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Coming in April: a dog-friendly restaurant in Colorado Springs

SWAT team was considered in fatal Park County eviction
By: - 0 7 min ago

DENVER — Authorities in Park County considered but ultimately rejected sending in a SWAT team to evict a man who had threatened to kill police.


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Colorado Springs police arrest parolees on suspicion of weapon, drug possession
By: Kaitlin Durbin - 0 52 min ago

Two wanted parolees were found with guns and drugs Tuesday.

Robert Beeler, 27, and Shannon Derzon, 41, were arrested related to their...

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Bank wants to foreclose on Colorado Springs building that houses tech companies
By: Wayne Heilman - 0 57 min ago

Wells Fargo Bank is seeking foreclosure of a $28.3 million loan on two-building complex in the InterQuest Corporate Campus that houses two technology...

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Pikes Peak region has sunny and clearer weekend in store
By: Ellie Mulder - 0 1 hr ago

Make it through this cool, wet workweek, and sunnier skies and drier weather might be your reward.

There will be a high of 70 degrees...

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Wasps are 'out in abundance' around Colorado Springs
By: Rachel Riley - 0 1 hr ago

Colorado Springs resident Larry Stebbins has become well-acquainted with the smart of insect stings through years of beekeeping. But when he...

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Man arrested in Colorado Springs on suspicion of kidnapping his 2-year-old child
By: Kaitlin Durbin - 0 1 hr ago

A man who reportedly kidnapped his 2-year-old child brought the child to Colorado Springs.

Daniel Rocha, 22, unlawfully went into his...

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Sunday morning shooting near Colorado Springs also included marijuana arrest, records show
By: Kaitlin Durbin - 0 2 hr ago

Concerned that law enforcement officials are hiding details of an altercation in their neighborhood, Security-Widefield residents told a story...

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2 men die in motorized glider crash at Colorado ski resort
By: - 0 3 hr ago

TELLURIDE — Authorities say two people were killed in a motorized glider crash at the Telluride Ski Resort.

The San Miguel County Sheriff's...

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Colorado Springs parks, open spaces are seeing improvements but issues remain
By: - 0 3 hr ago

Many of you might notice something different in some of the region's open spaces and parks.

The Trails, Open Space and Parks program - that...

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Governor might order ambitious cuts in Colorado's carbon emissions
By: Megan Schrader - 0 3 hr ago

Gov. John Hickenlooper might order a one-third cut in power plants' carbon gas emissions over the next 14 years despite a court-ordered stay that has...

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The most hippie town in all 50 states: Manitou No. 1 in Colorado
By: - 0 3 hr ago

Hippies have become kind of hard to define. Once upon a time they were the flower-power...

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Colorado Springs Utilities might farm out payment processing to Arizona
By: Billie Stanton Anleu - 0 3 hr ago

Colorado Springs Utilities is considering having all of its bill payments processed through KUBRA in Arizona, a move that would eliminate at least...

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Colorado sheriff accused of sexually assaulting inmate
By: - 0 3 hr ago

STERLING — A rural Colorado sheriff is facing sexual assault and misconduct allegations.

Sedgwick County Sheriff Tom Hanna is due to appear in...

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Meteorologist: 'We dodged a bullet' when storm hit Hayden Pass burn scar Tuesday
By: Ellie Mulder - 0 11 hr ago

Officials spent hours Wednesday walking through muddy ash in the Hayden Pass burn scar, the site mere hours earlier of life-threatening flash...