Most days, things are kind of quiet in Calhan.

On Saturday, the town roared with the sound of cars and trucks speeding on dirt.

The opening race of the dirt track season at the El Paso County Speedway took off with seven divisions from dwarf cars to stock cars.

Promoter Alan Davis early in the day was hoping for 60-65 cars.

'I think we will easily beat that, ' he said.

They got 32 dwarf cars alone.

For at least two drivers, this was a first.

Steven Lewis of Strasburg was in his first race in El Paso County.

He's raced for three years, so he's no amateur. But, he added, 'It's been a tough couple of years. '

A year ago, he totalled his car in a race at Goodland, Kan.

Saturday he finished in second place in his division.

For Calhan resident Jeff Block, 18, this was a true first.

He just bought the car a month ago, a decrepit and dented Honda CRX. He's run some laps but has never officially raced.

He finished in 5th or 6th place, Davis said. Not a bad showing for a rookie.

Block's fans were ex-girlfriend Bridgette Bradshaw, 15, and her father, Jim.

Jim's father, James, was a racer, too.

And Bridgette isn't far from the track. She wants to be in her first race before this season ends.

The only reason she wasn't racing Saturday was because her car, a 1992 Mercury Tracer, wasn't ready.

Her father may take to the track some day. After all, with the Bradshaws it's darn near genetic.

'It's her's now, ' he said. 'I got a young-un who wants to do it. '

The next race is May 18th.