SOCHI, Russia – Jeremy Abbott battled through the pain to record a satisfying score of 160.12 in the free skate in men’s Olympic figure skating competition Friday night.

“I wasn’t going to give up,” Abbott said. “I wanted to finish with my head held high.”

Abbott suffered a disastrous and painful fall early in his short program on Thursday. He crashed to the ice, injuring his right hip and ribcage. He spent Friday morning alternating between heat pads and ice.

“I’m bruised pretty much from my hip bones to my ribs,” Abbott said. “…I was in a lot of pain so I had to scale back a little bit.”

Before each competition, Abbott writes down his goals on his I-Pod. He followed his routine on Friday and handed the I-Pod to his coach Yuka Sato.

She erased the goals and wrote down, “Skate.”