With the weather alternating between summer and winter over the past two weeks, The Gazette took to Facebook to ask: "What's your craziest Colorado weather story?" Here's a sampleof the responses:

"When my dad got transferred from Hawaii to NORAD in 76 or 77, there was a blizzard about 2 weeks before in April. My mom looked him straight in the eye and said, "What are you getting me into?".

Brian Secrest

"I remember the last day of school when my son was in fourth grade. They walked to the bowling alley in sun and walked home in a very wet snow storm. The third graders went part way up Pikes Peak and had to return because of snow."

Sarah Wilson

"I grew up in Leadville and other mountain towns. I have seen snow storms in every month. Once I remember it snowing and the air was full of moths."

Lois Trout Martinez

"Going rafting in Salida in July 1989 with our Michigan family and being snowed on at our campsite at Greens Creek that evening. My sister-in-law was freaking out!!"

Carrie Carolan Petrosky

"I remember relatives visiting from the midwest in June and it snowed several years ago ... they never came to Colorado again . they had no sense of humor at all ... lol."

Shirley Johnson

"About 40 years ago, we had 19 inches of snow for Easter. No pretty patent leather shoes that Easter."

Linda Gooley

"Picnicking up by Wolf Creek Pass on the 4th of July followed by a snowball fight."

Julie Fitzgerald

"Thunderstorms and graupel during the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. In August. I had just moved here from Alabama, so was pretty freaked out!"

Morgan Vlasse

"Fourth of July in Woodland Park about 1988 at the rodeo it snowed great BIG wet snowflakes for about 30 minutes. Was just enough to cover the ground, Two hours later it was all melted and gone."

Fred Beisser