A joke about a Columbine-style attack brought Colorado Springs police to the home of a Palmer High School student on Tuesday evening, authorities said.

The student — who wasn’t named — said he was only kidding when he made “Columbine-style threats” against the school in a posting on his Facebook page, the police said Wednesday in a written news release.

Officers met with his parents Tuesday evening, and the teen apologized and agreed to stay home today, the 12th anniversary of the attack in Littleton in which 12 students and a teacher were slain by two gunmen who committed suicide.

No charges were filed, police said.

A police school resource officer and District 11 security officers stepped up security Wednesday, but no incidents have been reported, police said.

“That’s not something to joke about,” said Colorado Springs police Lt. Pat Rigdon.

Parents were not notified because police determined there was no credible threat, said Colorado Springs District 11 spokeswoman Elaine Naleski.


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