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TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Not far from a gleaming $183 million arena and other signs of a midsize city striving to become something more, smooth pavement gives way to potholes, rusted fences and shuttered storefronts. They're the remnants of what was once known as Tulsa's Black Wall Street, before one of the worst race riots in U.S. history.

Businesses that are still open in this north-side section that some locals are adamant about reviving — the off-brand gas-and-go stores, the thrift shops and salvage yards — are often separated from the next open place by gnarled weeds, rusted fence and vacant lots.

Much of this — 35 square blocks of it — made up Black Wall Street, a southwestern Harlem of sorts and home to a middle a

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:44:14 -0700 <![CDATA[David Bowie wins best British album prize at Brits for "Blackstar"]]> http://gazette.com/david-bowie-wins-best-british-album-prize-at-brits-for-blackstar/article/feed/446428?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/david-bowie-wins-best-british-album-prize-at-brits-for-blackstar/article/feed/446428?custom_click=rss LONDON (AP) — David Bowie wins best British album prize at Brits for "Blackstar"

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<![CDATA[Mattingly: Reversing the tolerance for Ks would speed play]]> http://gazette.com/mattingly-reversing-the-tolerance-for-ks-would-speed-play/article/feed/446431?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/mattingly-reversing-the-tolerance-for-ks-would-speed-play/article/feed/446431?custom_click=rss

JUPITER, Fla. (AP) — Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly thinks reversing the tolerance for strikeouts would speed the pace of play.

"Analytically, a few years back nobody cared about the strikeout, so it's OK to strike out 150, 160, 170 times, and that guy's still valued in a big way," Mattingly said. "Well, as soon as we start causing that to be a bad value — the strikeouts — guys will put the ball in play more. So once we say strikeouts are bad and it's going to cost you money the more you strike out, then the strikeouts will go away. Guys will start making adjustments and putting the ball in play more."

Strikeouts have set records in recent seasons, with teams averaging 8.03 per game last year. A career .

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:40:37 -0700 <![CDATA[T.J. Maxx parent steps up expansion, plans new home chain]]> http://gazette.com/t.j.-maxx-parent-steps-up-expansion-plans-new-home-chain/article/feed/446429?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/t.j.-maxx-parent-steps-up-expansion-plans-new-home-chain/article/feed/446429?custom_click=rss

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (AP) — Department stores just got a double dose of bad news.

The parent company of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, which have taken a bigger share of clothing spending by selling popular brands at deep discounts, plans to expand even faster and test a new home store that's different from its highly successful HomeGoods chain.

TJX Cos. said Wednesday it will add 1,800 stores for a global total of 5,600 over the long term. And though it didn't offer details about the new home store, company executives said the goal is to make it distinct enough from HomeGoods that people will shop at both. The first two are planned for later this year.

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:39:50 -0700 <![CDATA[Tesla swings to lost in 4Q after profitable third quarter]]> http://gazette.com/tesla-swings-to-lost-in-4q-after-profitable-third-quarter/article/feed/446430?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/tesla-swings-to-lost-in-4q-after-profitable-third-quarter/article/feed/446430?custom_click=rss DETROIT (AP) — Unable to string together profitable quarters, electric car and solar cell maker Tesla Inc. is reporting a loss for the last three months of 2016.

Tesla reported a loss of $121.3 million, or 78 cents per share, for its fourth quarter. It was less than half the $320.4 million loss from a year earlier.

Without one-time items Tesla lost 69 cents per share. Analysts polled by FactSet predicted a loss of 53 cents per share.

Revenue rose 88 percent to $2.28 billion, beating estimates of $2.22 billion.

Tesla posted its first profit in three years in last year's third quarter and predicted net income in the fourth quarter.

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:38:00 -0700 <![CDATA[Judge says Denver's airport must allow last-minute protests]]> http://gazette.com/judge-says-denvers-airport-must-allow-last-minute-protests/article/feed/446423?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/judge-says-denvers-airport-must-allow-last-minute-protests/article/feed/446423?custom_click=rss DENVER (AP) — A federal judge says Denver's airport needs to accommodate last-minute protests like the one last month over President Donald Trump's travel ban.

