It's the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos are in it.

It's time to eat, drink and be merry.

Only, don't drink too much. It could get you busted, or worse. Don't do a Justin Bieber.

Law enforcers are getting ready for a rash of DUIs and crashes.

Las Vegas is ramping up patrols on Super Sunday. So is Los Angeles. Seattle is prepared.

So are Denver and Colorado Springs.

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the worst days for car crashes and DUIs, studies show.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, last year's Super Bowl weekend ended up with 421 DUI arrests statewide.

One person died of an alcohol-related crash. Of those arrests, 138 were on the day of the game. There were 54 in Denver, 32 in Aurora and 28 in Colorado Springs.

The Colorado Springs Police Department is taking part in what they call the High Visibility Impaired Driving Enforcement from Jan. 31 through Feb. 2.

CSPD "will aggressively enforce impaired driving laws," said Sgt. John Koch of the DUI unit.

Over Super Bowl weekend, CSPD will have additional officers whose sole job will be to focus on impaired-driving enforcement.

People on their way home buzzed on football and brew - especially if their team lost - are also accident prone.

According to American Medical Response, the area's ambulance service provider, there are three main reasons for the increase in crashes:

People are tired as they head home. They drank a bunch during the game. And if their team lost, they are distracted and disappointed.

So if you need another reason to pull for the home team, there it is. You will be less likely to crash.

AMR offers a few tips to keep the chances of crashing down. Here they are:

- Be a responsible host. Translation. Don't get drunk yourself. That way you can make the proper

decisions for your guests.

- Serve lots of food. Include soft drinks, water and "mocktails." Translation: Stuff them with food and alternatives. Fake them out like a flea flicker with non-alcoholic drinks.

- Put those non alcoholic drinks next to the fully loaded beverages. Translation: market the heck out of the non-booze.

- Stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter (the same as some NFL stadiums) and begin serving coffee and dessert. Translation: Wake them up.

- Prevent falls by clearing walkways and stairs. Provide good lighting. Translation: You don't want to get sued.

- Arrange for designated drivers in advance of the party. Translation: Find the people who don't need to get high to have fun.

- Do not let anyone drive who is impaired by alcohol. Take their keys and call a cab or encourage the guest to stay overnight. Translation: Get the extra bedroom ready.

Here's one I culled from other lists. Serve them drinks in limited sizes. Translation: Stop that guy from guzzling straight from the keg.

And - Here's a great comment from a reader about last week's column on the city's orange traffic cone population.

Geri Tierney said:

"I have a theory as to why the cones and barrels are all over the city. I believe that the city has no place to put them, so they just keep moving them from place to place!"