So, what are you listening to? Wait, don’t tell me. Is it The Naked and Famous?

For most of you, yes, it is, well, according to one blog that apparently knows these things.

I have no idea who The Naked and Famous is or how they sound. I’m not a music guy either so this isn’t a total surprise.

Echo Nest, an expert in music trends, posted a map of the United States titled “Music Fans’ Most Distinctive Artists by State.” It’s not a map of music artists that are from each state. Rhode Island loves its Nirvana, Michigan prefers rapper Young Jeezy and we like The Naked and Famous.

I spent most of my life in Minnesota, born and raised, and I don’t know who Metric is.

By the way, The Naked and Famous is an alternative rock band from New Zealand. I might have to check out a song or two to see what I’m missing.