U.S. District Judge William Martinez ruled Wednesday in a lawsuit brought by two people two people who participated in the travel ban protest on Jan. 28, the day after the president issued his executive order regarding travel from seven majority-Muslim countries.

The airport has required protesters to request permits seven days in advance but Martinez ordered the airport and city to issue them to people "communicating topical ideas" relevant to the airport if they give 24 hours' notice.

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:36:03 -0700 <![CDATA[Dale Earnhardt Jr. may retire if he wins NASCAR title]]> http://gazette.com/dale-earnhardt-jr.-may-retire-if-he-wins-nascar-title/article/feed/446425?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/dale-earnhardt-jr.-may-retire-if-he-wins-nascar-title/article/feed/446425?custom_click=rss DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Dale Earnhardt Jr. might be hitching up for his last ride.

A walk-off NASCAR championship and go off into the sunset? Perfect.

“To come back this year, win a championship, it would be hard not to hang it up,” he said during NASCAR Media Day at Daytona International Speedway on Wednesday morning.

“This is the last year of my deal. I would like to race more. But if I win the championship, I’d have to consider going out on top. I mean, I don’t know. It just really depends on a lot of different things.”

Earnhardt, 42, is making a heralded comeback to NASCAR Nation after missing 18 races last season with concussion-related symptoms.

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:35:48 -0700 <![CDATA[David Bowie, Emeli Sande among winners at Brit Awards]]> http://gazette.com/david-bowie-emeli-sande-among-winners-at-brit-awards/article/feed/446325?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/david-bowie-emeli-sande-among-winners-at-brit-awards/article/feed/446325?custom_click=rss

LONDON (AP) — Britain's music industry saluted chart-topping talent and departed icons at Wednesday's Brit Awards, where nominees included Drake, Beyonce and David Bowie.

Bowie, who died in January 2016, was named British male artist of the year and is also nominated in the album of the year category for valedictory release "Blackstar"

Bowie's award was accepted by Michael C. Hall, star of "Lazarus," a stage musical based around the late artist's songs.

"If David Bowie could be here tonight, he probably wouldn't be here tonight," Hall said of the famously elusive musician. When Bowie won the same award at the Brits in 2014, he sent supermodel Kate Moss, dressed as his character Ziggy Stardust, to collect it for him.

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:32:22 -0700 <![CDATA[Additions of Maybin, Revere give Angels speed, defense]]> http://gazette.com/additions-of-maybin-revere-give-angels-speed-defense/article/feed/446424?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/additions-of-maybin-revere-give-angels-speed-defense/article/feed/446424?custom_click=rss MESA, Ariz. (AP) — Cameron Maybin can't figure out why teams keep trading him.

An energetic fan favorite wherever he goes, Maybin has unpacked his well-traveled bags and will play left field this season for the Los Angeles Angels.

"It's a great question," said Maybin, who has played for — in order — Detroit, Florida, San Diego, Atlanta, back to Detroit, and now the Angels. "The fans seem to take to me well wherever I go.

"You never hear a bad thing, but you still end up (going) from team to team," Maybin said.

The acquisitions of Maybin and another fleet-footed veteran outfielder, Ben Revere, will give the Angels defense and speed. That should help them run more aggressively.

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:30:53 -0700 <![CDATA[NBA returns for a break-neck finish to regular season]]> http://gazette.com/nba-returns-for-a-break-neck-finish-to-regular-season/article/feed/446421?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/nba-returns-for-a-break-neck-finish-to-regular-season/article/feed/446421?custom_click=rss

LeBron James, Steph Curry and the rest of the NBA have had a chance to catch their collective breath, kick their feet up for a few days and rest up after a frenetic first three-and-a-half months of the season.

