Ah, 'tis spring.

The buds they are going green.

The lawns are shifting from drab to lush.

Tiny flowers are peeking through the soil carefully - because it's Colorado.

One day it's 70. The next it's in the 30s and snow plops down in heavy white splotches.

These are the signs of the favorite time of year for many in Colorado. The outdoors beckons bike riders, hikers and tennis and soccer players.

It's also time for the annual outbreak of spring road construction.

As the temperatures creep up, those yellow-chested, helmeted construction crews seem to rise from the concrete, flags in hand, ready to divert traffic.

It's a rite of spring across the nation.

The Colorado Department of Transportation warned in a news release that as the weather turns from cold and dour to bright and cheery, they would surely spoil things by making sure that just about everywhere we go, it will be slower, more complicated and less than pleasant.

In all, CDOT in April has nine projects underway in Region 2. That's us. All with the dreaded words. Delays possible.

Among them:

- Through May, work on Interstate 25 northbound/southbound exit ramps to South Tejon Street will run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday with lane reductions on Tejon Street near the ramps for gas line extensions by the city of Colorado Springs.

- Through August, work on I-25 northbound from Woodmen Road to Monument will continue as the widening of the interstate wraps up.

- Work on Austin Bluffs, including landscaping and the building of sound barriers in some areas, is ramping up.

- The pothole patrol is hard at work at one time or another on just about every street in Colorado Springs.

- U.S. 24 lanes are shifted as work continues on the culvert at Williams Canyon.

Makes one grumpy. This necessary thing brought on by financial ills and eroding highways that should have gotten attention years ago.

Politically unpopular proposals abound to boost transportation funding, taxes, tolls. There's never enough cash.

So I propose the first Colorado Springs Pothole Rally.

We already drive around them. And there are plenty of drivers here who think they are in a NASCAR race.

So let's charge them and set up a track around the worst potholed streets in Colorado Springs and hold a race. You know where they are.

Funds fix the potholes afterward, until we run out of potholes and the race dies a graceful death.

It's like pot, in a way. People smoked it anyway, so why not legalize it and make some money?

Well, we drive around the potholes anyway.

Let's race, you and me. Until those potholes go away.