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Murders do matter; end horse slaughters

By: Letters
May 13, 2013 Updated: May 13, 2013 at 10:10 am

Four murders do, indeed, matter

The Middle East is a dangerous place and bad things can certainly happen. As Americans, we have every right to expect our leaders to respond to such crises with competence and effectiveness. It now seems clear that the White House and the State Department were caught flat-footed in the Benghazi attack and became utterly paralyzed.

The incompetence, cowardice and dishonesty of our President and Secretary of State amount to a national disgrace. Four brave Americans were abandoned and left to die. We were in a presidential election campaign. Was political damage control more important than American lives?

President Obama's failure of leadership as Commander-in-Chief is undeniable. He failed to protect defenseless Americans he had sent into harm's way and openly lied to the American people about the cause of the attack. Afterwards, he shrugged off the killings by saying: 'We can expect a few bumps in the road. '

Then, to further mislead the American people and add to this cover-up, he ordered U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to give explanations on numerous Sunday talk shows that he full well knew to be erroneous. Weeks later, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was finally questioned at a Congressional hearing, she callously said. 'What difference does it make? '

The murders of four Americans do, indeed, matter, especially when they were abandoned by our government and left to die because of incompetence and cowardice at the highest levels of the White House and the State Department. A thorough investigation must continue until the details of this shameful incident are fully and truthfully made public. Then, all those responsible of wrongdoing must be swiftly brought to justice.

Robert Vegvary, Colorado Springs


Get this slaughter business stopped

I am so very, very mad about horse slaughters opening slaughter businesses in the United States. Why don't people who eat horse meat raise their own horses to eat? Leave our horses alone. To me, those people sound like they are mentally sick. At times I just want to come off center and yell at them if I could, or write them a letter and giving them a piece of my mind with a few choice words to boot.

Eating horse meat sounds so sickening to me. The same as eating dog.

The bad thing about the whole situation is that very few people want to help. If I had the money to get a large group of people together, I would picket all the slaughter businesses until they closed down. But people send me mail to donate money and sign papers to send to the governors of the states where the slaughter businesses are. That won't do any good. But, going there and picketing will do better.

We have to get this slaughter business stopped, otherwise horses will become an endangered species. People who sell horses should do background checks on the buyers to see if they are legitimate. It breaks my heart that everyone who sends me mail wants a donation. I can not donate all the time.

Linda Walton, Colorado Springs


Country could be waiting on Colorado

With reference to HB1303: I know the Democrat legislators don't care in the least about the legitimacy of the votes, but many conscientious county clerks do.

I can foresee it taking days or weeks to certify the accuracy of the vote and consequently, the outcome of the election. The whole country could be waiting on Colorado.

Barbara Myers, Colorado Springs


Make a decision on immigration

We have a decision to make. Is illegal immigration really illegal? Politicians seem somewhat conflicted on this issue. If it's not, just open the borders as they are from Colorado to Kansas. Let any one who wishes come here and work if they can find a job. However, just as when one goes from one state to another, mere presence does not entitle that person to the respective state's programs and benefits reserved for their legal residents.

Simply put, if I go to Kansas from Colorado, I am not automatically entitled to Kansas benefits, subsidies or programs. I would be a visitor responsible for my own subsistence and well-being. Same with an open country border. Come on in, and be prepared to take care of yourself. Put an end to any federal programs that enable noncitizens. Save a ton of money trying to control a huge border, get a pot load of people available for work and cut down on criminal activities from human smuggling to identity theft.

If illegal immigration is really illegal, bring home the service people stationed in countries around the world and put them on our borders instead and seal them off. Then we can concentrate on dealing with the 15 million illegals already here without the daily additions to their numbers. As an added benefit, it is cheaper to station our service people here than overseas and we get rid of the radical rousing point of the U.S. meddling in other country's affairs. And I am darn tired of seeing American lives wasted propping up one corrupt regime after another, none of which really benefits the American agenda.

Michael S. Welsh, Colorado Springs


Don't listen to talking points

Talking points' are never needed if what you do or say is based on the truth. All the information coming out of the Obama administration concerning the Benghazi terrorist attack has been based on 'talking points ' and now facts are being revealed and the truth exposed. Information that has been fed to the public has been based totally on misinformation (lies).

It's sad, but true, that many of Obama's followers know him only by his 'talking points ' and not his deeds. Caution: 'The minute you hear talking points, don't believe a word you hear. '

Marvin Gardner, Colorado Springs

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