The big stars had their fun in New Orleans. Those who weren't chosen for the All-Star game got away for some beach time. Coaches and executives took the time to engage in self-scouting and trade talks to figure out how they want to approach the last two months of the regular season.

When play resumes on Thursday night, a few hours after the trade deadline expires, it will be a break-neck, six-week sprint to the finish.

The eight seed in the Western Conference is up for grabs as well as pretty much every seed in th

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:27:31 -0700 <![CDATA[The Latest: Beyonce, Drake take best solo artist honors]]> http://gazette.com/the-latest-beyonce-drake-take-best-solo-artist-honors/article/feed/446402?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/the-latest-beyonce-drake-take-best-solo-artist-honors/article/feed/446402?custom_click=rss

LONDON (AP) — The Latest on the Brit Awards ceremony (all times local):

9:18 p.m.

Beyonce, Drake and A Tribe Called Quest have won the Brit Awards for best international artists.

The British music industry named Beyonce as the best female international solo artist and Drake the best international male solo artist.

Hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest was also named the best international group during Wednesday's awards ceremony.

Beyonce beat out her sister Solange and fellow artists Rihanna, Sia and Christine and the Queens for the honor.

Drake beat out Bon Iver, Bruno Mars, Leonard Cohen and The Weeknd in the category.

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:25:31 -0700 <![CDATA[Justices side with Michigan girl in dispute over service dog]]> http://gazette.com/justices-side-with-michigan-girl-in-dispute-over-service-dog/article/feed/446348?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/justices-side-with-michigan-girl-in-dispute-over-service-dog/article/feed/446348?custom_click=rss

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Wednesday sided with a 13-year-old Michigan girl with cerebral palsy who spent years battling school officials for the right to bring her service dog — a goldendoodle named Wonder — to class.

The justices ruled unanimously that federal disability laws might allow Ehlena Fry to pursue her case in court without first having to wade through a lengthy administrative process.

The ruling is a win for advocacy groups that want to make it easier for disabled students to protect their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. School officials had argued that administrative remedies are an easier and less costly way to resolve educational disputes.

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:20:29 -0700 <![CDATA[A Tribe Called Quest has been named best international group at the Brit Awards]]> http://gazette.com/a-tribe-called-quest-has-been-named-best-international-group-at-the-brit-awards/article/feed/446419?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/a-tribe-called-quest-has-been-named-best-international-group-at-the-brit-awards/article/feed/446419?custom_click=rss LONDON (AP) — A Tribe Called Quest has been named best international group at the Brit Awards .

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<![CDATA['Monster' ex-USA Gymnastics doctor charged with sex assault]]> http://gazette.com/monster-ex-usa-gymnastics-doctor-charged-with-sex-assault/article/feed/446422?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/monster-ex-usa-gymnastics-doctor-charged-with-sex-assault/article/feed/446422?custom_click=rss

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan sports doctor who treated elite female U.S. gymnasts was charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting nine girls, including some too reluctant to speak up about the alleged abuse years ago because he was considered a "god."

Roughly two dozen charges were filed against Dr. Larry Nassar, the first criminal cases related to his work at Michigan State University where he was the preferred doctor for gymnasts in the region who had back or hip injuries. He's also being sued by dozens of women and girls, including 2000 Olympian Jamie Dantzscher, who described the assaults on "60 Minutes" Sunday.

"This guy is disgusting. This guy is despicable," Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette told reporters W

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]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:19:37 -0700 <![CDATA[Drake named best international male solo artist, Beyonce best international female artist at Brit Awards]]> http://gazette.com/drake-named-best-international-male-solo-artist-beyonce-best-international-female-artist-at-brit-awards/article/feed/446420?custom_click=rss http://gazette.com/drake-named-best-international-male-solo-artist-beyonce-best-international-female-artist-at-brit-awards/article/feed/446420?custom_click=rss LONDON (AP) — Drake named best international male solo artist, Beyonce best international female artist at Brit Awards.

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