new series]]> http://gazette.com/tca-2017-travel-log-3-abc-counting-on-unique-protagonists-with-their-new-series/article/1608640?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/tca-2017-travel-log-3-abc-counting-on-unique-protagonists-with-their-new-series/article/1608640?custom_click=rss

Sunday was ABC’s turn to take the stage at the Television Critics Association summer tour. They had panels for several new programs that debut this fall. I’m particularly interested in “The Good Doctor,” “Marvel’s Inhumans,” and “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.” 

The big takeaway from watching the pilots for ABC’s new programs and sitting through their panels was how much they’re relying on unique characters in their new series. An autistic surgeon, a group of people with unusual powers and even an angel (Maybe?) are some of the characters leading this year’s new ABC shows. Here’s a look at some highlights from the new series that had panels

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<![CDATA[TCA 2017 Travel Log #2 - ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘Atlanta,’ and Kristin Chenoweth highlight the TCA Awards]]> http://gazette.com/tca-2017-travel-log-2-the-handmaids-tale-atlanta-and-kristin-chenoweth-highlight-the-tca-awards/article/1608597?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/tca-2017-travel-log-2-the-handmaids-tale-atlanta-and-kristin-chenoweth-highlight-the-tca-awards/article/1608597?custom_click=rss

Saturday night the 33rd annual Television Critics Association Awards show was held at the Beverly Hilton and several acclaimed series were recognized, led by Hulu dystopian drama “The Handmaid’s Tale” and the FX comedy “Atlanta,” which each took home two awards. 

Some of the highlights of the evening included host Kristen Chenoweth singing a duet with “This is Us” star Sterling K. Brown, Reese Witherspoon accepting an award for the HBO series “Big Little Lies,” and Leah Remini’s tear filled acceptance speech. The TCA Awards are not televised, so winners are allowed to take their time when accepting their awards and they often take their speeches into interesting

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<![CDATA[Notes and observations as Air Force returns to football practice]]> http://gazette.com/notes-and-observations-as-air-force-returns-to-football-practice/article/1608571?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/notes-and-observations-as-air-force-returns-to-football-practice/article/1608571?custom_click=rss

Air Force returned to the football practice field on Friday to open fall camp.

Here are some quick notes and observations from the practice:

Ronald Cleveland has switched numbers from No. 4 to No. 3. He had worn No. 3 in high school, but it was unavailable over his first two years with the Falcons because fullback D.J. Johnson had it. Alex Means has returned to the academy as a coach at the prep school. The former Air Force outside linebacker, who received looks in several NFL minicamps, will work with outside linebackers and hopes to be in the mix when a military spot opens on the Falcons’ coaching staff. Nate Romine is practicing without a brace on his knee.

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<![CDATA[Ramsey blog: Broncos' Derek Wolfe warns media he's watching - and watching closely]]> http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-broncos-derek-wolfe-warns-media-hes-watching-and-watching-closely/article/1608504?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/ramsey-blog-broncos-derek-wolfe-warns-media-hes-watching-and-watching-closely/article/1608504?custom_click=rss

Most NFL coaches and players say they don’t pay attention to media reports. They don’t – or at least they say they don’t – read newspaper reports or watch TV reports or cruise the internet seeking reports.

Derek Wolfe, the 305-pound anchor of the Broncos defensive line, is not typical. He complained Friday about a radio report that questioned the might of the Bronco defense. He said he planned to prove the report wrong.

Yes, Wolfe said, he pays attention – close attention -  to media reports.

“You know why?” he asked, before answering his own question. “Because I’m going to hold you guys accountable just like you hold me accountable.

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