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Government Headlines

Government Headlines
Lamborn speech puts arch-conservative to the left of Donald Trump on foreign policy
By: Tom Roeder - 0 3 hr ago

In a speech that runs against the GOP's mainstream this year, U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn endorsed foreign aid, military help for allies and free trade on...

Government Headlines
Amendment puts proposed Colorado primary bill on pause
By: Megan Schrader - 0 5 hr ago

DENVER - Lawmakers are trying to circumvent the will of the people before they even vote, say backers of proposed ballot initiatives that would...

Government Headlines
Blaha, Frazier try to sue their way into Colorado Senate primary
By: Megan Schrader - 0 15 hr ago

DENVER - The drama continues as U.S. Senate candidates battle to get on next month's Republican primary ballot.

The field was once more than a...

Change to juvenile life sentences clears Colorado hurdle
By: - 0 18 hr ago

DENVER — People serving life sentences without parole for crimes they committed as juveniles could eventually be eligible for release under a bill...

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Colorado pot-in-schools bill nearing governor's desk
By: - 0 20 hr ago

DENVER — Colorado schools would be required to allow medical marijuana use under a bill nearing its final vote in the state Legislature.


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Entire Green Mountain Falls police force quits ahead of new mayor's swearing in
By: Matt Steiner - 0 21 hr ago

Green Mountain Falls Police Marshal Tim Bradley and his three volunteer reserve officers resigned this week, one day before newly elected Mayor Jane...

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Colorado to pay high price for doctor to study marijuana legalization
By: - 0 Sun, May 1, 2016

State health officials want to hire someone to keep an eye on marijuana legalization — at potentially one of the highest salaries in state...

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El Paso County document shredding event sees huge turnout
By: Matt Steiner - 0 Sat, Apr 30, 2016

There was an unexpected traffic jam in downtown Colorado Springs on Saturday.

The pileup along Cascade Avenue didn't have to do with...

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Lamborn wants Hickenlooper to testify before Congress about Gitmo prisoners in Colorado
By: Megan Schrader - 0 Sat, Apr 30, 2016

DENVER - Congressman Doug Lamborn sent a letter to Gov. John Hickenlooper Friday asking the Democrat to testify before Congress about the risks of...

Government Headlines
Colorado Springs politician once again bucks Republicans
By: Megan Schrader - 0 Fri, Apr 29, 2016

DENVER - State Rep. Kit Roupe, R-Colorado Springs, was one of five Republicans to vote for a bill Friday that would allow the state to retain...