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Government Headlines

Government Headlines
New plan could close quarry in Colorado Springs mountain
By: Matt Steiner - 0 1 hr ago

An eyesore that dominates the mountains west of Colorado Springs will one day be re-vegetated and handed over for public use if a plan for a new...

Government Headlines
Colorado Springs City Council to maintain Utilities governance
By: Billie Stanton Anleu - 0 1 hr ago

Given the choice of replacing itself with an elected or appointed panel, the Colorado Springs Utilities Board decided Wednesday not to flip the...

Government Headlines
Donald Trump's planned Denver appearance shows he's getting serious about Colorado
By: Megan Schrader - 0 1 hr ago

DENVER - Donald Trump is getting serious about Colorado.

After an abysmal showing at the state assembly - he didn't win a single pledged...

Government Headlines
PETA claims Air Force Academy training program is cruel to rabbits
By: Tom Roeder - 0 1 hr ago

An animal-rights group Wednesday launched protests of the Air Force Academy's killing of rabbits as part of a survival training program for...

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Colorado Springs state Rep. Roupe hosting campaign walk, meals
By: Tiffany Ditto - 0 2 hr ago

State Rep. Kit Roupé is hosting a "Walk With Kit" event to support her reelection campaign on July 9.

The walk begin at 9 a.m. at the Airplane...

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Gonzalez clings to 32-vote lead in El Paso County race
By: Matt Steiner - 0 5 hr ago

Longinos Gonzalez leads Scott Turner in the Republican primary for District 4El Paso County Commissioner by such a small margin a recount may be...

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Mayor Suthers assures pastor his 'Jesus' ads will continue to get out
By: Billie Stanton Anleu - 0 5 hr ago

The Rev. Lawson Perdue can relax. His "Jesus is Lord" bus bench advertisements won't be canceled, Mayor John Suthers told the Colorado Springs City...

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Colorado Springs lawmaker's domestic violence bill becomes law this week
By: Tiffany Ditto - 0 9 hr ago

A bill that strengthens the language to help district attorneys prosecute domestic abusers becomes state law on Friday.

House Bill 1066,...

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District 4 commissioner race may take a week to decide
By: Matt Steiner - 0 12 hr ago

The race to become the next District 4 El Paso County Commissioner will likely last another week.

Longinos Gonzalez clung to an eight-vote...

Government Headlines
Puerto Rico financial rescue package wins Senate test vote
By: - 0 12 hr ago

WASHINGTON — A rescue package for debt-stricken Puerto Rico has survived a test vote in the Senate, just two days before the island is expected to...