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Wed, Aug 27, 2014 - 4:15 AM 0

EDITORIAL: Springs City Council should stop just say no to recreational pot

If members of the City Council want to lose one or more major military installations, as the...

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  • GUEST COLUMN: Greater domestic oil production would solve U.S. energy needs

    Anyone who thinks that our domestic policy and foreign policy are two separate realms need look no further than the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia to realize we live in a very small world. Just last Friday U.S. crude futures jumped more than a dollar a barrel, directly responding to Ukrainian forces engaging a Russian armored car...

  • Long-term strategies help keep military in cities that prize it

    I am waiting for the proverbial "Just kidding" from one or more of our community's leaders. The article on the front of last Wednesday's Gazette - "Springs Leaders Rally For Carson" (Aug. 20) - has to be a spoof. There is no way anyone with business acumen would believe that a postcard and letter-writing campaign could have any serious impact...

  • GUEST COLUMN: Optics ugly, but officers deserve their protection

    Optics is a word you hear a lot these days. One could say, "looks like," but that would not sound nearly as cool as optics. Consider the optics of law enforcement looking like our armed forces; so-called militarization of our police. This is getting a lot of attention because of the breathless news coverage of the protests and rioting in...

  • GUEST COLUMN: New methods to consume alcohol open danger door

    The latest craze to hit Colorado is powdered or vaporized alcohol. Teens are experimenting with alcohol in gas and solid forms at increased levels. Denver Health Medical Center reports having treated over 24 patients recently who have gotten sick after inhaling alcohol vapors or ingesting solid alcohol. "Vaping" is a process where alcohol...

  • GUEST COLUMN: Colorado Springs gets high marks in business friendliness

    Colorado Springs is known for many things - the natural beauty of the nearby mountains and the pleasant atmosphere of downtown have made it the number one city in America across many different surveys. But another superlative now can be added to that list: Colorado Springs has been named the most friendly city in America for small businesses....

  • EDITORIAL: Community Health Centers vital to care, services across state

    For the past 49 years, Colorado's Community Health Centers have provided a backbone of health services across our state. With a commitment to prevention and quality, Colorado CHCs are the health care home for one in eight Coloradans. But a projected 
70 percent cut in federal grant funding, a loss of at least $50 million to Colorado Community...

  • GUEST COLUMN: Governor seems beholden to Washington operatives

    Last year, Gov. John Hickenlooper, a geologist by trade, famously took a swig of fracking fluid to reassure the public that natural gas production is safe. His recent political maneuvering on hydraulic fracturing initiatives, wavering on the Keystone XL pipeline and his support for costly renewable energy mandates has some asking if he's more...

  • GUEST COLUMN: Declining highway fatalities not a gauge of pot's impact

    In the Washington Post ("Since Marijuana Legalization in Colorado, Highway Fatalities at Near-Historic Lows" Aug. 5), Radley Balko looks at preliminary data from Colorado since 2001 and draws two conclusions: Traffic fatalities for the months from January to July of 2014 fall below "historic highs" for those months counted since 2001; and...