Most destructive in terms of acreage burned

2002 Hayman Fire, involving Teller, Douglas, Park and Jefferson counties,

June 8-July 18; set by an arsonist

Acres burned: 137,760

Deaths: Five firefighters in transit; one resident

Firefighting cost: $39.1 million

Structures lost: 600 (133 homes, one commercial building, 466 outbuildings)

2012 High Park Fire, Larimer County, 15 miles west of Fort Collins

June 9-30, 2012, from a lightning strike

Acres burned: 87,284

Deaths: One resident

Firefighting cost: $39.2 million

Structures lost: 264 (259 homes)

2002 Missionary Ridge, near Durango

June 9-July 15, 2002; cause unknown

Acres burned: 71,739

Deaths: One firefighter, from a fallen tree

Firefighting cost: $40 million

Structures lost: 83 (56 homes)

Most destructive in terms of homes burned

Black Forest fire, Black Forest, El Paso County

June 11- (in progress)

Homes destroyed: 400; damaged: 12

Acres burned: 15,700

Deaths: Two residents

Waldo Canyon Fire, Colorado Springs

June 23-July 10, 2012; thought to be human caused

Homes destroyed: 347

Acres burned: 18,247

Deaths: Two residents

Firefighting cost: $15.3 million

Deadliest fire

South Canyon Fire or "Storm King Fire," seven miles west of Glenwood Springs

July 2-6, 1994, after a lightning strike

Deaths: 14 total: 12 members of the Prinevile , two helitack crew members, while battling the blaze

Acres burned: 2,115

Structures lost: 0

Firefighting cost: $400,000

Source: Various sources, including the U.S. Forest Service