It's rare in the plant world to find true cobalt-blue flowers, but this plant has them from spring to fall. This is a 2012 introduction from Plant Select, the program run by Colorado State University, Denver Botanic Gardens and local growers to pick plants that do well in this state. This South African native stays tidy and compact while its bright blue flowers brighten any garden spot. Will reseed and naturalize a bit, especially in dry, well-drained spots, so plant it where you don't mind it seeding in. Can be grown as a reseeding annual if it doesn't survive the winter. Grows in average soils, prefers well-drained spots; amend sandy or clay soils before planting. Deer resistant. Great for hummingbirds and bees.


Common name: Cape-forget-me-not, summer-forget-me-not

Scientific name: Anchusa capensis

Type: Perennial

Height: 8-15 inches

Width: 4-8 inches

Blooms: May to October

Where to plant: Full sun to partial shade

Water requirement: Moderate, drought-tolerant once established

Preparing the soil: Average soil, prefers well-drained areas

Hardy: Zone 5