OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder tries to teach Colorado's governor how to play "Counting Stars" on guitar and concludes in the political ad that Gov. John Hickenlooper should stick to his day job.

"This is going to break your heart," Tedder says after hearing Hickenlooper sing and play guitar. "It's my professional opinion you do not have a future in music."

Hickenlooper throws his guitar pick down at this news but later pledges to keep practicing.

"If I were a voting man, I would vote that you stick to legislation and governing," Tedder says. "And I am a voting man."

Tedder attended Colorado Springs Christian School where he met Zach Filkins and formed the band OneRepublic in 1996.

Hickenlooper will face former Congressman Bob Beauprez, a Republican, in November in what polls indicate will be a very close race. The Democrat's ad campaign was launched Thursday online. Watch the video here.