A story on ABC News Monday evening claims Colorado Springs is among the cities with the most speed traps.

The story cites the National Motorist Association as its source.

The Wisconsin-based organization, which says motorists should “not be unwitting cannon fodder for self-serving government programs, over-bearing police departments or greedy courts,” could not be reached for comment after the story aired and a search of its website didn’t turn up any reports of cities with the most speed traps.

However, a 2011 story on autoguide.com said the organization “came up with the list by calculating the number of speed traps per 100,000 residents in the municipality.”

The organization has a whole section of its website dedicated to speed traps, which it defines as a way to make money from motorists instead of improving public safety, “made possible by speed limits posted below the prevailing flow of traffic.”

The website also includes a link to speed trap locations in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.

A spokeswoman for the Colorado Springs Police Department said she and a police commander watched the news clip at the request of The Gazette. She said they could not find any specific information or data to justify why Colorado Springs is one of the highest rated cities for speed traps.

“It is difficult to formulate a response to a story that contains no corroborated  information,” Barbara Miller said in an email.

“I can tell you that traffic safety is a priority for the department and is the primary mission of our Motor Unit,” she added. “Our officers are encouraged to write moving traffic violations, to include speeding infractions, in an effort to reduce preventable injuries and non-injury traffic accidents while curbing dangerous driving habits.”