There were some throws when Peyton Manning's arm seemed stronger than it was at this time last year.

There was also the occasional throw when the arm seemed a little older. Then again, this was nothing but the first practice of the offseason.

"I feel fine," Manning said.

He added nothing more to the question he has never enjoyed answering. Nothing like the first day of organized training activities (OTAs) Monday for the Broncos and Manning to pick up where they left off.

For the first time since their 2012 season ended with a disappointing, double-overtime playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Broncos held a full-team practice Monday.

Working against the first-team defense, the 37-year-old Manning did complete a few passes to new slot receiver Wes Welker but it was easy to tell the quarterback had played a full season in 2012 with outside receivers Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker.

Several of Manning's most impressive throws Monday were caught by Thomas and Decker.

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