PUEBLO — Two Pueblo City Council meetings were not public even though councilmembers discussed economic development in the city, The Pueblo Chieftain reported Wednesday.

The Chieftain obtained audio recordings of the executive sessions on March 17 and March 24 after requesting them under the Colorado Open Records Act.

Discussions about development were not recorded because City Attorney Dan Kogovsek determined they fell under attorney-client protection, the newspaper said (http://bit.ly/1lzByka).

A partial recording of the March 17 meeting showed Councilman Steve Nawrocki and Councilwoman Ami Nawrocki talking about repaving Santa Fe Avenue and Main Street.

Councilman Chris Nicoll had complained previously that the council privately discussed a plan to ask voters to direct part of the city's half-cent tax for job recruitment to other purposes.

Council President Sandy Daff and Councilman Chris Kaufman said Kogovsek had assured the council that discussion was protected.

The plan to have town hall meetings and ask voters in November to direct 50 percent of the tax revenue to city improvements since has become public.

Nicoll said he wants the city to change its policy of erasing audio recordings of executive sessions after 90 days and keep them for a longer period.

"I think the public is looking for a signal that they can trust us to take this seriously," he said.