Voters should 'dump the chump'

Unfortunately, I don't live in the district and cannot vote to oust John Morris, yet he has the ability to promote laws that can make me a criminal. No matter how you feel about gun laws, if you live in Colorado you should be offended by one of your "representatives" that encourages his colleagues in the Senate to ignore the voices of their constituents. He does not have the support of the local police or the majority of county sheriffs in Colorado, but he certainly has the support of the mayor of New York City. To quote an old salsa commercial, "New York City, get a rope".

I have three words for the voters of Morris's district, "dump the chump".

Dave Jiles, Drake


This should not surprise anyone

So our misguided governor of Colorado speaks out against the recall(s) of Democratic senators. This should not surprise anyone, considering he has voted against the majority of people of Colorado, same sex unions(marriage). What we keep hearing time and time again is how much this recall is going to cost taxpayers money, $200,000 to $500,000. They can't even get these numbers straight, again this should not surprise anyone. After all, most of us pay taxes without representation.

These senators do not represent my family, friends and a fact, the majority of the people of Colorado. You keep hearing how the people who are behind the recall should foot the bill, again surprise, they are! What I would like to know is, who is going to foot the bill for the lost revenue. Those taxes we will lose, when companies leave Colorado.

Well here is just a thought, how about the people that voted (using their logic) them in. People, it's time to wake up. Stop the tunnel vision way of thinking. Start looking at the big picture and ask yourself why? These laws do not curb violence, why do you think our sheriff's department will not endorse them. Of course the idiotic gun laws we have are not the only reason for the recall. As a young boy living in Germany, at a family reunion, a question was past around why the older generation allowed Hitler to do what he did. The common answer was, by the time we realized what was going on, it was too late. You see the first thing the socialist (progressives) did was take their guns away. I thank God everyday we the people have the Constitution. I challenge anyone to read the Second Amendment, and show me where they have the authority to make or change these laws.

Ken Shaiffer, Widefield/Security


Expecting a different result

Two horrendous mass shootings in Colorado in 12 years. Horrendous mass shootings in Connecticut, Tucson and Portland, Oregon, too.

At least 15 mass shootings since Newtown and a wannabe mass shooter in Decatur, Georgia, who was talked down by the magnificent and unarmed Antoinette Tuff.

If doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insane, having the same thing happen over and over again and doing nothing, is equally insane.

I am proud that the Colorado Legislature, led by Sen. John Morris, took a few rational steps to free us from this insanity.

If the NRA convinces voters to recall John Morse, you can bet we'll never see an end to this cycle of violence.

Kathy Wallace, Peyton