UPDATE: Guacamole will remain on the menu, according to the Denver Business Journal

So there isn't a "Guacapolypse", Chipotle fans.

According to the Journal, Chipotle tweeted a message that the news media was
"merely over-speculating on our quarterly risks assessments. No changes are planned."

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Here's an earlier version of the story.


Are you ready for the guacamole and salsa-free Chipotle burrito?

Think Progress points out that in a recent investor report, Chipotle states that "increasing weather volatility" and "long-term changes in global weather patterns, including any changes associated with global climate change" could have a "significant impact" on the price and availability of raw ingredients.

In the event that prices get too high, the burrito company says: "we may choose to temporarily suspend serving menu items, such as guacamole or one or more of our salsas, rather than paying the increased cost."

The report notes that menu changes like that could "adversely affect" the Chipotle bottom line.

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