Clear Channel shuffled the deck between two of its radio stations Monday morning, moving the KVUU (99.9 FM) afternoon team of Willie Fisher and JoJo Turnbeaugh to mornings at country KCCY (96.9 FM) and sliding KCCY’s Coba Hoban to the KVUU morning team. Turnbeaugh said the move would be a better fit, since he also serves as KCCY’s program director. “The hardest thing is to, at 3 p.m. every day, to shut off the country and head over to (KVUU),” Turnbeaugh said. “It was painful every day to turn the page.” Country isn’t a foreign language for Fisher and Turnbeaugh, who worked together at a country station in Kansas City, Mo. Fisher also worked at a country station in San Diego, Calif. “The only difference for us is we take our show and get up earlier,” Turnbeaugh said. Meanwhile, KCCY’s midday deejay Chris Brooks takes over the music director slot left open by Valerie Hart when she left for Seattle, Wash., earlier this month and Scott O’Brien , Hoban’s co-host in the morning, will take Hart’s afternoon spot on KCCY. KVUU will hire a new deejay for its afternoon slot. CONTACT THE WRITER: 636-O275 or