Police are still on the lookout for 36-year-old Hermis Pineda-Lara, a suspect in the Jan. 28 murder of Efrain Murillo-Mejia.

Murillo-Mejia, a Honduras citizen, was found stabbed to death near a dumpster at an apartment complex on Monterey Road in southeast Colorado Springs.

Blood and drag marks in the snow led Colorado Springs police up a staircase, through a hallway and to the door of an apartment, where investigators found more blood, court documents stated.

A neighbor who lived across the hall told police that on the night before he was found dead, sounds of empty beer bottles and Murillo-Mejia's singing wafted from the apartment--which he reportedly frequented.

In their search of the empty apartment, police were able to lift Pineda-Lara's fingerprints from a beer bottle, and investigators would later identify Pineda-Lara,also known as "Meme" as one of several Honduran people, including his brother, living in the apartment.

Police were able to build their case against Pineda-Lara when a family member told investigators that he was behind the murder, and that four other people were in the apartment during an altercation between the two men, court documents said.

According to the arrest warrant, the family member also reported that Pineda-Lara "is very violent, especially when he drinks."