I’m a devoted cyclist. When walking past a bike rack, I always take a close look at the locks. In a way, these locks are my competition. If the lock I use to secure my bike is flimsy compared to all the other locks, chances are the crooks will seek to steal my bike.

More coverage from Sochi, Russia.

Was walking just outside the Olympic Park this week when I spotted a big collection of bikes. There were about 60 bikes scattered near a rack.

And only five were locked. And all of those five locks were laughably flimsy.

This is a sight that always startles me, and I’ve seen it often. In many countries I visited,  bikes are just sitting there, defenseless against a robber.

I’m a big fan of the United States of America, land that I love. But there are not many destinations in America – and maybe none – where I would leave my bike unlocked.

In Sochi – and many other Sochi-like destinations around the world – locks are not required. Leave your bike and come back in a few hours and it’s still there.

What a wild, strange, wonderful concept.

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