A Colorado Springs Police Department supervisor arrested last week is suspected of clocking in and accepting pay for hours he did not work, according to court documents.

James 'Angelo ' Butierres was arrested April 25 after admitting on April 23 that he 'had submitted time worked for hours that he had not actually worked, ' court records say. Butierres is accused of claiming he was on the job for at least 56 hours that he did not actually work, a cost of almost $2,500. One of his reporting officers is said to have reported the discrepancies, triggering the investigation.

Butierres was a supervisor of the city's motor vehicle theft task force. Officers assigned to the unit are paid by both the City of Colorado Springs and a grant from the Colorado State Patrol, court records say. Butierres allegedly falsely logged both normal working hours and grant-funded hours.

Butierres' work vehicle has a GPS tracker used for finding stolen cars, and a review of its history revealed the car was stationary for hours at a time, court records say. Some days, he would clock in, and the vehicle would remain parked outside his home, his ex-wife and children's home, or the home of another police department employee. Police officers working under Butierres also reported not seeing him at all on some of the days he allegedly falsely reported working. The days in question are between March 22 and April 19.

If convicted, Butierres faces felony charges of theft and forgery.