7 p.m. Friday, Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Ave., $20, 227-7625, blacksheep rocks.com

Interesting that an alternative Christian rock group with 20 years of performing behind them will play a club that also features rapper Tech N9ne and a band called Passing Out on Porches.

Jars of Clay was hot on the Christian music circuit for a number of years and a constant on Christian radio playlists. Then the hit "Flood" turned on an all new audience that responded to the meaning in its lyrics:

Rain, rain on my face

It hasn't stopped raining for days

My world is a flood

Slowly I become one with the mud

After 10 studio records, the group was quiet for the past five or six years, choosing instead to perform in small clubs. Now, with the release less than a month ago of "Inland," a collaboration the four of them worked out in Nashville, they're back on tour. The theme of "Inland" that listeners will try to figure out? It's a mystery to them, too, the group says.

But critics are already weighing in with some acclaim, calling it "intelligent," "thoughtful," "meaningful" and "transparent."