These moms curse a lot, drink to excess, reveal scary truths and draw twisted little stick figures of their kids pooping and whining relentlessly. And this Mother's Day, they're bringing their derelict parenting to you.

The authors behind a fresh round of parenting books love their munchkins, to be sure, but there's something about the scorched earth narrative that sells memoirish parenting books these days.

Is the goal an instructional one? Inspirational? How about some advice?

'No, there isn't any. I don't have anything. No advice. Nobody has any advice, ' laughed Amber Dusick, a Los Angeles mother of two who brings us 'Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. '

The book's 50 'crappy laws of parenting ' include this at No. 16: 'When you sneak to the pantry to eat chocolate, you will get caught. '

'We've opened up the dialogue, ' offered Nicole Knepper, who has two kids and wrote 'Moms who Drink and Swear, ' complete with a chapter titled, 'Suck it, Santa Claus. '

Dusick, whose boys are 6 and 3, began blogging nearly two years ago. Her childlike drawings lend a creepy air to life with the Crappy family, including that fateful day when they all get sick. Tempers and temperatures flare, and bodily fluids fly all night.

'It's a healthy balance of being able to laugh at things and yet still reassure ourselves that this is normal and we still love our kids, and parenting is really hard, ' she said.